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Dear Synapse Circuit Readers!

I hope that you had a wonderful Christmas and started the New Year as you mean to go on! I had a great Christmas and caught some germs for the New Year! Let me know what Tech-Toys you treated yourselves to! I am still in love with my Samsung Galaxy Note II! I didn’t pick up a tablet as I have a feeling that a tablet is going to come along that will just bowl me over...

Hey, have you started a business? Are you thinking of starting a business? Let me tell you more about the NCH Business Essentials suite of very, very useful applications for business! Think of it as Office part 2!

Invoice your clients the right way with Express Invoice.

Got a Mac? Got a PC? Well, you’ll be pleased to know that the Business Essentials suite is available for both computer platforms! Yay!

Take me as an example of a would-be-user... My background has been in web / graphic and multimedia design. I used to have a few clients and sometimes I found it hard to charge for my services. Now, if I had FlexiServer and Express Invoice for example, I would not have felt so bad. FlexiServer allows the tracking of your time so therefore you can itemise what you’ve done, the nature of the work and the time it took! I know that I have underestimated and undervalued my work; because I love what I do so much it was and still is so easy for me to sit at the computer from morning until the next morning. FlexiServer will help you (and me) to work smarter.

Track your time accurately. Work smarter with FlexiServer.

Researching an appropriate font or photostock can be time consuming... Been there and done that... And couldn’t quite afford to get the T-shirt because I didn’t value my time enough! Let that be a lesson to you! Brilliant, eh?! Then you can use the Express Invoice! 

I reviewed Business Essential suite last issue and I am very, very impressed with it.

Check it out:

Express Accounts Accounting Software:
Manage and report your business income and expenditures.

Express Invoice Invoicing Software:
Create professional invoices, quotes, and sales orders.

Inventoria Inventory Management:
Efficiently manage all inventory processes across your business.

FlexiServer Productivity & Attendance Management:
Track employee attendance and computer usage.

Copper Point of Sale Software:
Streamline retail checkout for employees and customers.

Reflect Customer Relationship Management:
Track customer information, interactions, tasks and events.

HourGuard Time Sheet Software:
Log the time spent on individual projects or with customers.

You can’t go wrong with this lot! You can’t go wrong at the amazing asking price, £59.97 at Currys  / PC World (UK).

Seriously, if you have just started a business or intend on starting one then factor NCH Business Essentials in your cashflow forecast!

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