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Jodie Marsh: Before and after. Going down?


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If you are not a UK resident then the chances are you don’t know too much about Jodie Marsh. Jodie Marsh is a model and recently she has become a renaissance person! The question is, “What doesn’t Jodie Marsh do?” She’s a big rival to the other plastic Barbie, Jordan aka Katie Price. Both models have had their very public spats over the years and an anti-Jody Marsh backlash had her breakdown and reveal that she was bullied as a child. A few years down the line Jodie Marsh has become a prominent anti-bullying campaigner! Here’s an excerpt in what I assume is Marsh’s own words from her official Facebook site / profile:

“My name is Jodie Marsh. I was bullied at school. I was told every day that I was ugly, a freak, had a big nose etc. At age 15 I begged my mum for rhinoplasty as I felt so ugly and that re-shaping my nose would be the answer. The bullying got worse. I got told "don't stand in the sun, you might melt" and got called "plastic face" and "Michael Jackson". I wanted to end my life. Today at age 34 I am the INBF Champion of America, I'm an anti bullying campaigner, model, author, TV star and mummy to 4 beautiful doggies. I LOVE my life! So I guess I just really want to say I'm glad the bullies didn't win, I'm glad I didn't end my life, I'm glad I achieved things (and hopefully will continue to do so). Don't ever let anyone make you believe you're ugly. Beauty truly does come from within. Love yourself and love your life. We only live once - make the most of it. And choose to be a SURVIVOR like I did. You'll never ever regret it. Love you x x x x”

And here’s some of the negative fallout...

Emma White surely the way to 'beat the bullies' is to remain true to yourself and be proud of who you are. not change every part of yourself and look like 'that!' if my baby girl looked up to you I would be devastated! I will teach her to love the skin she is in and not sell herself!! if bullies make you change then THEY have won NOT you!

Louis Spanish Inquisition Jobe Bollox! Who on earth has a nose job at 15 would it not been easier to of grown a pair of nuts? U sure enough had the sand to wear next to nothing in public which I'm sure makes u at 15 look pretty and respectable rather than now being false and an attention seeker!! Ruined it!!

Ken Doherty In fairness you really have some snaggle(nose), if you really think you are beautiful then why do you constantly show off your body if beauty comes from within. BE HAPPY WITH YOURSELF AND YOU WILL ALWAYS BE BEAUTIFUL. "just a thought".

James McGill Hate to bring you bad news but your still a munter <"munter" meaning ugly>.

Miike Garcia Lookin good, buttt fake nose, fake tits, fake hair, and all the tats, doesn't necessarily make you a bangn chick lol, natural is the way to go ladies...

Lynn Howey She is a tramp! Everything for attention!

Hannah Montero Get bullied- re invent ur self plastic and act like a slag .... NO ... Enough of the sob sorry... Every one terrorises each other young, kids r mean ... no excuse to use it for getting naked 15 years down the line and act like a SLOSH POT...

Crippy Cooke You make yourself a beacon of "natural beauty" but you have had copious amounts of plastic surgery? You have let the bullies win by altering your appearance to try and fit in to society. You're one of the worst role models to women, but for some reason they look up to you. Staggering... Beauty comes from within? You're artificial. Inside and out. Hypocrite and a liar.

Tom Lacey She hated being called Michael Jackson so much that she got his face tattooed on her arm.

I didn’t bother to correct the spelling and grammar. But you get the gist of the negativity aimed towards her. A lot of it is just plain stupid. Some try to make valid points about her plastic surgery but end up looking malicious. The overall sentiment is that the bullies have won due to Marsh’s change of appearance, but her critics have in turn become bullies themselves.

Is Jodie Marsh a role model to women? Of course she is! Jodie Marsh is a successful woman with drive and determination and just because she is a nude model it does not mean to say that young women aren’t able to take her drive, ambition and success and use it for whatever their personal goals are: doctor; actress; software programmer; writer; body builder and so on. It is so narrow minded that some parents would think that their little girl would want to grow up to be model from the media exposure Jodie Marsh is currently enjoying. If you are a parent and you are letting the media raise your children then you are a damned fool! More fool your children!

As long as there is a need for models then there will always be young women (and men) posing on the various mediums: magazines, newspapers, television, etc. It’s a fact of life! I wonder how many of her male detractors have bought magazines that Marsh has appeared in and on the cover.

But I guess that’s human nature when it comes to expressing an opinion; no matter how dumb it is people will express such ill thought out opinions just to hear / see their mind’s voice / thought. The advent of Social Media makes it easy for any fool to express his or her opinion. But what is it about the Internet that brings out such viciousness in some people? I guess, like many bullies, they are cowards or have a deep seated problem with themselves... At the very least these fools have been taken in by the media...

