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GOOGLE I / O 2015

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If you are an Android user you’ll know that Christmas is practically every month at this rate! We have the imminent Samsung Galaxy S6 release, HTC One M9, ASUS ZenFone 2, Sony Z4... The list goes on... One of the main events of the year is Google’s i / O developer conference where we get to learn about things to come – be it the development of the Android operating system, resources for app developers, new hardware and so on. The mind boggles at what Google will show us this year! Read on...

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It is always exciting to see what Google have in store for us Android and even non-Android folk. I am anticipating that components from the version of Android used on Project Ara will merge into the mainstream Android. A tremendous amount of work as gone into the building block Android handset and that can only pay off for the Android operating system and components in the future. I also anticipate news of when Project Ara will be available in other markets such as Europe.

Here in the UK there is a lot of anticipation and expectation of what should be the successor to Chromecast and that is the Nexus Player. I anticipate that we’ll be hearing details of content partnerships and when we, here in Europe, can expect it. This year is definitely the death of cable TV! I am hoping to get my handset on a Nexus Player very soon!

Android Auto can go a long, long way (pun intended) in the motor industry – especially with driverless cars on the horizon. And for those who like to be in the driving seat I am very certain that we will see 3D printed cars become mainstream; affordable electric cars that we the consumer can design.

I guess we’ll learn more about the state of Android Auto and where it is going. There has been some talk of late about driverless cars in the UK but nothing regards to what system these driverless cars will be operating on. I guess Google have its work cut out to put Android Auto forward worldwide.

As Apple’s Tim Cook makes claims to have invented the smartwatch with Apple Watch I reckon Google will be announcing more developments in Android Wear and may have some new hardware to show. I personally don’t quite understand why OEMs are trying to create a dainty wristwatch instead of these futuristic armband devices we see in the science fiction movies. Samsung has announced that it will invest about $4 Billion into screens and I am just waiting for a decent sized wearable to hit the market. I think that the Gear S has the right idea and I like the Moto 360 too! Oh, the ZenWatch does look good also.

With the development of the hardware I am expecting to see better wearable devices. I guess more information on Project Glass won’t be forthcoming as that has gone into redevelopment. What a pity!

While I understand why Google do not want Android to merge in to Chrome and vice versa I do think that there is scope for a decent Chromebook and Chromebox that can run both Android and Chrome. With the advent of 64-bit processors I am expecting to see stronger applications for both Android and Chrome. Applications that will give the user an experience like that of using software on a Windows / Mac PC. Maybe my mind is quite far ahead but I do see devices that can run both Android and Chrome simultaneously. The last time I looked at the Chrome OS it seems to be lacking in a decent video editor. I don’t know about you but I am tired of these “we’ll stitch your video together for you apps” on Chrome OS (and to some degree Android). We are looking for the equivalent of Final Cut for Chrome (and Android).

With Google Apps I can see the Microsoft Office equivalents becoming even more powerful than they are now and to the point where we’ll be able to jettison Microsoft Office for the most part. I would like to see Google Slides, for example, being able to produce simple multimedia APKs so that users can create eBooks, digital manuals, and presentations and so on without the need to programme. I envision this working by converting HTML5 to APK – it ought to be simple enough. I am surprised that Google haven’t done this already as these Slides apps can contain Google Ads. There again if you use YouTube that’s part of the problem of creating monetized content solved. However, it is about time we had the capability of producing these eBooks, etc.

I am hoping that Google will announce more additions to Google Apps such as a video editor capable of editing 4K video material and sending the finished product straight to YouTube.

I would like to see Google making it possible to use Windows PC fonts without having to root the Android device. If you are going to make the most of Google Docs then I think this move will be essential.

Well, I will stop anticipating and predicting. Besides, my predictions are not very accurate anyway. Lol! I can only hope for the best and to be wowed by things that I haven’t even thought of!

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