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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! At last the Sun is out over London! It’s a lovely day and I do not fancy staying in and writing blogs! Lol! Anyway, I have heard some interesting rumours coming from Samsung...


WOW!!!! If this rumour turns out to be true then the Phonepad is great news for those who have yet to purchase a tablet. Yes, I am purposely waiting for Google to reveal the next incarnation of the Nexus 7! However, Samsung’s Phonepad could be yet another game changing device!

Are you familiar with the Asus PadFone? Well, how it works is that you place a handset into a tablet chassis to transform the phone into a tablet. From what I have seen, where Samsung’s Phonepad differs is that you’ll be able to place a Galaxy S3 (and I assume S4) into the tablet docking device and you have a tablet! Cool!

The Phonepad is a revolutionary new device that converges between two of the world's most popular devices the Smartphone and the Tablet.
With the Smartphone docked in the Phonepad the user has an expanded view of the screen from the phone on to the 10.1" LCD HD touchscreen. This makes watching films, gaming, reading and browsing the web a much more enjoyable experience.
The Phonepad allows the user to release the full potential of their Smartphone. Unlike many other tablets the Phonepad requires no additional cellular contract, making the Phonepad a cost effective solution. The Phonepad utilizes the smartphones 3 / 4G and Wi-Fi connections making it accessible to all.
"No new contract - no new SIM"
Phonepad can be used in the upright (standard) viewing position or rotated for presentation and sharing purposes as well as being folded up into tablet mode making it unique and user friendly.

Very compelling...


Product Size: (h) 187mm x (w) 270mm x (d) 20mm
Package Size: (h) 200mm x (w) 300mm x (d) 50mm
Weight: 968g (without phone)
Display: 1024 x 600 (16:9)
MHL Input: 1080P
Audio: 2 built in speakers
3.5mm Stereo headphone jack (x2)
Power: Built in Battery
Charges via 12V, 2A 220-240V adapter
8 hours runtime from full charge
Phone charges when docked

It is said to cost £149.99! The price is not bad at all for a 10” tablet! And it is coming to the market in July 2013!

I think it is a great idea that I am surprised I didn’t envisage myself! Yes, I am always dreaming up stuff! Lol! I am also surprised that Asus didn’t come up with the idea too! It makes perfect sense... You have taken out a 2 year contract on a premium handset that is the Galaxy S3 (or S4) and if you wanted a tablet you’d have to take in consideration the cost of the tablet and the possibility of connecting to a network! Here you’d just slide the handset that is already costing you money into the Phonepad and enjoy the tablet experience.

The Phonepad looks as though it is still in development and I would imagine that some of the spec may differ to what has been quoted here.

I do like that it appears to have ports – presumably for USB devices and HDMI. Obviously, these ports have not been confirmed. But considering that gaming is a feature there could be a way of adding a game controller that works through USB.

The Phonepad looks like it is not going to break records for being the thinnest but I like that! I do like my portable devices to have a bit of thickness and weight on them! For me, it makes holding the device easier. The bigger and thinner they get the more awkward it is for me to hold. That’s just me!

If you have been paying attention to the iPhone 5 vs. Galaxy S3 battle you’ll know that the S3 has sold over 50 million and it continues to sell. Now, there’s great scope for S3 owners to purchase a cost effective accessory that could see Samsung gaining a more substantial share of the tablet market! Genius!

I am reminded of the $99 docking device that transforms the Galaxy Note 2 into a computer. I think this is the extension of that idea. The Phonepad resembles a tablet / laptop hybrid that I find appealing!

I am hoping that one will be able to pop any high-end Samsung handset into the Phonepad! It would be something if the Phonepad could accept practically any premium Android handset! But I doubt it somehow... It would certainly be something for owners of other handsets wishing to get in on the tablet action without all the costs involved.

I am curious if Samsung will feature other Phonepads with a full HD screen and / or made specific for certain handsets i.e. Galaxy Note 2 and so on....Hmmm... We’ll see... It’s not long to go until July! Lol! I know... I can’t wait already!

The rumour is that Samsung are concerned with how their premium handsets look cheap with plastic. Apparently the Galaxy S4 was supposed to be manufactured with a metal case but it proved to be difficult to mass produce in time for the release. As a result they went plastic. But I do not believe that. The plastic of the S4 looks like someone put a lot of thought into it what with the mesh-like design. Personally, I do like the plastic! I think it is more durable. That said, Samsung are reportedly looking to give the forthcoming Note 3 a metal body!

My thoughts are...

1. Will it push up the cost of the handset? Surprisingly, the HTC One sells for £35 on contract – without an upfront fee! Here’s hoping!

2. Does this mean that the battery of the Note 3 will be non-removable? I sincerely hope not! I do think that the reason why the HTC One hasn’t taken off like it should is because of the non-removable battery!

I can’t emphasise enough how important it is to either have a battery that can last up to 3 days (or more) without charging or make the battery removable! I am a huge fan of the Galaxy Note concept because of the lovely screen size and functionality!

I have also understood that Samsung will not base the Note 3 on the S4 as they have modelled the Note 2 on the S3. The design is said to be very radical! I can’t wait to see it – even though I will not be able to get through an upgrade! Lol!

Roll on Samsung!

Thank you for reading!

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  1. I agree with you when you say that a removable battery is quite essential. I will only buy a phone with a removable battery.If samsung follow the others into the sealed back business then they can keep their phone...I will not buy such a phone....I will look at it and drool over it but I wont buy. ..I will carry on using the note one and two.for as long as they survive...quite a many few years I should imagine...and then one day. ..a manufacturer willcome along and provide some amazing product with a removable battery which I will charge in an external charger.THANK YOU