Friday, 19 April 2013



Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! Did you read my Google I / O 2013 blog? Did you enjoy it? Do you recall that I was harping on about better apps? More specifically a decent movie app? Well, I have great news...

What? Fruity Loops doesn’t mean anything to you? How about FL Studio? Oh, you still have no clue? No worries! Let me fill you in...

FL Studio is one of the best digital audio workstations (DAW) going on the PC! It started life as a simple but versatile (software) drum machine and over the years the drum machine evolved into a full music production suite for the PC platform! It is POWERFUL!!!!  The makers, Image Line, decided to change the name from Fruity Loops to FL Studio in order to be taken more seriously! I know, it sounds like a breakfast cereal! Lol!

It may not mean much to you, but I can tell you that this is great news for us Android fans! It’s a sign that high-quality apps are coming to Android in greater numbers! Quality apps for Android are what I predicted some time ago... And FL Studio for Android is a great indication that many serious developers will be bringing their apps to Android too!

You may not be interested in making music, but what I love about FL Studio is that it is reasonably priced that you can afford to indulge a fantasy... It’s always a good idea and a wonderful experience to take up a hobby! At $20 you can afford to!

I love making music on my PC and I can see myself working out ideas on my Galaxy S4 (when I get hold of it) or Note 2 and then transferring it to the PC and vice versa!

Oh, in my dizziness I forgot to mention that the FL Studio app for Android will work on every screen and that you need Android 2.3, Gingerbread as a minimum requirement! Cool!

With FL Studio for Android you can expect great synthesizers, drum machine and effects... I can’t emphasize how great this app is (if you are not familiar with it).

Yes, my Android friends... Make no mistake... Great apps are coming! So, from apps I am expecting some hardware too! I want USB keyboard controllers, soundcards, etc. That’d be something!

I am one very happy Android fan right now! I’d be over the moon if Synapse Audio (no relation) brings out Orion Studio for Android!

Thank you for reading!

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