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UK – March 25, 2015 –Reallusion hosts an international live animation contest – the 2015 ASIAGRAPH Reallusion Student Award, and welcomes students from all around the world to join and win part of US$ 66,000 in prizes. ASIAGRAPH was established in 2004, and is a joint event for artists and creators to present their works.

The ASIAGRAPH Reallusion Award is one of the biggest activities for ASIAGRAPH. The Reallusion Award started in 2010 and was greatly welcomed by professors and college students. This year, there are four categories for the contest: 2D & 3D animations for both school and University students.

“Reallusion is empowering students with a strong tool to get concrete results, so as to build up confidence for further challenges,” said Lin Hua, Professor of Software Engineering Department, Beijing University of Technology.

The innovative 48-Hours Live Contest allows students from around the world to immerse themselves in a real-time 3D animation experience. “Students learned about working under pressure and were able to hone their communication skills with others, two very important aspects to experience from the working world.” said Professor Chang, Shei-Hsi, Department of Information & Communication, Kun Shan University, Taiwan...

“This was a wonderful experience to see work and effort spent from other teams within this 48 hours live contest. It was also a unique experience to realize how I change my way of thinking and working under pressure,” said Ke, Wei-wei, student of WuFeng University, Taiwan.

The 2D & 3D animation software - CrazyTalk Animator & iClone, enable students from different backgrounds to produce creative and interesting stories without ever needing a background in animation. The easy-to-use interface and intuitive animation tools help students learn without any hassles. Students can also customize every part of their animation by using advanced functions while gaining a satisfying sense of achievement. iClone helps students understand the concepts of making animations include; storytelling, lighting and camerawork. Students can apply and check the results quickly as well as achieve fast production by using the iClone animation software package.

2015 ASIAGRAPH Reallusion Student Award Highlights

Open to all students from high school, college and above (no age limit).

Free software and content are provided during the competition period.

Winners will be awarded with cash, prizes and ASIAGRAPH certificates.


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ASIAGRAPH has a vision to encourage cross-border exchange between outstanding CG artists to nurture and promote new creations and industries in Asia. ASIAGRAPH which was established in 2004 - a joint event for culture, science, art and exhibition where Asian researchers and creators gather to present their works.

About Reallusion Inc:-
Headquartered in Silicon Valley, Reallusion is a leading-edge software developer providing cinematic animation tools for PC, Mac and mobile platforms. Reallusion’s pioneering storytelling technology excelling at character animation, facial morphing and voice lip-sync allows fast creation of interactive avatars for 3-D real-time filmmaking and previsualization for professional post-production. Their powerful yet easy-to-use tools make character animation accessible to both Mac and PC users of all skill levels. Reallusion’s development of core technologies and growing base of intellectual property firmly establish the company as power among emerging technology innovators, furthering their graphic and imaging embedded kernels to top-brand device manufacturers worldwide.

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