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The UK welfare system is messed up for many reasons...

1. There aren’t enough government owned council houses going. Renting privately can be a nightmare in terms of costs – especially in London and that some accommodation is not fit for human living purposes. If you put a dog in some of the places that I have seen offered to human beings the dog would be rescued by the RSPCA! As a result areas can become ghettoized and thus a ghetto mentality ensues and before you know it that area becomes a crime haven: drugs, gangs, prostitution.

Then you have certain areas in the UK that are sought after and this pushes up private housing rents and the councils have to foot the bill to meet the massive housing shortage.

2. All government make the mistake of not structuring the benefit system to match the following:

Skilled workers
Manual Labour

As soon as you become unemployed you are encouraged to go for any job as opposed to no job. This is wrong. We need to get people back into what they were trained and qualified for.

At the moment when you go to the (No)Job Centre it’s like going to Hell!

3. The long term unemployed should work for their benefits or be assigned real self-employment coaches for business development.

As you might have experienced at some point in your life, you become unemployed and despite your efforts you can’t find a job... You become undisciplined and no longer able to get up in the morning. In the past people were sent to centres to develop a CV and apply to just about any job going. Can you imagine going to such a centre for 13 weeks? It’s ridiculous!

It would have been better for people to be placed in real jobs / work environment s for 3 – 4 days a week and get a financial top up on top of their benefits because it helps them pay for travel; clothes and hygiene maintenance (you’d be surprised at how many people aren’t able to present themselves on a basic level) and so on. Such folk would lose their top up for being late and being uncooperative.

Take me as an example... I couldn’t find a job to save my life in London. I took a 13 week course in multimedia and still couldn’t find work in London. I decided to try my luck in Holland, Amsterdam and within 2 weeks of my arrival I was employed as a Web and Graphic Designer and worked for 4 years! I came back to this country and do you think they’d allocate me a position in a Web / Graphic Design company? Employers do not need CVs! CVs are a thing of the past! They need to know what you can do, what you can’t do and what you’d like to do... Oh, and if they’d get on with you and you with them. A CV can’t tell you that. I think well written applications are so much better than trying to sum up people via a CV.

To summarize: Place people in real job situations and let the employer decide if they can find use for such placements on a permanent basis.

For people who want to be self-employed... Such people should be allocated free office space owned by the government. Think about it... The government could easily take over closed office buildings and use it to help people develop their business ideas.

In the past people have had to do a course to present the ‘Business Plan’. Today a business plan is just bureaucratic vanity. There you go: Here’s my plan and watch me become a tax paying avoiding millionaire. NO!!

People have to sit a course to write the darn plan and after all that effort nothing can come of it. Phooey! A business plan starts with an idea. Get people to write down on a single side of A4 paper what is the business and how does it work... Say how the money will come in and from there it can be seen as to what the business requires to get started...

The government / Job Centre can either supply free office space for a certain period based on reviews on how the business is developing. Or be allowed to work from home if it is Internet based. Loans / grants can only be given if an overseer sanctions it. Let’s say I wanted to spend £1k on advertising and there is access to either a grant or interest free loan then I ought to be given £100 to spend on advertising to see if advertising increases / creates sales and / or opportunities.

To summarise: My proposals are a lot better than throwing money at a problem and hoping for the best! In the past people were given loans that they were not able to pay back and grants that showed no return on the investment.

I think the typical smokescreen is to cry “Stop immigration!” “They’re taking our jobs!” Well, I don’t know about you but I didn’t train in Web and Graphic design to clean toilets or sweep the streets. That’s the jobs I see most immigrants doing. As for the Polish taking over some skilled jobs like construction, I think that many skilled UK construction workers have gone abroad to earn more money! It’s also the same with a lot of skilled UK folk... Skilled UK folk flee the UK because they want to earn real money and have something to show for it! They might even cause an immigration problem for other countries! But I know that Canada advertises for skilled workers to come over to help build a better Canada. I know many people who have immigrated to other countries to find work – I was one of them for a while!

It is clear that the UK needs to replace skilled / trained people to come and take the places that have been left by English men and women going to live and work in other countries.

Yes, the welfare system needs a shakeup but I don’t think robbing people on low income is the way to do it.

The CONservative attack on the low income... Ooops, I mean carefully thought out Welfare Reform does not make any sense:

Being on benefits mean that there’s no other income available. The benefits that the unemployed are receiving have to pay not only for food but electricity, gas and water. Forget new clothes!

Now the government are saying that if you happen to be renting privately and that the property has more than one bedroom you have to pay a percentage for each room. And that you have to contribute to paying Council Tax!

However, if you were already struggling the Conservatives think that you’ll magically find some hidden money to pay for the extra room(s) and Council Tax on top of the electricity, gas and water!

Will the masses of unemployed people suddenly find work? I don’t think so!

I count myself very, very lucky to be self-employed!

Are you unemployed? I'd like to hear from you!

Thank you for reading!

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