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Synapse Circuit has great pleasure in bringing you yet another great synth, and it's FREE! 

SynthMaster One is an easy to use wavetable synthesizer with an intuitive workflow. Although it shares the same engine with its bigger brother SynthMaster, it comes with new features like wavetable synthesis. With its simple layout, rich wavetable/waveform content and inspiring factory presets library, designing new sounds with SynthMaster One is a real joy. Read on!
Sometimes great VST synthesizers can be offputting for novices, and even some semi-professionals. A lot of Electronic Computer Technology Musicians just want to install an awesome VSTi (and effects) and start composing straightaway! Well, you can do this with K331 Audio’s Synthmaster One.

Synthmaster One comes with many waveforms and wavetables, as a result you can create amazing patches! You can also add your own! Synthmaster One comes with the most amazing presets you will ever hear on a VSTi! Beautiful analogue sounding patches for all types of Electronic genres.

Me? Again, I am not what you would call an out and out expert in VST. However, I do like to get stuck in and alter the preset sounds to create my own unique take on them (the presets). I don’t understand people who would just use the presets as they are. Oh, well… Anyway, the Synthmaster One user interface is not only aesthetically pleasing but I find that it lends itself to tweaking the parameters. The interface is very inviting to those who, like me, just want to experiment and intuitively tweak the settings to create the desired sound. I am sort of old school in that when I used to have hardware synths I had to learn to program them pretty quickly to get the most out of them. I only had a few Kawai synths, and boy, did I program the heck out of them! I was so good at get the most out of these Kawai synths (K1 & K4) that people thought I was using more expensive synths! Synthmaster One takes me back to the days when I intuitively understood what I was doing when creating new synth patches!

FX Above: K331 Audio Synthmaster One working inside the MAGIX Music Maker 2017 Premium DAW flawlessly! It has some wonderful onboard effects, distortion, EQ, compression, chorus, delay, and reverb. These effects really go that extra mile in giving a patch a certain sweetness that just delights your ears!

I have to hand it to K331 Audio for creating this cost effective - more so because it is currently discounted in a Spring Sale!

As simple as the interface is, the seasoned professional sound designer would get mileage out of Synthmaster One and then some! I don’t meet Synth Master’s very often, but when I do it never ceases to amaze me what they can do in the name of synthesizing sounds! In fact, it was such a Synth Master who got me into Electronic music in the first place! All this Synth Master needed was a white lab coat!

I think he would have created divine sounding patches if he were around today!

Synthmaster One is a phenomenal VSTi for the money - the current sale makes it even more so! There is no excuse for boring formulaic Electronic music! Seriously, have you ever gone to a Trance, EDM, or Industrial event? As a former music journalist, I can tell you that attending these events were seldom fully enjoyable. There may have been one or two bands/artists on the billing worth listening to, the rest were terrible clones. I think some of these lacklustre artists/bands could up their game with Synthmaster One! I really mean that! I would love to hear what an Electronic band like Front 242 would do with Synthmaster One! Front 242, these guys are like what the Rolling Stones is to Rock music; they can give these young pretenders a run for the money any day of the week!

Anyway, enough bitching! I love Synthmaster One! It is a fantastic synth and it, along with some of the recent synths that I have reviewed of late, makes me want to start composing again!

If you are serious about producing music and/or sound design then you NEED Synthmaster One yesterday! Get it now while it is on sale!
This one is a no-brainer! The interface is on point! The range of sounds is plentiful! If you have a sound in your head Synthmaster One will synthesize it for you in all its glory!

Synthmaster One scores an astounding... Synapse Circuit Platinum!

You can purchase it here: K331 Audio Synthmaster One

Thank you for reading! Synapse Circuit / Blue Gene

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