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Good late evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! Don’t you think Apple is unusually quiet of late? I wonder why that is...

iOS 7
Apparently work on bettering the iOS operating system (version 7) is a behind schedule. I bet you’re just dying to find out what the iOS 7 will entail! Possible fingerprint recognition? DNA detection upon touch? Who knows? At least I hope for iPhone fans that sharing will be as painless as it is on Android!

We’re expecting a new iPhone this summer... Will there be a radical change in the design? Will they go against their 4” hand science? I do think it is something for Apple to think about – going beyond 4”!

Rumour has it that there will be a budget iPhone made from plastic instead of metal and glass. This move could be great news for so many potential markets:

Developing countries.
The second or third handset folks.
iPhone fans who are tired of the cracks, dents and scuffing prevalent in the metal and glass device.

I can see Apple launching a new look metal and glass iPhone with a 4.3” screen (hee hee) alongside the new colourful budget plastic iPhone! I don’t suppose Apple will make the battery removable? I think they ought to; if not on the metal and glass model then certainly on the plastic one (if it truly exists).

The iPhone is still seen around the world as a symbol of reassuring quality. I reckon they can claw back some of what they have lost (to the competition) but one thing is for sure the smartphone market has changed considerably and the iPhone is no longer the state of the art.

iPAD 5
An iPad 5 is certainly on the horizon and once again I am wondering how they can possibly top the previous model!

Hmmm... Let’s see... Can it get any thinner? Will the Retina screen gain more pixel density? Will they discontinue the iPad mini as it is eating into the iPad major???? Spill the beans, Apple!

Did I see the iWatch briefly in a recent iPhone ad on TV (UK)? Well, there’s been a lot of talk / rumour of an impending smartwatch from Apple! Will it be introduced with the next iPhone – 5S? Or will it come later on in the year with the iPad? However, Google are said to be working on a smartwatch too! Oh, so is Samsung! Oh boy, I can see more petty patent suits coming from Apple! I hope not! iWatch this space! Sorry! It’s late... And speaking of...

Yes, the competition is ferocious this year! The screens featured on the HTC One and the Samsung Galaxy S4 has surpassed the Retina pixel density which is quite a feat as the screens are considerably bigger! I think the HTC One design is revolutionary!

Then there are many Android tablets that look the part and they are very reasonably priced on the whole!

Is this the year where Android tablets take a considerable chunk out of Apple’s dominance? We’ll see!

In the meantime Apple have ramped up the iPhone ads as the Samsung Galaxy S4 is about to drop!

Thank you for reading!

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