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Above: The long, long overdue Apple Watch. Can it live up to the hype?

Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! I hope that all is well with you and yours! I also hope that your tech is performing as it should! Nothing worse than glitched out tech! Hey, my Samsung Galaxy S2 is still going strong!

Man, it’s as though Apple can do no wrong even when it is doing wrong! The Apple Watch isn’t commercially available and already it has “won” an award from the iF International Forum Design in Germany! Gosh! Golly! Gee! Wow! Isn’t that amazing? Isn’t that fantastic?

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C’mon, can an unproven smart or dumb watch win an award for “design”? If Synapse Circuit were to give an award for aesthetics alone that award would go to Samsung’s Gear S! It scores platinum as it is a great curved screen design and it looks like the future now! Samsung has been on top of the smartwatch game for quite a while now; they’ve been experimenting and working hard on creating the ultimate smartwatch. Whether it runs Tizen or Android Wear is immaterial as it works with Galaxy handsets.

Above: The elegant techno-chic of the Samsung Gear S running Tizen; it can take calls too amongst many functions. It pairs up with a Galaxy Android handset too! 

But this unproven Apple Watch has won an award???? It seems like Apple is taking shortcuts to glory – I hope not for the sake of the Church of Apple parishioners but you’ve only got to look at the lacklustre iPhone 6 & 6 Plus to see that some of it is a mishmash of newish and very gone past the sell by date technology. The fingerprint scanner is fairly new to Apple but was a feature on early Motorola handsets; I think fingerprint technology for unlocking a phone is overrated but great to verify payments. But, hey, Apple has been beaten once again by ZTE and its retina scanner on the Grand S3 handset and I wonder if Apple will somehow use a retina scanner on the iPhone 7. The Retina screen has been buried, dug up and cremated by a number of screens on Android handsets. The only thing worthy of praise on an iPhone is the processor. As for iOS...’s not Android. Sorry if that upsets anyone.

So, if the Apple Watch is following in that iPhone line then I think it’s not going to be good news. I get the impression that Apple is working frantically behind the scenes to get the Apple Watch into shape to stand up to the competition. Well, it’s not exactly a competition is it? I mean, I won’t be getting an Apple Watch as all my gear is Android. Yes, I would love to buy into something different to switch it up and keep it interesting but I honestly don’t see much out there. I think Ubuntu for mobile and Tizen could really deliver something interesting and worth having in the not too distant future.

Google are said to be working on an iPhone app that will provide a bridge to Android Wear devices. Now I wonder why that is? Is it because Google are anticipating the Apple Watch to be something of a disappointment?

Well, I hope not as the Church of Apple followers deserve the best. But they have put up with the iPhone... Another factor is that the Apple Watch will be the first of its kind for Apple whereas other manufacturers – principally Samsung – have had many smartwatches out already. So, I would imagine that there is a lot of pressure on Apple to deliver.

Above: The rather good looking ASUS ZenWatch.

At this point I can understand a little why Cook and co talk it up big as they have to push themselves to live up to the hype. That’s a lot of pressure they put on themselves and it could look very, very bad when they don’t deliver. That “Digital Crown” could turn them into Digital Clowns overnight with the impending release of the Apple Watch come 9 March 2015. So far it looks like Apple is doing a hype job in the fashion industry to make the Apple Watch something of a fashion statement / icon before anyone has a real chance to see what it is all about. It’s kind of clever but if the smartwatch is more of a miss than a hit it would be interesting to see if the fashion industry will disassociate itself from the Apple Watch and how quickly.

What will the Apple Watch do differently from what Android Wear, Tizen and WebOS? We’ll just have to wait and see! Are you planning on getting the Apple Watch?


Above: Spot the ugly duckling...

That’s right, Apple and Samsung are still locked in a battle of rivalry. There is a reason why Samsung kept it pure Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge – with the exception of the Gear VR S6. Whether you like it or not the iPhone 6 & 6 Plus has been outclassed by the Next Galaxy – twice! Trust me; Apple is feeling the pressure to deliver! Look at the time it has taken from when the Apple Watch was introduced in September 2014 to March 2015. Six months! Apple knows, like we all know, that Samsung is capable of knocking out a device from conception to retail in less than half the time! And with the amount of practice that Samsung has had with the smartwatch they can definitely analyse what the Apple Watch is about and produce something to rival it many times over.

Samsung is always hungry and they intend to claw back its market share. Rumour has it that Samsung are getting ready to announce another smartwatch and I am quite sure that they are waiting to see what the Apple Watch is all about before they make their move. I am anticipating something elegant, futuristic like the Galaxy S6 is and very, very functional. I can see Samsung also aligning itself with the fashion industry because what they have to offer will be something that looks great and can deliver the goods!

I feel the pressure for Apple. Apple relies on others to manifest its ideas whereas Samsung is a manufacturing industry unto itself! And that’s one major difference between Apple and Samsung. There is only so much that hype can do! Apple may garner awards but it’s the functionality that counts. There again Apple has created such as brand that many people want to buy into.

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