Yes, some of you are right to question the motives of celebrities when they are drumming up publicity for their cause. Some of us have seen that the many claims of the benefits of Live Aid were greatly exaggerated. We’re not blind... People are still starving in Africa and other parts of the world.

Let’s get this straight... Jodie Marsh is a professional personality who has used her sexuality to get to where she is right now. It’s not the best way in the world to gain fortune and fame but she has done it. If it wasn’t her it’d be someone else. Like many professional personalities Marsh has cultivated an image that is an extension of her real self. In other word her persona is partly or wholly contrived. It’s just like a person going to work in a suit. And we all know that people who wear suits want to give a certain impression i.e. trustworthiness, competence, etc. But we know from a terrible mishandling of our money some bank managers cannot be trusted and are anything but competent.

Professional personality or celebrity – take your pick – have to constantly adjust their persona in order to stay relevant; that’s their job! They have to reinvent themselves for the times... Once upon a time Jodie Marsh can be seen in Central London going to events with nothing but a couple of belts covering her cleavage. She was seen as a party animal and has done many, many things to gain publicity thus keeping her in a career. Marsh has done a few suspect “reality” TV programs where in one of them she’s auditioning a husband... Purleeeeeeeeeease! When she is rebuffed by the public she then sets about reinventing herself again. This time she has chosen to be a spokesperson for anti-bullying. You know what? Regardless of her motives to stay in the public eye at least someone is doing something to highlight that the bullying that happens in school can be very, very severe with horrendous results.

What do I think of her programs on the subject of bullying? I think they are not too bad. I thought that she handled herself well and the programs weren’t too contrived. Yes, everything you see on TV is contrived. Contrived for our benefit! Sometimes you can see the strings so to speak but many programs have a formula. Jodie Marsh’s last program on bullying which aired last week had the usual hallmarks: tear jerking interviews; a few bullied young children; children taking a stand and happy dancing children at the end. There’s nothing wrong with that! It was important to give viewers a happy ending and a positive outlook.

Just because Jodie Marsh is a professional personality it does not mean to say that she isn’t genuine about tackling bullying. Besides, what is she going to do? Don cape and leap tall buildings in a single bound? The best thing she can do is use her considerable fame as leverage to let people know that they do not have to suffer in silence.

Yes, as plastic as some aspects of Marsh’s body is she can hurt like the rest of us. Therefore I would like to ask her detractors to use their brains and to not waste time posting negative comments and insults against her and get with her program! Be part of the solution! It is really dumb to say that the bullies won over Jodie because she has changed her appearance. As she pointed out, after the work done on her nose she still got bullied. If I had a nose like that as a child I would want to change it! I have horrible teeth and I wonder why my parents didn’t sort it out! But I wasn’t bullied for it - thankfully. I consider myself a nice person, inner beauty ‘n’ all but I would change my teeth tomorrow if I could! Lol! Jodie Marsh is not fake or lacks inner beauty to want to change her appearance to her liking. Once again, Jodie Marsh is a professional personality and it is her job to get publicity for herself and endeavours.

Use your common sense! Big boobs on models could mean more modelling work! Career longevity! We’d moan if she was unemployed on welfare seeking fame at “our expense”! She has it, so why not be happy for her? Personally, I wish women didn’t have to take risks with their bodies to enhance their career potential but that’s the world. Perhaps Jodie Marsh can tackle this subject in due course.

In the meantime I think something can be done to alleviate bullying and I am glad that Jodie Marsh has brought it to the attention of the public.

If you don’t like what she’s selling don’t buy into it. There’s no need to be nasty!

Let me leave you with some positive comments...

Kelly Louise Dooler All these haters make me chuckle, all the woman who are being negative, are probably fat or ugly, and the guys well they are all probably sad lonely and single or they have a fat ugly girlfriend, if u choose to enhance what you are unhappy with, it's your choice, no matter where you go in life there will always be haters, hate is a massive sign of jealousy, jealous of ur wealth, ur looks, ur hard earned body, so let em hate, n smile every day xx

Nicola Wiscombe Clennan Why are some people so nasty and disrespectful to others, writing horrible comments on such a positive post!! I think Jody looks beautiful then and now. Let her live her life they way she wants to, after all it is her life!! She's trying to make a diffence. If she wasn't famous would there be so much negativity on this post....don't think so!

Again I have chosen not to edit the positive comments.

Thank you for reading!

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