Sunday, 7 April 2013


Three announces that the Sony Xperia™ SP will be available soon on its Ultrafast network.

Three’s Ultrafast network, currently supported by DC-HSDPA technology, already covers 80 per cent of the UK population with 4G LTE being added later this year*.

Any Sony Xperia™ SP price plan from Three will be future proofed and 4G-ready; Three customers can already enjoy great speeds but will automatically be able to access 4G LTE when it launches without paying a premium or having to change price plans.

These fast speeds perfectly complement the features of the Sony Xperia™ SP. With a high-quality HD 4.6 inch screen, the Sony Xperia™ SP is ideal for viewing videos, pictures and browsing the web without the need to scroll up and down. An 8 megapixel camera and next-generation Exmor RS™ sensor captures great images, even against a strong backlight. Perfect for Instagramming on the move. Additionally the colour changing notification bar can be personalised to show when a call or text is received or even set to pulse to the beat of music.

Sylvia Chind, Head of Devices at Three said, “The Sony Xperia™ SP is yet another welcome addition to our impressive range of Ultrafast devices. With great features and coupled with Three’s All-You-Can-Eat data, we’re confident our customers will love this smartphone on our award winning network.”

Key features:
4.6-inch HD display for the best viewing experience
8MP camera captures the best shot even against a strong backlight
Personalised notification light so you never miss a call or text
Long battery life with Battery STAMINA mode to last even longer
Ultra-brilliant meets Ultrafast

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  1. Strip's nice to have as an indicator, but I'm fine with having a small indicator of missed calls/messages, not a huge strip.
    Weird they didn't use thin bezel like Xiaomi, Meizu, HTC, Samsung and many others.
    Design of the back is nice, but front is terrible.
    Sad. Another Sony device I won't buy. I'm actively looking for a decent mid-range device, and so far the best choice seems to be Xiaomi M2 32gb variant, or Meizu MX2 32gb, which stands too close to SGS4, so I guess I'll wait for SGS4.