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Good day, Synapse Circuit Readers... Here in London the snow is all but gone... Melted away! However, it has been pouring down with icy rain! Oh well...

Here’s a bit of news that shouldn’t come as a great surprise...

Yes, I am a self-appointed mystery shopper! Or should that be ‘mystery pest’? Lol! Anyhoo... As you may have come to realize by now, I LOVE mobile phones – Android in particular! Why Android? This answer is just for those who are discovering the differences between the mobile platforms. And believe it or not, I do get asked about 3 or 4 times a week – guaranteed – about what handset to get. Many of my Facebook friends ask the question as they are moving on up from BlackBerry, old Nokia, and other assorted old makes of handset.

Here’s my advice:

Go Android because of the large screens that will enable you better web and media viewing. I would recommend the SIII and Note II first and foremost. The SIII and Note II, to me, is the pinnacle of Android phone technology. Do not get me wrong: I am not a spokesperson for Samsung; it’s just that they happen to be the best phones that I have tested last year. I think the HTC One X + is a good alternative if the SIII and Note II aren’t pleasing for some reason or other... The HTC One X + has come a long way and it’s quite solid. And, of course, the Google / LG Nexus 4 is a very decent handset.
One of the many things that I appreciate about Android is sharing; it could be a photo, video clip, etc it’s just a click away. I select a photo, opt to share it and select from my many social networks, cloud storage, communication apps such as WhatApp and so on. I found that sharing on the iPhone is fussier.

I love that there’s a possibility of having either a spare battery and / or a battery extension kit; most of the time the Android handset features a removable battery. You don’t get that for the iPhone. I have warned many people about this one attribute only for my advice to fall on deaf ears. The Apple marketing campaign is very effective for those who do not know too much – if anything – about a smartphone. However, like all batteries they become burned out over a period of time. Overcharging is the main offender; falling asleep with any phone on charge is just begging for the battery to be fried into losing its capacity! So many of my Facebook friends complain that the iPhone battery loses power very, very quickly during the day and on standby!

Oh, most Android handsets have a slot for an external microSD card that will become indispensible for storing pictures and full HD video (where applicable).

I must drive sales assistants crazy with my endless questions – I really put their knowledge to the test. I remember around 5 years ago more, or a little longer, asking store assistants about the Flash web app only to be told about the camera flash! Lol! Today I ask about things like storage capacity; RAM, CPU, version of operating system software and so on. I am shocked that many assistants don’t know these basic details of popular handsets! What???? Fortunately, most of them had / have the good sense to look the details up on the web! 

But things have changed a great deal. One upon a time these sales assistants would try to sell me an iPhone but today 99% of the sales assistants recommend the following over the iPhone:

Samsung Galaxy SIII and Note II.
HTC One X +
Nexus 4
Nokia Lumia 920

The stores are:

Carphone Warehouse
Phones 4U
EE (formerly known as Orange and T-Mobile)
Tesco (supermarket chain) Mobile

I do wonder how Apple can make great claims of iPhone sales when the general consensus is that the Galaxy SIII rules and Android dominates throughout the world! How?

Thank you for reading!

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