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Above: Samsung's press invite for the 1st March 2015 at the MWC, Barcelona, Spain.
I am looking forward to unpacking whatever form the Galaxy S6 or S Edge takes!

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I think that all this wishful thinking that Samsung will fade into obscurity is nuts! Plain and simple! What I find even more nuts are “news” sources with an obvious bias towards Apple... Find out why Apple is afraid of Android and Samsung in particular... Read on...

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Reading from the blatant Apple biased tech media can be a hoot sometimes... Most of the time the Apple biased media is just plain silly! One source has it that because Samsung “stopped copying Apple products” its fortunes have taken a tumble! LMAO!!! I never saw an iPad Tab 7, did you? I didn’t recall an iPhone Note? Furthermore, the Galaxy 10” tablet series looked nothing like the iPad! Let’s not forget that Apple had to publish an apology to Samsung on its UK based website. Talk about bias! Good gosh!

What this source and many others are referring to about Samsung “copying again” is that the Galaxy S6 could feature a unibody made from aluminium and glass. This is nothing new of course as a few Android manufacturers have done this already. Now it appears as it is Samsung’s turn to go metal and glass! Big deal! I have noticed that the Apple biased tech-media don’t state that Apple have copied the Galaxy Note what with the adoption of the 5.5” screen for the 6 Plus. Uh-uh! But they are quick to state that the 6 Plus is breaking sales records, etc. Funny, huh?

Still, it’s good that the as yet unannounced Samsung Galaxy S6 is getting some coverage. Such “news” just piques my interest even more – as if I couldn’t get more interested! True to my word I have resisted posting up “leaked” images of what could possibly be the Galaxy S6 but if they are anything to go by it looks like iPhone meets the HTC One M series (without the front-facing speakers, sadly).

Besides, the Galaxy S6 and its S Edge variant may have already been “leaked”. And if the “leaked” pictures are anything to go by then the Galaxy S6 still retains the Samsung design language. I am very much of the opinion that these “leaks” are put out on purpose to ease super-high unrealistic hopes and in the case of the Galaxy S Edge it is to tease the public!

I didn’t opt for the Galaxy Note Edge because of the Gear VR unit that I will get later on but I do WANT the Galaxy S Edge for sure! All I can say at this point is that I hope the Galaxy S Edge isn’t exclusive to one mobile network as it was with the Galaxy Note Edge. I think it is an odd way to sell such awesome new designs.

Yes, as I stated in another article: when Samsung showed off the concept handsets with a curved YOUM screen at CES 2013 the press and consumers alike acknowledged these concept handsets as “advanced” and now that these awesome concepts are in production the Apple biased media, once again, is placing a negative spin on these innovations!

Apple is said to be working on a stylus for a possible forthcoming iPad Pro and uses “Air Gestures” too! Now where have I heard that term, “Air Gestures”?


Judging by the “leaked” benchmarks for the Galaxy S6 or S Edge it looks as though Samsung has produced the fastest Android handset on the planet. And it looks as though my wish for a 5.5” screen is dashed! Here’s what could be the Galaxy S6 innards:-

5.1” 1440 x 2560 display.
Samsung Exynos 7420 processor.
20MP main camera.
5MP front-facing camera.
32GB internal storage.
Android 5.0.2.

The Exynos 7420 processor has set a new record at 60,978 points, beating Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 810 quite comfortably.

This makes me very happy as I am a Samsung Galaxy S user and it also makes me wonder why Samsung couldn’t do this for the Galaxy Note 4. There again, most handsets are designed well in advance. Still, the Galaxy S6 and S Edge appear to be the pinnacle of Android handset design. Oh, it looks as though 4GB of RAM is out of the question! Lol! Now I am curious as to why ASUS has put 4GB of RAM on one of its ZenFone 2 models... Anyhoo... The 20MP camera is very exciting for me as I do LOVE to take pictures on my mobile whenever I am on my travels in Central London. Samsung cameras have never let me down yet! Okay, briefly with the Galaxy S4 which was remedied with a software update soon after.

Sticking with the camera, I do hope that 4K video recording will have no time restrictions.

There’s no mention of external microSD storage but I suspect that Samsung will allow for it as it always has! Now that 4K video recording has taken hold I think it would be advantageous for the capacity of microSD cards to increase! By now I would have thought that up to 500GB is possible on a microSD card, no? Serious video makers will want to take advantage of what 4K has to offer!

Photo and video editing... It would be great if Samsung features some desktop-like apps for picture and video editing to compliment such a great – potentially great – camera!

Another aspect of the Galaxy S6 and S Edge to be excited about is the sound facility; Samsung design and builds its flagships around multimedia. As a result the Galaxy Note 4 is a gift to musicians as there is compatibility with IK Multimedia’s music hardware interfaces and apps for Android as it is on iOS. So, if you want to use your handset for the purpose of music making without going iOS then the Galaxy Note 4 is the best offering out of all the OEMs (original equipment manufacturer). I am expecting the same for the Galaxy S6 and S Edge.

I do make music when I get the chance and I am looking forward to exploring music making on Android mobile devices in due course.

