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Hiya, Synapse Circuit Readers... It’s good to see you! I hope that things are going well for you! Are you due for a handset upgrade in the next 4 – 5 months? Things are looking hectic already – so many handsets have either been announced or leaked... Let’s check out what HTC are up to!

It’s good to know that HTC are still with us after suffering much a massive loss lately! I have to say that the HTC handset designs are very attractive, in the past it’s the lacklustre video and photo quality that has left me feeling cold...    

Well, it looks as though HTC are up to their old tricks again. What do I mean by “old tricks”? Alright... ...I can’t hold out on you... How many handsets are HTC planning to release?

M7 – that’s recently surfaced. Then there’s the J Butterfly and have recently put out the One SV.

Is this really the M7 or a concept rendering? 
I think that’s too many handsets in one go! Ok, the One SV looks like mid-level handset which is good for anyone wishing to go 4G on EE’s dumbass price plans!

What HTC needs to do is establish a flagship handset and get all the little details right: the camera needs to be dead on; video recording has to be smooth as melted butter! I would have gone for a Desire HD, but the recorded video had more jerks than the adult channel! I had to leave it! As I have said, HTC makes beautiful looking masculine handsets what with all that metallic grey and techno-materials on the battery plate.

I am glad that I didn’t go for the One X because soon after the One X+ came out! I would have been very angry – I like to know that I have the best possible handset for my hard earned money! With Samsung I know that they will put out the next Galaxy S model (IV) which is their pinnacle, premium handset in the 4.8” to 5” range. Then they’ll put out the Galaxy Note. I know that anything else they put it is mainly aimed at the budget end of the market. What HTC has done is to confuse the market by releasing ex-amount of handsets so close to each other!

HTC needs to establish what is their premium 5” (or slightly under) handset and phablet (over 5”). Simple! I say make those two handsets the best they can. Again, don’t release the M7 X+ or J Butterfly XX in a couple of months time. I fear that some people will be anticipating these extra versions and wait. And while they are waiting they may be tempted with other handsets!

It seems to me that HTC are trying to aim products to coincide with Samsung’s releases and they end up losing out to not just Samsung, but other players such as LG’s Nexus 4 and even the iPhone! By all means flood the market with a load of budget handsets, but first, set-up the flagships! I reckon HTC thought that by flooding the market wild Wildfire-this-and-that they’d pick up some crumbs. Apologies for using Samsung once again, but they did well to set-up and establish the Galaxy S range and Note; once these took off they didn’t waste too much time in unleashing the Galaxy Ace and other budget Android handsets. Oddly enough they still marketed their Bada range. Who remembers any Samsung Bada phone? I don’t!

Another thing that HTC has gotten wrong, in my humble opinion, is their naming convention. The started off well with the Hero and Desire but they followed it up with a bunch of other names until the effect wore off... Had they stuck to the Hero and Desire as their premium handsets I think they would have done better. I, for one, was looking forward to the Hero 2. Instead I got the Galaxy SII. Now their naming conventions just don’t make much sense... ...”M7”, what the heck is that about? What does “J Butterfly” mean? Sure, if you love handsets then you’d read up on the specs anyway. But it is hard to believe that there are folk out there who get their handsets based upon on other factors that have nothing to do with spec! Gadzooks! I guess people get what’s out there at the time.

I don’t think that HTC produces the best TV adverts for their handsets. Again, looking at Samsung’s ads, Samsung shows the capabilities of the handsets. I know the functionalities of both the SIII and Note II! HTC needs to create similar ads for their products so that the audience know about functions that will make our lives easier. The last batch HTC ads are so forgettable – all I remember is some guy falling out of a plane to do a photo shoot with the One X camera. How many people do you know that will go to such lengths taking a photo on their mobile?

Do you know what I am thinking? When it comes to TV ads why don’t the manufacturers shoot an ad entirely on the flagship phone? No, I wouldn’t object if the audio was cleaned up in another program as anyone can use cost effective video editing software to get the most out of their HD phone footage. But I think that most ads for handsets are boring! HTC can take the initiative to do something daring and informative with their adverts. The adverts must appeal to those who have yet to understand what it is to have a mini-computer in their pocket that happens to make and receive calls! As a journalist I would love to leave my dedicated camera and camcorder at home – kind of... Well, I spent an awful lot of money on them and would like to get the most use out of it but I hate carrying ex-amount of gear with me at expos...

HTC needs to pull an LG / Google by releasing a new budget handset that is vanilla Android! I think one of the reasons for the phenomenal success of the Nexus 4 is because it’s pure vanilla and that it gets the latest updates faster than any other handset. I am itching to get Android 4.2 on my rooted Galaxy’s! Anyway, a no nonsense budget vanilla Android handset will see HTC (and any other manufacturer) do very well! In fact, I am surprised that no other manufacturer has taken advantage of making a pure vanilla Android handset and sell it through Google Play (in addition to the usual outlets). I think HTC can do it! Or maybe they can work something out with Google and give them a handset that is an alternative to the Nexus. How about Google Omni? Omni because everyone can afford to have one either as a main or secondary phone! LG has proven that they can make a great phone for a great asking price! But please... ...pretty please with a cherry on the pie (key lime?)... Please add external storage!

A camera that surpasses expectations in still and video.
Distinct flagships that won’t be usurped by an X+ or X++ model a few months down the line.

 Distinct naming conventions that people will recognize and anticipate upon upgrade time!
Unique functionality with their Sense Android overlay.
Inventive and informative ads.

Thank you for reading!

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