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Good early hours of the morning, Synapse Circuit Readers... Are you wondering why the Google Nexus 4 didn’t feature LTE? Are you also wondering about the Glass Project? Are you also wondering why Google have spent a billion on acquiring an office in London – I believe they will be located in Kings Cross... Google are looking to start-up their mobile network.

Let’s see if I can come up with a plausible reasoning...

Last year I said that it wouldn’t surprise me if Google were to run their mobile network at some point and it looks as though I could be right. Recent reports say Google have applied for an "experimental radio service" spanning a two-mile radius around its headquarters in the States.

As you know already, Google has its roots firmly planted within the Internet: Search, Maps, YouTube, etc. Therefore Google should be looking to deliver these services the way they see fit and the only way to do this is to be running their own network. It will happen very soon...

I think Google’s desire is to claim a certain LTE bandwith(s) exclusively for them so that they can provide the best service possible! Thus they can get more mileage out of their services. Google is feeling the need for speed!

Google have the financial clout to make this happen all over the world! I think that they will start the service in parts of the USA and definitely in the UK! Google is probably looking at countries where Android is more popular than the iPhone and set-up their networks there.

I wouldn’t be surprised if they had two or three radio services: 3G, LTE and LTE solely for the Glass Project.

Control! I don’t know all the ins and outs of running a network, but if I were Google I would want as much control over how my products are delivered. I would my Search application to deliver results instantaneously!  I would want YouTube to have zer0 buffering and I would be looking to license TV channels through an application similar to YouTube!

Google would want to make the smartphone commonplace by keeping the prices down. Have you seen the cost of a Nexus 4 outside of Google Play? £449.95 for the 16GB version at Carphone Warehouse! That’s increase of £170! So, expect to see Google stores opening up very soon – perhaps towards the end of this year.

I think that’s why Google left LTE off the Nexus 4 – they want to ensure complete compatibility with a uniformed LTE bandwith that their handsets and tablets will be compatible with. It’s going to be a massive undertaking but I think that Google can do it!

Another reason for Google’s own network is for their Glass Project! I don’t think it’s desirable to share radio space with other networks for the Glass Project! Uh-uh! No way! Glass is going to happen and it may revolutionize in the way that Samsung has revolutionized the Android smartphone! I can’t see Google wanting to put Project Glass with any other outlet but its own. Well, not for the first instance. I would imagine that Google would want people to flock to their outlets first and foremost! Of course all this is speculation.

Did you get that I was hinting at Google becoming a major media player like Virgin? There’s Google TV to come and let’s not forget the Chrome operating system and I can see all these wonderful gadgets working together!

I am guessing that we’ll see the emergence of Google Media in 2014. We may see commercials showcasing Google Media in the fall of this year.

We’ll see! I look forward to being right and to Google running the show exactly how they want it.

Thank you for reading!

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