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Synapse Circuit has great pleasure in bringing you yet another great synth, and it's FREE! 

Bounce is a 6 oscillators subtractive synthesizer… OK, whatever that means… Ha ha! But seriously… It is designed for EDM, House, Future House, Dance, Melbourne Bounce, Trance and Dubstep other styles of Electronic music. In other words, the preset sounds are geared towards the genres mentioned above. The truth is that you can tweak the oscillators and other parameters to create your own unique patches. Read on!
For the technically minded, look below. If you are not technically minded then look below!

6 oscillators (Four oscillators with 32 waveforms each and two oscillators are wavedraw
oscillators), inclusive Phase, FM and RM and XMod.
Sync option for the osc 1-4.
Multimode - Filter (LP,HP,BP).
Noise generator (White Noise).
4 Envelopes (One amp and three modulation envelopes (Pitch/Filter/FM).
2 tempo-synced LFOs.
Effects: Chorus, Equalizer, Decimator, Reverb, Fatner.
Portamento for gliding sounds.

Do not worry if, as a novice, that the above means little or nothing to you. It is more important to get in there have mess around. That’s how you learn! I created a patch by fooling around, saved it and recalled it.

Above: The saving and retrieval of a patch. Oh, when you save a patch (a synth sound) based on one of the presets, you can’t revert back to the original sound. In order to revert to the original sound you have to reload the Bounce. This is a minor irritation that doesn’t spoil the whole deal. Also, whatever you have named the new sound that you have created does not show up on the interface. Odd! So, that’s two minor irritants. SCORE
If not for the two minor irritations I would have liked to have given Bounce a possible Platinum. The interface looks good, the parameters can be easily modified to create new and compelling sounds, and it presented no problems in that it did not cause the MAGIX Music Maker DAW (digital audio workstation), used for the test, to crash. It is well programmed.

Bounce scores a super Synapse Circuit Gold!

You can download it here: Noizefield Bounce

Thank you for reading! Synapse Circuit / Blue Gene

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