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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! Can you believe that there’s nothing on TV on a Saturday night! I should be out partying but these days DJs have no clue about music! I would need 20 litres of Red Bull to keep me awake! Lol! It’s true! I have been to clubs where I feel stranded because getting transportation back home in the middle of the night is a pain! So, I am watching the Matrix Reloaded... Anyway, here’s the latest on Samsung...

Hmmmm... It seems that when a manufacturer of a major device adds the word “mini” to the name of a popular device you’d be forgiven to expect all of that (big) into this (mini). But that’s – as we have come to know – isn’t the case with a certain tablet and not with the most popular handset in the world at the moment, the Galaxy S3!

I felt that Samsung had a great opportunity to really stick it to the iPhone but shot a little wide; meaning – instead of the same 8MP, 1080p HD camera as found in the S3 they changed it to a 5MP, 720p HD camera for the mini!

In other words the Galaxy S3 mini was supposed to be the equivalent of the iPhone so to speak! All that technology (from the S3) inside the 4.3” S3 mini!

Yes, the Galaxy S4 mini is due anytime now and I wish that it would be a smaller version of the S4 to please folk who prefer a smaller screen... Here’s the rumoured spec of the S4 mini:

4.3” 960 x 540 HD display
8MP camera
Android 4.2.2

I hope that Samsung will come through for folks with small hands, but I have a feeling that the above spec is in fact the S4 mini.

I guess it’s fairly obvious that the Galaxy S4 mini can’t be as thin as its bigger brother or sister and feature the same innards, but it can be a little thicker! It stands to reason, right? Yeah, the Galaxy S4 Compact! There you go! And it should cost exactly the same as the fully blown S4 because the innards are the same only in a compact body! Stands to reason!

Yes, 6 days before I get my Galaxy S4! I can't wait!

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