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Is this the actual Galaxy S6? Notice that the edge isn't the same as that on the Galaxy Note Edge and therefore what we are looking at is the bezeless Galaxy S6!
Yeah, I'd like to see Samsung pull that one off - the extendable screen.


Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! It’s wonderful to see you as always! I hope that you’re well and making the most of your tech! I also hope that you are wrapped up warm as it’s still chilly here in London and Toronto (my Canadian Friends inform me).

Yes, this is the final countdown... 3 days to go before we learn what is the actual Samsung Galaxy S6 and S Edge are all about!

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Yes, I have kept true to my word by not copying all the other tech media out there and post up “leaked” images of the Galaxy S6 and S Edge. By all accounts some network providers have revealed images of the Galaxy S Edge – I think! Lol! Anyway, if you have been keenly chasing up every bit of news on the Galaxy S6 and S Edge then I am sure you have seen just about all the “leaked” images there is to see!

Again, I do believe that these “leaks” are to bring us back to reality. If you are anything like me you will succumb to fantasies of what the next premium Samsung handset can possibly look like! All those beautiful concept renderings can send me into Lala Land... And I have learned the hard way! The leaks are to reduce our expectations. “Ground Zero” to Samsung may S Translate into something entirely different to us! I am still dazzled by the folding Galaxy S model in the promotional video showing off the possibilities of the flexible YOUM screen. I do think that there are many out there that expect this folding screen Galaxy S anytime soon... I reckon it is a distinct possibility as technology allows for the printing of circuitboards unto flexible materials such as plastic or even paper! There is no telling how far that technology has gotten and if it will bring us that folding screen Galaxy S handset... Galaxy S10???
Samsung Norway has taken what I see as sensible measures to lower our expectations with a clever site that mocks the Galaxy S6 and S Edge rumour mill. I reckon it’s precisely these kinds of rumours that hurt the Galaxy S5... Okay, it didn’t help that Samsung felt the need to go “back to basics” on that particular model. Why, Samsung? Why? Lol!

Above: Samsung Norway having a laugh! 


Once again, if the “leaked” pictures are anything to go by I figure we’ll be seeing something along the lines of the Galaxy A series mixed with a bit of the iPhone and One M8 as the metal design that Samsung is going for is similar - but not a copy – of the iPhone. Both the iPhone and Samsung handsets have a ‘Home’ button and therefore there is a going to be an industrial design standard that places certain features in the same area such as the speaker on the Galaxy S6 finding itself at the bottom next to the mini USB port along with the headphone jack – if the “leaked” pictures prove to be genuine. Personally, I prefer the headphone jack to be at the top of the handset as I’ve become accustomed to it being that way. I would prefer front-facing speakers... But more than aesthetics it’s what the Galaxy S6 and S Edge can do that is most relevant to me.

Like it or not the Galaxy S6 and S Edge will have that distinctive Samsung design signature imprinted upon it.

As predicted years ago: a metal body will bump up the price of the handset considerably! I am expecting a high upfront payment cost here in the UK when taking the Galaxy S6 and S Edge out on a contract! Golly gee!

Once again, here are the projected / rumoured prices of the Galaxy S6 and S Edge. Look away if you are squeamish!

Galaxy S6

32GB internal memory, €749
64GB, €849
128GB, €949

Galaxy S Edge

32GB, €849
64GB, €949
128GB, €1049

Hmmm... Well, it does look likely that the Galaxy S6 will be getting a 5” screen. I have to say that I wanted a 5.5” screen simply because big is best! Big is best and that cannot be denied! Once you’ve gone 5.5” and over you may find that it is pretty hard to go back! But that said I still love my Galaxy S4 and was watching a TV programme through BBC iPlayer earlier on.

“A 5.5” screen on a Galaxy S model will eat into the Galaxy Note market...” I don’t think so as the handsets are quite different! The Galaxy Note 4 has a 5.7” screen and an S Pen; the functionality is markedly different to that of the Galaxy S5 for example.

Another thing to bear in mind is that the Galaxy S6 will feature a 64-bit CPU where the Galaxy Note 4 will be 32-bit (the UK version).

It may be possible that Samsung will give the Galaxy S Edge a larger screen and body to incorporate the curved screen but I am not holding my breath. While there are massive Galaxy S6 leaks there are no Galaxy S Edge leaks aside from the US networks in their respective different colours: yellow, magenta (T-Mobile) and blue.

Another rumour that comes across as definite is that the camera will be the same 16MP one as found on the Galaxy Note 4 and not 20MP as we were given to expect from the Galaxy S6 benchmark tests. In some ways it makes sense to keep the camera the same as the Galaxy Note 4 as it’s still on the market! I don’t care too much about not having 20MP as the 16MP camera on the Galaxy Note 4 produces great results!

I can tell you that Samsung has really whipped up the excitement for the Galaxy S6 and S Edge BIG TIME!!!

Finally, what I have noticed across the Norwegian “Is This The Next?” site, the recent promotional video and the “leaked” images are possibly inconsistencies.

For example the leaked images shows slightly different looking cameras at the back and therefore it could be Samsung playing with our expectations. Also they could be winding up the Apple biased tech media that have it that Samsung is yet again “copying the iPhone” design.

Notice that the Samsung promotional material doesn’t say “Galaxies” in plural. Okay, they didn’t say “Galaxy Notes” for the unpacking of the Galaxy Note 4 and Note Edge. However, the latest promotional video voiceover says, “Borders will be free...” amongst other qualities. This makes me wonder if there will be a Galaxy S6 that has absolutely no bezel but a slightly curved screen at each side and a Galaxy S6 that is more in keeping with the traditional design (Galaxy S4 and S5). Plus the Galaxy S Edge model that looks very much like the Galaxy Note Edge. So, I am thinking that there will be 2 Galaxy S6 models (one with no bezels, the other could feature water and dust resistance) and a distinct Galaxy S Edge model. This could also explain why the camera rumours keep fluctuating because the cameras may differ between the versions. It would explain why a certain case manufacturer shows at least 3 discernible protective cases for the forthcoming Galaxy S series.

It has become a trend for Samsung to put out handsets from a design series in different screen sizes, etc as we’ve seen with the Galaxy A series: 3, 5 and 7 - or something like that. Samsung could very well do the same for the next Galaxy!

We’ll just have to wait and see... February is at last coming to an end! Goodness knows that I have to get my skates on as 2015 will pass me by! I have a few things that I want to achieve with Synapse Circuit! Wink, wink...

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