And if you are a journalist the Galaxy S6’ relatively small screen factor could change your working life. I used to record interviews using my Galaxy S and an assortment of digital cameras with HD video recording capability. Today I would use my Galaxy Note 4! In the future I see myself using the Galaxy S Edge!

I do think that the tech-media – Apple biased or not seem to be ignorant of the flagship Galaxy S (and Note) audio capabilities. There are some music / audio apps that require a Samsung premium flagship handset for best results. Now do you understand why I bet on Samsung each and every time for my main drivers?

I just love it when Apple tries to put the squeeze on the Android industry; Cook and co remind me of the coyote in the famous Roadrunner cartoons that always gets caught in his own traps! I do think that Apple have already started to regret forcing 64-bit on Android before it was ready. It was bad for Google and OEMs in the short run. It’s always going to be good for the consumer as the 32-bit handset prices should fall dramatically come summer when 64-bit floods the Android marketplace. This is why ASUS have gone all in with a decent 64-bit handset at a decent price point from the off with the ZenFone 2. Other OEMs have a number of budget 64-bit handsets to bring to the Android marketplace! But not all 64-bit chips are made equally! It looks as though Samsung and it 7420 Exynos chip could land them on top of throne when it comes to chip manufacturing. I know that that Apple is going to use Samsung again for more chips! And I would imagine that other Android OEMs will start using Samsung chips in the not too distant future. Samsung can start clawing back what it has lost in chips alone! Look at the loss that Qualcomm is anticipating because Samsung is using its own chipset on the Galaxy S6 and S Edge? Not taking anything away from Qualcomm they make great chips and I reckon Samsung will still use Qualcomm chips on smaller handsets and tablets.

Talking of “chips”! It looks as though Samsung will require accessory manufacturers to authenticate Galaxy S6 and S Edge accessories with a Samsung issued chip! I think this is about time! I think it is important for consumers to purchase accessories made specifically for Galaxy products knowing that they have been approved by Samsung. I am not talking about just cases... Yes, cases are important as some do not cater for the NFC capability on the Galaxy Note 4 for example. I think it is more important for battery extension accessories such as a power-stick or power-case. I believe an unapproved battery extension for my Galaxy S is what caused it to not function properly. As a result I never use anything that does not have the Samsung branding upon it.

It looks as though that there will be a number of decent accessories that consumers can trust with regards to Samsung products. The thought of a non-removable battery on a Samsung flagship does disturb me somewhat; I’ll be relieved to know that I can use a protective case that also houses a battery extension. Bring it with those authentication chips!

Ah, that’s another rumour doing the rounds regarding Samsung “copying Apple”. If this rumour turns out to be true then I can only imagine that this is a rebranding of Samsung Wallet and its ability to make payments with PayPal. This is no big deal! Samsung had the Wallet before Apple had Apple Pay. Nothing wrong with a bit of rebranding – if the rumour turns out to be true. I feel that I have to keep reminding people that iOS and Android are two different platforms. The main difference between Android and iOS is that it’s better... Lol! Seriously (even though it true), the main difference is that Android isn’t saddled with another computer operating system that is the equivalent of OS X (and to some extent Windows) and therefore Android can serve both OS X and Windows with applications that save in OS X and Windows compatible formats. So, this is the real reason why Apple is afraid of Samsung’s flagships! It is also a reason why Microsoft is desperately trying to garner interest in Windows, etc. Microsoft has bought a mobile phone manufacturer (Nokia) but there is very little desire for Windows phones. It’s no wonder that Microsoft has invested a reported 70 Million in Cyanogen – the start-up company that will most likely produce a forked version of Android at the end of the day. Again, look where that got Amazon and its Fire phone...

I have pointed out that there is no real challenger to the Samsung crown when it comes to its high-end premium flagships. Many of the Chinese OEMs have yet to reach the European and US markets. Because the UK lost mobile device retail outlet Phones 4U last year it has meant that some of the best alternatives to Samsung’s mid-high down to the budget end of the market have been denied to consumers. Phones 4U had the LG L budget range that was quite popular. If you lost your phone or broke it beyond repair or that it costs more than it’s worth then you’d pick up an LG L. However, I think that Motorola has put paid to the budget end of the market whereby the LG L range is dead in the water and even this seems like it could be for the short term as there will be a few budget 64-bit handsets that may prove to be more powerful than the Moto G 2014 for example. So far Motorola haven’t announced that they’ll be releasing a 64-bit equivalent of the Moto G 2015.

Above: Samsung's new lead designer, Lee Don-tae.

I do think that Samsung can also redefine the sub £200 handset market by either using lesser Qualcomm 64-bit processors or Samsung’s Exynos processors. In fact this is a good opportunity for Samsung to experiment with new designs in the form of plastic 64-bit handsets aimed at the budget market now that they have hired designer, Lee Don-tae who worked for Tangerine where Jony Ive worked before starting with Apple.

I don’t think Samsung is going to fade away anytime soon...

We’ll just have to wait and see what the actual Galaxy S6 and S Edge are about... It’s only the 10th of February! Only 18 more days to go! Lol!

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