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Hey, Synapse Circuit Readers... How’s it going? I hope that you’re feeling tip top and have expelled the germs from your lovely-selves! There’s nothing worse than catching a cold at the start of the New Year! I am happy to say that my nasty cold is in remission!

Yeah, the wheels have temporarily fallen off the iPhone vehicle! But the iPhone will be back for sure! At least they’ve taken some of the most annoying ads off the air! Lol! But what’s happening with Google Motorola?

2012, Motorola had come out to what I think is a shaky start. Why? Their Razr products weren’t all that groundbreaking. The bezeless handset turned out to have a bit of a bezel after all and the main event, as it were, turned out to be a long battery life! Hmmm... Still, that said I have the Razr i in my sights for an upgrade later this year. Of course, this could change!   

If anything I was disappointed with the designs... I thought the “coffin” design were uninspired. I guess I am spoiled by Samsung’s amazing SIII and Note II designs! Google Motorola has said that it’ll take them a while before they can design and manufacture their visions. It sounds promising. But all in all 2012 wasn’t a bad year for Motorola – just a very slow one!

First of all I think that – if it’s possible – they should change the name from what it is to GoMo! Or GoMoto! Let’s face it, Google’s ownership should show in the renaming of the company!

The good thing about Apple dropping Samsung from being a part supplier is that it leaves an opening for others, like Motorola, to get in on the act. I think that Motorola’s strategy is to get their screens from Samsung – especially now that they seem to have perfected their flexible Youm bendable screens. Motorola + Youm = a beautifully designed handset with a battery life that could go 3 or 4 days before it needs a recharge.

I predict that Motorola will launch a major handset towards the end of this year that will utilize the Youm screen! It could even come this summer, but I doubt it.

What I also see happening is Google and Motorola synching together. As a result when Motorola releases a handset it will have the latest version of Android installed. I got the impression that Android fans were expecting the latest Razr to feature Jelly Bean, Android 4.1 from the off!

I would be surprised if Motorola releases a handset this summer. I think that the battery life is meant to last for a purpose. The recent spate of Razr handsets were made to get us through the period it takes for Google to fully absorb the company.

Motorola has a legacy to live up to. I think Motorola must be below the top 5 handset manufacturers:


And perhaps Oppo and ZTE too!

At the moment, Motorola are trailing behind. I am sure that will change in the fall of 2013. They will have to do something dramatic – they need the equivalent of the clamshell Razr again! Hence why I think Motorola are going for a handset with a flexible Youm screen! That handset ought to look like something out of a Sci-Fi movie – pretty much like the SIII did!

It is rumoured that work on such as handset is on the way. I think it has been dubbed “X” because of the ‘X’ in Nexus.

Obviously, what Motorola wants is for its brand to have a stand out flagship handset series and tablet. Oh, the ‘X’ could also stand for Xoom the tablet range. I am sure that Google Motorola would want to put the Xoom tablet behind them!

It is clear that Asus and Samsung (with Google) have paved the way for an inexpensive but decent tablet is a possibility. And now that the flagship Android handsets boasts a screen resolution of 1280 x 720 and 1080 x 1920 it should be easier for developers to create apps for the tablet.

I think Motorola wants to come back in great style where the tablet is concerned and it too will use the flexible Youm screen! Maybe you can fold it! Wow!

Motorola’s strategy is definitely surprise or shock even! We saw the Samsung Youm prototypes and you can bet that Motorola are testing some Youm designs too! Watch out... Motorola are coming to mark their territory!

Thank you for reading!

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