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It’s less than a month before we can see what the Samsung Galaxy S6 is made of – literally! The wait is excruciating... The Galaxy S6 could revolutionize the mobile industry as they did with the Galaxy S2, S3, S4 and the Galaxy Note series. 2014’s saving grace was the Galaxy Note 4. Will the Galaxy S6 take 2015? Read on!

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I don’t know about you but it is clear to me that there distinct design philosophies going on with Android manufacturers – which is vast and, of course, Apple are very evangelical about its iPhone design what with Jony Ive appearing like an apparition via a video at iPhone launches.

Samsung remains the most influential Android manufacturer in the world. As I have mentioned in another article, the Galaxy S2 design is what has kept the Android industry going to this present day! I think Sony has taken the S2 design to its bosom especially. Huawei and early LG handsets closely resembled the Galaxy S2. I have to take my hat off to HTC for creating some of the best looking handsets in the world – from the Hero to the Desire and right up to the present day One M8. I also have to congratulate Motorola for creating a new design language after it was being written off. I just love the Moto range of handsets; it makes up for the dire RAZRi.

Those other guys (Apple) hasn’t really deviated from the first iPhone design; it just got taller with changes to the back – nothing major. When Samsung released the Galaxy S3 it certainly created a ripple and after reviewing it I became a believer (in Samsung’s designs). The Galaxy S3 was markedly different and broke free of the rectangular design. When the Galaxy S4 came out the design looked like a Galaxy Note mini and I think that this is where Samsung got the idea to keep a uniformed look to both the Galaxy S and Note just like how the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus appear. For Samsung I would imagine that this standardization was a bit of a relief as creating new designs in the Android arena is fraught with pitfalls. It just takes one bad design and it’s game over! Just look at the LG Vu! By creating a design stable for both the Galaxy S and Note it could have meant that consumers would recognize these handsets in the same way that the iPhone is recognized. However, what has dogged Samsung is the idea that its handsets aren’t premium because of the plastic build. I have often said that I have found this idea strange as I prefer, as a consumer, materials that will give the handset longevity. I don’t drop my handsets very often but when I did drop the Galaxy Note 2 it bounced and remained intact; not a scratch on the body or screen! When I saw this big handset bounce I feared the worst... But the plastic absorbed the shock... Cool!
It is so ironic that the iPhone 6 Plus is said to be a great seller because of the long desired larger screen that has been a staple of Android designs ever since the Dell Streak even though it took the Galaxy Note to make that connection with the consumer.

So, it looks as though Samsung will make the battery in the Galaxy S6 non-removable in favour of a unibody design. The more I think about it the more I get used to the idea simply because Samsung handsets are pretty good where the battery is concerned. If Samsung decides to go non-removable for the S6 or any other handset such as the Galaxy A series then it’s because they’ve figured out how to make the battery last with the hardware. Plus I am quite sure that Samsung will release an external battery pack in due course.

A unibody Galaxy S6 with the back made of glass could very well silence the critics; there again the Galaxy Note 4 and Edge are undeniably premium with a removable battery. I will be very curious to see how a unibody Galaxy S6 pans out for Samsung.

I have been put off by unibody handsets as my HTC One X goes quite quickly. And as much as I love the look of the One M7 & M8 it was the cameras that put me off. Since then I have stuck my neck out and have gotten myself a Moto G 2014 and Nexus 6. But I am not sure if I would go Nexus again as I do appreciate the microSD card slot!

Just like the Galaxy Note Edge we pretty much know that there will be a Galaxy S Edge but is it dual edged or singular like the Galaxy Note Edge? LG had an experimental dual edged handset at the CES and it is feasible that the Galaxy S Edge will feature a dual edged display. When it comes out in the UK would the Galaxy S Edge variation be another exclusive to the carrier Vodaphone? I sure hope not! Could it be possible that the Galaxy S Edge will feature the non-removable battery? Could it be that the standard Galaxy S6 will retain the removable battery? I have no idea. I have seen so called “leaked” pictures of an alleged Galaxy S6 frame but it does look more like it belongs to the iPhone. I am not going to include these “leaked” pictures as I don’t want to get your hopes up.

Once again the rumour mill is fluctuating between a 5” and 5.5” screen; between 3GB RAM and 4GB. Hmmmm... With the alleged pricing details for the Galaxy S6 and S Edge it may be a possibility that 4GB of RAM could end up in one of the variants.

Galaxy S6

32GB internal memory, €749
64GB, €849
128GB, €949

Galaxy S Edge

32GB, €849
64GB, €949
128GB, €1049

See? I think that this time around the price differences could mean more than just the edged screen. I could be wrong. But such prices couldn’t possibly be for a 5” screen, right? There again these prices aren’t confirmed.

The fact that the tech media is writing about the Galaxy S6 possibilities every day is telling me that there is a tremendous amount of pressure on Samsung to revolutionize the smartphone world. It’s not just taking on the Android market but is said to be competing with iOS even though they are separate platforms. I’ve seen the Apple App Store lately and there’s nothing on there that would make me want to go iPhone 6 Plus. The Apple vs. Samsung thing is really dead because Samsung have won in terms of design and function. Once again, Samsung’s biggest competitor is... ...Samsung! I don’t know too much about how the carriers operate in other parts of the world but there aren’t many people here in the UK that buys handsets outright unless they are forced to; we take out a 24 month contract on these beautiful things. Many of these Chinese handsets haven’t entered the UK market yet. Sorry, but I don’t care for an invite to buy a OnePlus handset. Samsung still rules the high-end market. For some reason best known to Samsung the Galaxy S5 didn’t tick all the boxes. But now that we are entering the realm of 64-bit Android the Galaxy S6 should change Samsung’s fortunes greatly! The question remains: Is Samsung’s Exynos chip up to the task? HTC have been gunning for Samsung’s crown and the One M9 is said to also feature a 20MP (like the Galaxy S6) and LG is releasing the Flex 2 – both handsets is said feature the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 chip! Can the Exynos chip take on the Snapdragon 810?

We’ll just have to wait and see... February is going to be a slow month... Lol!

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