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C'mon, Ive can't design something as beautiful as those great handsets.
Another controlled "leak". We know what they look like... Now what do they do?

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Yes, indeed... The Samsung Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge is upon us thanks to a bunch of well timed “leaks”. It always amuses me that the tech media don’t seem to understand how controlled leaks serve to maintain interest from inception to the birth as it were. Or are they just playing along because the tech media itself is responsible for the “leaks” getting into the public domain!?!

Does Samsung have anything left for The Next Galaxy Unpacked event come Sunday 1st March 2015, Mobile World Congress in Barcelona?

And former Apple CEO John Sculley says that "nobody is talking about Samsung..." Hmph!

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The latest “leak” looks like an official Samsung graphic and if you were able to read between the lines in the last The Next Galaxy teaser video you’d have understood that the much anticipated Galaxy S6 Edge is without a bezel, “Borders will be free...” And not only that the American carriers already showed us that the Galaxy S6 Edge is different to that of the Galaxy Note Edge.

Once again, this “leak” is to bring people back down to planet Earth hence the brilliant ‘Is This The Next’ website by Samsung Norway. We’ve seen the blueprint right up to the finished product(s). But we’ve seen the Leak Syndrome before with other products say from those other guys; we knew what was coming in terms of the physical handset and for the most part the much desired bigger screen handset (from those other guys) was a disappointment... There was not even the remotest functionality as found on the Galaxy Note 4! Not one iota! Must I show that picture again? OK! There!

Above: So many iPhone 6 and 6 Plus models traded in for a more pleasing handset... A sure sign of a bad design.

We have yet to learn what these beautiful looking handset are all about... Do we know about how the camera works? No. Do we know if there will be a microSD card slot? Hmmm... Some say “No!” But at the end of the day not having a microSD slot isn’t a disaster seeing as I have a Nexus 6! There is Google Drive and there is no telling if Samsung will give prospective Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge owners its own cloud storage solution. I ask again: If unlimited 4K video is a feature then where are we going to store it? It would be something if Samsung gave Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge users a cloud storage solution. No, you can’t use “But that has a potential to use up my data plan...” You’re not going to get the Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge and have a weak data plan are you? Here in the UK many premium handsets come at a high rental cost but you do get the possibility of unlimited data. And you have Wi-Fi too!

And although we’ve understood that TouchWiz is going to be lighter than ever we still don’t know exactly what that will entail. I think there is quite a lot that we don’t yet know so sit back and enjoy the show!

 What's there not to love about these great aesthetically pleasing handsets? I'd laugh if I fell prey to a Samsung prank but I reckon this is the real deal. 

Yes, I am on about the possible short supply of the Galaxy S6 Edge... In the UK you either had to go with Vodafone or buy the Galaxy Note Edge outright. I can only hope that the S6 Edge will reach more networks (carriers to my US & Canadian buddies).

I have a feeling that the demand for the Galaxy S6 Edge is going to be high! People are going to go nuts for it! I know I want one already!

Above: This early prototype and (possible) official Samsung patent shows the idea for a wrap around screen. I saw it coming but a couple of years too early! You can see that from this design that parts of it made up the Galaxy Alpha to the Galaxy A series and, of course, the Galaxy S6 Edge. The speakers are now placed at the bottom edge - allegedly. 

Knowing Samsung we just might get more than the Galaxy S6 & S Edge handsets... There could be another smartwatch or smartwatches, tablet preview or something that we’ll appreciate greatly!

Speaking for myself, The Next Galaxy Unpacked event hasn’t been ruined by the controlled “leaks”. If anything it has piqued my interest more. Oh, I am also very pleased with the design / aesthetics. The little speakers at the bottom (if that is accurate) looks like it can belt out the tunes!

Sunday will be here before we know it and so will the Galaxy S6 & S6 Edge!

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