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Yes, the CES has proven to be interesting yet at the same time there are no real great surprises! No doubt that 2013 is going to Android’s outright – there’s every indication that in the next 4 months the phablet will be all the rage... Well, all the rage where the manufacturers are concerned. We have yet to see this 5+” superphones will go viral! As you know, I have my beautiful Galaxy Note II and the experience is just fantastic! The 5.5” screen is a sheer delight! The original Note truly carved out not only its own niche but for the industry. Now we’re getting ready to check out phablets from Alcatel, HTC, Huawei, LG, Lenovo, Sony, ZTE and more! But what’s on everyone’s mind is the Galaxy SIV! So, what’s Samsung’s strategy for 2013?

Could this be the shape of the Galaxy SIV?

Do you know how long the third of May is from now? 114 days = 3 months and 23! What am I going to do until then? May 3 falls on a Friday! The May 3 launch date for Samsung’s Galaxy S premium handset is in itself a strategy. They have turned this one time innocuous day into Galaxy S New Model Day! I can’t help but wonder what Galaxy SIV will look like and what specs will it have. I am expecting a 13MP camera this time and a quad-core 1.8GHz CPU at least! January is far from over, but even the non-Samsung fan must be wondering what May the third will bring! The SIII has been a great success for Samsung; it has managed to outsell the iPhone 5! So, all minds and eyes are on the SIV!

From now until Galaxy S New Model Day the fever will continue to build. Again, I think that this is a fantastic strategy for Samsung to create their own event for their premium range of handsets. I do think that they are masters of presentation. Roll on 3rd of May 2013! My SII is due an upgrade!

I think we’ll be seeing more of the same from Samsung this year; they will release a phenomenal amount of handsets that will cater to every taste and budget. This is how they have managed to keep ahead of the game for the last two years. But the competition is going to be harder this year. It was tight, the HTC One X vs. Galaxy SIII! As we all know, the SIII came out on top!

One of the good things about this year’s CES is that most of the major manufacturers have let their cat out of the bag already. Now does this mean that the SIV has already been finalized? I don’t think so! I think that Samsung are probably adding final touches to the SIV as I type!

But Samsung aims to put a model in the hands of everyone on the planet! They’ll succeed at the rate they are going! I know that the Galaxy Ace is very popular with folk on a budget. As much as I wonder about the premium handsets, I am wondering about the budget range too! I do have yet another handset that is due an upgrade this year!

No doubt Samsung will want to put all its legal woes with Apple behind them this year – if it’s possible! However, the strategy is to saturate the iPhone out of the market. I am convinced that the SIV is going to blow whatever Apple can do for the iPhone straight out of the water! I don’t think Apple is going to know what hit them come the 3rd of May! It is certain that Samsung will turn their attention to putting a handset out there that will match the iPhone but it’ll be much cheaper! The LG Nexus 4 is a good example of what can be done in the name of quality and budget. So, it’ll be very interesting to see if and when Samsung will put that budget handset out.

World domination is the strategy to get out of the battles with Apple.  

Naturally, Samsung will want to build upon the success of the Note II! So, not only does it have the iPhone killer it has the Galaxy Note to bury it too! I think that the Galaxy Note strategy has worked very, very well! I think it’s an essential bit of kit for business users as and tech-mad individuals alike! I predict that by the time the Note III is ready, Samsung would have sold around 15 million units of the Note II! Just like when the Galaxy S reached three and took off beyond expectations, the Galaxy Note III is going to really take off!

What makes the Galaxy Note II work is the sheer inventiveness behind it: multitasking windows, the S Pen, keyboard, Premium Suite software, voice controlled camera and so much more! I shudder to think what Note III will feature; it’s going to be mad!

This time I think it’ll be a full blown 6” phablet!

How close are Samsung to making the above a reality? 

Could this finally be the year where Samsung manages to produce a tablet that is as desirable as the iPad? Samsung has showed that they can surpass the iPad hardware with the Nexus 10 for Google. Now, what will Samsung do for its tablet range? Assuming that the Galaxy Note III is a 6” phablet, is there any point for Samsung to produce the 7” tablet? Or will they slim down the bezel, increase the body size to around 7.7 and increase the screen size? It remains to be seen. But I would imagine that the strategy where tablets are concerned is to excel in design and quality.

Although Android apps are getting better on the phone and tablet – the phone is coming up pretty close to being a tablet – iPad apps still pretty much rules! However, Samsung has other opportunities with Windows 8 and Windows 8 RT! No doubt Samsung will be doing more with Windows as well as Android. Where Android is concerned it seems to me that Samsung has so many tablets out that it can possibly be an area of confusion for some people. The Galaxy Note 10.1 tablet is really great and underestimated and I think Samsung’s strategy will be to produce definitive tablets based on the Note. I think we’ll be seeing the Galaxy Note III 6”, Note Tablet 7”, 8” and 10.1”. It makes great sense as the S Pen has turned out to be a great way to interact with the screen.

Samsung can do with a break this year where tablets are concerned!

It’s obvious that I am a Samsung fan! I am looking forward to see what they’ll do this year! Will any of their forthcoming mobile devices feature the much talked about Youm flexible-display technology? Could we see it in the SIV or Note III? It’s a race to be the first to utilize a flexible display and Samsung just might be able to win it!

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