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Good hour, Synapse Circuit Readers! What do you reckon to Facebook’s new application ‘Home’ for Android and HTC First ‘Home’ handset? Will you be downloading the application? Will you be getting hold of the HTC First handset? Well, I am 16 days away from getting my pre-ordered Samsung Galaxy S4, so that’s probably my quota of handsets for the time being...

I do not trust Facebook at all... No, I am not coming from the perspective of some of the heavy political conspiracies doing the rounds on the InterWeb. Uh-uh... It that lately I have been seeing some weird things with Facebook in the last year that makes me think about deleting my account...

Just the other day when I was using the Facebook Messenger app, having a private conversation with a friend, all of a sudden I am getting a message that looks like it is coming from my friend advising me to click on a web-link to access Facebook emoticons. Ok, it’s not the worst thing that can happen with Facebook, but I felt that it was an intrusion into a private conversation. Sure, I realize that what goes on via the Web is hardly private but I think that respect for individuals should be upheld always – if you are providing a service for the public.

I can’t write a status update without a commercial Facebook page (including my own – not that what I do is of great commercial significance) popping up to complete my sentence via my mobile phone! It is very, very annoying! Facebook is being far too aggressive with throwing adverts at people! I am constantly spammed in that respect yet the people behind Facebook still say that I / we cannot make friends with people that we don’t know... We get a block as punishment for adding people we wish to befriend. We are told that adding people we don’t know is considered to be spam! It’s hypocritical when I am constantly bombarded by Facebook spam! They constantly push pages that I might “like” in my face every day – most of which I would not “like” at all!

Another thing that annoys the heck out of me is that whenever I post links to my blogs on Facebook I get a dialogue box that wishes to extract £4 to reach my friends!!!!???? Are they mad???? Why should I have to pay £4 to let my friends know that I have published a blog or put out a new video? It is ridiculous! So, what I have noticed – tonight especially – that I am getting messages that my “content is not available”! Well, I know that I didn’t remove it...

Occasionally my posting links to my blogs and video gets “reported” as “spam”. Again, I have said it numerous times that I do not consider that my blogs and videos aren’t spam. How can they be? It’s not like I am advertising for strangers to be my friend! Hmmmm...

Do the people behind Facebook honestly think that by using the social network to communicate to my friends that I have a new blog or video is going to make me a multimillionaire????

I can’t say that I will be downloading the Facebook Home app when it becomes available. I think it will spy on my text on my text messages and start sending my ads through all my communication apps and I’d go nuts! So, I am going to steer clear from this ‘Home’ app. Now if Facebook wanted to give me a HTC First handset for the privilege of sending me adverts then that’s another proposition entirely. I have noticed that Facebook officials keep saying that they respect the privacy of its users but I am not seeing any evidence of this. For example they seem very aware of when I am adding people and then asking me questions as to why I wish to add people... Why the heck do they need to know my motivations for adding people? One of the questions is, “Is it because you wish to establish a business connection...” I am paraphrasing but that’s what the question amounts to... Am I trying to make commercial gains from adding people? Give me and others going through this same screening a break! There’s a 5k “friend” capacity and who knows 5k friends or has 5k family members?

The 5k limitation has nothing to do with ordinary folk. It’s there for businesses, celebrities, etc who could make use of the 5k followers – oops! I meant friends... Business and celebrities, etc do not have followers... Uh-uh! They have devoted friends! I do wonder if those huge corporations with a Facebook profile get as much hassle as I do for just letting folks know about my blogs and videos. I don’t think so somehow!

Facebook is a dictatorship that needs to re-evaluate their hypocritical policies and respect the privacy of its users. Lip service regarding our privacy is an insult when adverts pop up within my private messages. When “apps” send out messages in my name to my friends asking them to play games that I do not have time to play!

First they draw people in... Facebook users 5 years ago could use any name they choose to be known as. Today, if your name does not fit a certain profile (no pun intended) you can’t use it. Ironically, if you give a typical / common name i.e. John Smith then you can open up an account and it’s not even your real name. That’s just plain stupid! Let people be who they want to be! Again, it must be annoying for folk who lead an alternative lifestyle i.e. Punk Rockers. Hey, I wonder if Johnny Rotten has a Facebook profile. Does he?

Today, after an earlier attempt with HTC to create a Facebook handset (the oddly named Chacha), they have the HTC First. What’s next a chip to be inserted directly into the users’ brain? You add someone you don’t know and it paralyses you - through electrocuting your nervous system - for 30 days!

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