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Good afternoon, Synapse Circuit Readers! Yes, in a couple of days you’ll be able to download the Facebook Home app! Good news, huh? Not! Lol! Would you believe that I have had my Facebook yet again for 20-odd days? Foolishly I responded to a group Facebook-Mail and this resulted in my inadvertent communication with... Wait for it... STRANGERS! It seems the Facebook programmers need to write a new algorithm that takes group mailing into account and that one could be a friend of the person who has instigated the chain mail but not a friend of the other people on that chain! Honestly!

Hey, did you notice the new Synapse Circuit dot com web redesign? The look of the old site was getting on my nerves... I felt it look too messy! I think the overhaul looks cleaner! I hope that you’ll agree! I was driven to distraction in fixing up the site that I overlooked...

When I first saw this I thought it was an April Fool’s joke – albeit a late one! But it turns out to be true! Facebook wants to charge its users £10 to message a major celebrity, 71p for lesser ones and $1 to message strangers.

It is official... FACEBOOK HAS LOST IT!

I understand that there is a drive for them to make money – especially as Mark Zuckerberg has had to come to terms with not meeting the stock market expectations. Zuckerberg and team estimated that Facebook is worth 20 billion and it turns out that it is worth a mere 9 billion. And I think this desire to charge users for posting messages means that the value will decrease even further!

The argument that charging a fee to message will reduce “spam” is a weird one. Because a) If they want to make money that’s not the way to do it and b) Facebook themselves spam their users constantly! Like I have already stated, Facebook spam my private messages via the Messenger app in a sinister way which makes out that it comes from the person I am having conversation with! That has really angered me! It’s too hypocritical for my liking! Again, if it wasn’t for the fact that I have so many good friends up on Facebook (who I had not known prior) I would have deleted my account many months ago!

You don’t really think that someone at Facebook is sitting there at a desk screening every users move? They’ve set-up programs that track the behaviours of users... It tries to make sense of certain patterns i.e. users adding people they like the look of; what users are linking; what users are talking about, etc. So, every once in a while you can get a message to notify you that you are breaking some of their sacred rules. And because these programs are put together by humans there are occasional errors like the one where I supposedly messaged to strangers intently through responding to a group mail!

Facebook is really run by faceless bureaucrats that use algorithms to bombard users with advertising!

Where Facebook is going wrong – in my most humble opinion – is that they don’t have specific accounts aimed at business users – especially start-ups! I think Facebook could be used in a positive way to build up businesses.

Let’s say you wanted to start off a Muffin Company, what’s the first thing you are going to do? You’re going to sell to your family and friends. Right? And from there you might want to increase your “friend” capacity in the hope of reaching more customers. Nothing wrong with that; only the Facebook Police Algorithms will come down on you! Then why give individuals a capacity for an unrealistic 5 thousand friends????

I think it would be advantageous to keep the current Facebook as a standard because it works for individuals. And if you as Muffin Company prove to be a success amongst your immediate “friend” capacity you have an option to pay for an extra 5k “friend” capacity. I think a reasonable charge is £20 for your first year. Why? Because if the business goes down the pan in that first year the losses are minimal! If the business continues to flourish then after your first year you can pay more! I think it is fair and it certainly would alleviate all this nonsense regarding “spamming”! It is foolish to make up one’s own “spam” rules. The cold hard reality is that adding strangers and saying, “Hi, can you please add me?” is not spam! Spam is when we get a bunch of mail asking us to go to a specific site and to purchase anything from Viagra to enter a “free” draw for an iPad or iPhone!

Me posting links to my blogs and website is not spam! When Facebook looks into accusations of me spamming on their sacred networks they’ve overturned the default action to block my being able to post! There’s nothing commercial or malicious in my posts! Yet, I have seen countless links to porn sites, dodgy sex groups (the less said the better), legal drug sites, sites that incite racial and homophobic hatred and so on! So, Facebook is definitely doing something wrong! Oh, unless they are monitoring the activities of such wayward folk to prevent acts of terrorism!

But if individuals can upgrade to enterprise minded accounts it would be easier to scan for legitimacy of the business i.e. someone doing Drugs RUS “Get high on my supply...” could be closed down immediately. Legitimate businesses should be able to tout their wares without these often stupid and wrong accusations of “spam”.

Zuckerberg started out Facebook through a bratty display of petulance. I am sure that he has grown much more as a person since then and this mental growth should be reflected in this work / projects.

I am tired of this “It’s mine and therefore I can make up rules as I go along...” attitude.

The ‘I’ in I.T. should stand for intelligence! Too much information and not enough intelligence!

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Thank you for reading!

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