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Apple unveils 128GB fourth-gen iPad starting at $799 and a cellular-enabled version of the higher capacity iPad costs $929. For real????

Let’s rationalize this out... The price starts at $799... Okay... The cellular-enabled version is $929... Ah-uh... But wouldn’t the money be better spent on a laptop or desktop? I think if I were an Apple Mac fan I would invest that amount of cash into a Macbook or put the money towards a decent Mac computer. Or you can get more mileage out of the Windows PC – yes, even Windows 8. I don’t know why Microsoft doesn’t concentrate on making a fully decent operating system... Windows is flawed but I think the hardware gives me more satisfaction for the money! In other words I can get a more powerful PC than I would if I bought a Mac. But, of course, you like what you like for whatever reasons. Yeah, the PC is more prone to virus and hack attacks but some decent PC protection software can certainly prevent such attacks.

Anyway, I can’t imagine that people would want to pay such prices for an iPad with an additional 64GB (making it 128 in total). Is Cook purposely trying to break Apple beyond repair? I really do not get it. I know that Apple makes a point of manufacturing premium products but I think this time they have gone too far!

I reckon Apple would have been better off in transforming their ultra thin Macbook into a touchscreen device with the full Mac experience. That would be a smarter move. Believe it or not, I do like the look and feel of the iPad but I would be crazy to shell out so much money for it. Apple still thinks they are big wigs to place such a high value on their products; they just can’t get their pricing right. The iPad mini is overpriced and I do believe that they sold more mini products than they did the full 10” device for reasons that I have stated in other blogs.

Ok, let’s say you – as an Apple fanatic – bought one of these 128BG babies does this mean that you’d want to keep it when the fifth generation iPad is released? Hmmm... ...the grass is greener...

Certainly, there are some potentially amazing iPad spec beating tablets coming out this year from many manufacturers including, Archos, Asus, Google and Samsung – to name a few. And aside from Google, the tablets feature a slot for external memory expansion. Apparently, Google thinks that people are too dumb to figure out where the external storage is. That’s a flaw that should be address in Android 5, Key Lime Pie: Android needs a file manager for itself. Yes, you can get some decent file managers on Google Play, but I believe that one should come with Android by default. While Apple is making it hard for people with less money to throw around to obtain their mobile devices, Android makes it possible for anyone to own a tablet. I think Android tablets will take over in the same way it has done with the phone!
I also think that the “quality of apps” issue will become a thing of the past for the following reasons:

1. The proliferation of full HD handsets will have app developers finding it easier to produce apps for the tablet as well.

2. iPad app developers would want to cash in on the dominance of Android. They are trickling in with some apps for the handset and so it is a matter of time before this happens for tablet oriented apps. Again, the full HD handset / phablet will make this possible.

It is said that the reason why many serious developers do not concentrate on Android is because of the piracy. In fact it is quite easy to download some commercially available apps for free illegally! However, I do believe that Android owners would pay for something that had such a high quality to it. I do think that the Android community will respond to great looking and functional apps as seen on the iPad.

What do you reckon? If you are an Android fan what apps would you pay for? Personally, I am looking for music apps. I wish to learn the keyboard and guitar. And my thoughts are on being able to make music on a phone / tablet; I wasn’t thinking of it before until lately. I would pay for good music teaching apps and digital audio workstations.

And I am thinking about purchasing the equivalent to Microsoft Office. For some reason games do not appeal to me – I just don’t care for them. I also like the idea of doing HD movie editing. I can imagine transferring HD footage from my camera to my tablet and edit like I would on the PC.

So far the apps that I have bought have mainly to do with customizing how my phone looks with weather widgets and so on. With my Note II, I feel that I should have the capacity to be productive.

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