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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! Are you getting your Galaxy S4 tomorrow? Well, I have been told that it should be with me tomorrow! The review will follow very, very shortly!

Hey, have you got a Yahoo email account? Have you noticed anything strange?

Here’s what’s been happening to a couple of my friends who have Yahoo email accounts...

Case One:
A female friend of mine received the usual, “We need to verify your bank account details...” emails coming through. Then within minutes her account sent mail to everyone on her friend list inviting them to take part in some kind ‘Get Rich’ scam! “Housewife makes $8,000 working from home...” Yeah, right!

She was advised, presumably by Yahoo, that someone from Russia had hacked into her account and that she should change her password immediately! She has changed her password yesterday, but earlier today she received another email from Yahoo telling her that someone from India is hacking her account and that she ought to change her password again!


Case Two:
A male friend called me today and said more or less what was said in the above case only with one major difference: Somebody tried to take out a credit card in his name! What prevented a potential large spending spree was that the hacker wasn’t able to give the right birth date and post code (zip). He received a call from the credit card company to verify!

That was close!

Close / delete your Yahoo email if you are constantly experiencing email being sent out to others that you didn’t send. Try Google Gmail or Hotmail instead.

Do not entertain so called email from your bank / building society. If your bank wanted to contact you about your account they’d do it via post (snail mail).

If people were making easy money they’d write a book and not send out scam spam! What usually happens is this:

The message says that you can earn ex-amounts of $$$$ from something as innocuous as giving your opinion on stuff online. So, you are given a link whereby you enter your bank details in order to be paid! Uh-uh! NO!!!! Don’t do it!

You’re better off selling your homemade muffins or something!

In general just be careful as to who you’re sending your personal information to!  

Thank you for reading!

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