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Well, the Nexus 6 appears to be going strong but there is a rumour going round that Huawei are next in line for the Nexus 2015. Here's what I think... Read on!

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The Nexus 6 is a mighty – “mighty” being the operative word – fine handset. There is a definite reason why it is a massive phablet and that’s to encourage the Android consumer to purchase a wearable such as the delightful Moto 360. The Nexus 6 is the kinda handset you wanna take out when you’re at rest i.e. when you’re in a coffee shop on the Synapse Circuit Blogspot! Wink, wink...

As you know a while back I was wondering if the Nexus program was to be discontinued in favour of the Silver line of handsets and now there is a rumour going that it is Huawei’s turn to produce the next Nexus. If this is true how do you feel about Huawei? Here are my thoughts...

I have to say that I am thrilled that Huawei could be contracted to do this year’s Nexus handset and possibly a tablet – but it seems to be the way that Google prefers to give the tablet duties to another manufacturer. Fair enough.

Above: The Honor 6 Plus coming exclusively to the Three network in the UK! Cool! 
Here in the UK we get the low to mid-high range of Huawei handsets. I have also understood that the carrier Three will get the Huawei Honor 6 Plus handset exclusively. Cool! If Huawei were to do the next Nexus it would mean worldwide exposure for this very interesting manufacturer. It makes me wonder how far the Huawei Nexus would differ from the Motorola Nexus. I would miss the stereo front-facing speakers. Nonetheless I would welcome a new design as I think it is part of the Android ethos in that it lends itself to some great designs.

Huawei has recently released details of the follow up to the MediaPad X1, MediaPad X2 which is a 64-bit 7” phablet. Hopefully it’ll come to the UK fairly soon! Anyhoo, would Google go that 1 inch further and produce a 7” phablet through Huawei? Maybe! But I doubt it because the carriers in the UK do not understand the difference between a 7” phablet that can make calls via 3G / 4G and a 7” tablet that adds 3G / 4G just for data in addition to Wi-Fi that doesn’t allow for calls via a traditional SIM card. I find that most annoying! The carriers should know about the technology they are selling and allow for the consumer to use their standard SIM cards for calling, texting and data. What’s happening is pure exploitation!

Going back to the current Nexus 6... Although I LOVE giant handsets but I came across many Android fans that thought a 6” screen was too big and a stark contrast to the predecessor, Nexus 5. I can see a solution...

I think it would be a great idea to bring in another manufacturer to deliver a smaller handset or vice versa. It is obvious to me that there are two very distinct Android marketplaces:

1. Those that like the 5” to 5.5” handset as the ethos is that a handset should be operated with one hand. Are those people watching porn by any chance? Lol! Just kidding! I do understand the importance of being able to operate a handset comfortably with one hand. Apple went to great lengths to try and convince people that the small handset is best.

2. People like me that just LOVE huge handsets. I find that we mostly operate the handset with two hands when it comes to taking photos and consuming media such as video and games. One hand steadies it and the other operates it. So, I may as well have the largest handsets available.


Above: The ZTE Grand S3 with retina scanner and the wonderful looking Nubia Z7.  

I would like to see ZTE being the secondary manufacturer – if this could be a reality. I think that ZTE have lost its way here in the UK with a bunch of disappointing handsets aimed at the bottom-end and mostly on what I think is the worst carrier ever, Virgin Media. Never again! However, ZTE have been coming up with some great handsets aimed that the higher end of the market that the UK may never see such as the Grand X Max Plus with a Qualcomm Snapdragon 400 quad-core 1.2GHz processor. ZTE is capable of producing a high quality handset. They have another branch or line called “Nubia” and the Z7 looks great and the Z9 is imminent. Contracting ZTE / NUBIA to do the bigger or smaller handset will help to establish such a potentially brilliant manufacturer that put a retina scanner in the Grand S3 handset! Whoo! That’s a great achievement that none of the major Android players have been able to achieve. ZTE has great design flair and ought to be given a chance to shine.

What manufacturer would you like to see making the secondary Nexus handset and why?

Above: Lenovo Tab 2 A10-70 tablet. Lenovo should be able to do the next Nexus tablet with ease!

Now that we are thinking about the next Nexus handset manufacturer or manufacturers we may as well start thinking about the Nexus tablet...

I can’t say that I was too pleased with HTC on the Nexus 9; I just feel that HTC just can’t deliver 100%. Many Android tablets have suffered from a poor quality build whereby the back flexes more than it should. In terms of a quality build on a high-end tablet I think the iPad and Galaxy Tab S models are the ones to beat.

Again, I would like to have more of a choice with regards to a Nexus tablet; going from 7” to 9” was a bit of leap. Some of us would have liked to have had a 7” or 8” tablet instead and therefore Google ought to think about giving the Android fanatic a choice. I do think that there ought to be a 7” 8” and 10” tablet. It would be great to see Google contract these different sizes to 3 different manufacturers. Here are my choices for the set of Nexus tablets:

I would like to see Lenovo come good with a tablet this year Nexus or not. Lenovo is very, very capable and they could do wonders with 64-bit and LPDDR4 RAM.


NVIDIA gave us the remarkable 8” Shield 64-bit tablet based on the Tegra K1 that is currently in the Nexus 9. NVIDIA’s new X1 chip should be able to get the Android tablet up to the highest standard.

Yes, I know... Archos may seem like an odd choice of manufacturer but the French company keeps putting out some interesting tablets that just miss the mark. If Archos could use a powerful 64-bit chip and a winning design it could help break them out of that frustrating box they have found themselves in. Archos have been consistent and they deserve a chance.

Okay, I know I said 3 but a fourth manufacturer has come to mind and that’s...

Again, I liken Acer to Archos for exactly the same reason above. Acer tablets look very similar to Archos’ efforts and it would be an opportunity for the renowned PC brand to shine with the help of Google in the direction of a tablet. C’mon, Acer has given the consumer a 7” 3G tablet that can make calls for under £80!

What would be your choices and why?

I’ve been sitting on the fence where the smartwatch is concerned... I feel like the best is yet to come and I think that it can come from Samsung! Yes, Samsung! I reckon Samsung could deliver a Nexus smartwatch with the full version of Android with Android Wear specific apps. Looking at Samsung’s flexible screen YOUM technology I think it may be possible to create a cylindrical screen that wraps around a wristband. I am envisioning a wearable whereby one can take and make video calls like Dick Tracy and goodness knows how many Sci-Fi movies that features such as device. I feel that this “watch” design is too limiting and this limitation has frustrated Samsung as it appears as though they want to use the full blown Android and not Android Wear as an operating system. It can be done! I think it should be possible to fit a 4.5” wrap around screen on the wrist. Just like the Gear S my Nexus smartwatch will work with Android handsets and tablets or standalone!

Above: The Samsung Gear S. It's just a matter of time (no pun intended) before Samsung creates a cylindrical screen that wraps around the wrist.

I still think that Android Wear has a place in smaller devices like fitness wristbands and some smartwatches but as a MASSIVE Sci-Fi fanatic I wonder why Google, etc are trying to fit such a big idea into what is essentially a wristwatch. Why??? At least give the consumer a choice in the matter!

I hope that Huawei or Google confirms the Nexus gig and I hope against hope that Google will give the Nexus consumer more to consume. I am still waiting for the Nexus Player!

Don’t panic regarding the Samsung GalaxyS6 / S6 Edge!

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