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Reallusion CrazyTalk Animator 3 Pipeline Edition $259 (check prices online) Review!
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Those amazing guys at Reallusion never ceases to amaze, that’s why they are amazing! Every time I see a product preview/demonstration, I get blown away! To review Reallusion software is to be dumbfounded, excited and inspired.

Here’s the Synapse Circuit review of CrazyTalk Animator 3 (Pipeline Edition).

CrazyTalk Animator is a 2D animation software that has to be used to be believed! Think about the time it takes to create one episode of your favourite cartoon series. Well, within an incredible short space of time, you will be able to create your very own cartoons! If you are looking for a way to start realizing your cartoon animated ambition, look no further. If you happen to be an experienced artist/illustrator and want to create and animate your own creations, CrazyTalk Animator 3 Pipeline is definitely the software for you! It’s available for the PC and MAC platforms. I reviewed the PC version.  
You will be pinching yourself using this awe inspiring animation software.

Me? I have zero talent in creating animation but after doing the tutorial, I feel that I can be creative as there are usable templates that features characters and props. What’s more, is that I can animate just about anything using photos and scanned images.
I can create a vocal recording and the automatic lip sync makes light of characters appearing to talk in sync with the recorded audio speech. You can also use Text-To-Speech WAV files and CrazyTalk Script. The Facial Animation facility is just nuts! I have used previous incarnations of CrazyTalk and it is truly astounding how the software improves with each version; just when you thought it couldn’t get any better, it does! Reallusion makes creating 2D animation easy and painless!

I would recommend going for the Pipeline version as it packed with features and additional characters and pros. Plus you can download more via the Pipeline!

Bear in mind that I am not yet an illustrator, I am confident that given a bit of time, I will be able to create like the professionals. I mean, just look at how simple the Hello Kitty character is drawn and how iconic she is! I am currently learning to use Affinity Designer by Serif. Affinity Designer has replaced DrawPlus. So, if you have DrawPlus or Affinity Designer and you happen to be talented at illustration and character creation, then Reallusion CrazyTalk Animator 3 (Pipeline) and the aforementioned Serif illustration software is a marriage in Animation Heaven!

That said, if you happen to be Photoshop or equivalent based then you should be able to create brilliant animation with photos. You can create your own style! There is always room for more animation artistry.

CrazyTalk Animator 3 Pipeline edition is so very, very easy to use. If you are, like me, not very good at animation you can just drag and drop predefined animations in the Content Manager.

Reallusion CrazyTalk Animator 3  Pipeline Edition is the pinnacle of 2D animation software, no other animation software is as easy to use and is as cost effective.

There is a strong tutorial resource on the Reallusion website:

I strongly recommend that you do the tutorials as they are easy to follow, step by step instructions that will allow you to become familiar with the interface and how make the most of the software! You could be creating fantastic cartoon animation and become a YouTube content creator! WOW!

CrazyTalk Animator 3 is capable of professional results, outputs to HD and 4K. The beauty is that it is within reach of anyone who can find a use for it:-

Professional Animators TV/Film

Presentation Creation Designers

Educational Institutions & Animation/Media Teachers

YouTube Content Creators

If your project could do with some unique 2D animations then this is your one stop solution!

The PC I used is an 5 year old AMD quad core based, just imagine what can be done with a PC of today’s insane specifications! Just add a USB audio recording device and you have a studio in which you can have vocal actors voicing your characters!

This is why PCs are still relevant today. Sure, they aren’t selling as much because most households have access to Social Media and the Internet via their mobile devices. But if you want to do something creative on the PC such as real professional animation, Reallusion CrazyTalk Animator 3 is the way to go! I am looking to get an infinitely better PC soon! I have some ideas… Sssh!
Reallusion CrazyTalk Animator 3  Pipeline Edition scores an effortless Synapse Circuit Double Platinum! Get it now! You’ll hate me for about a week because I can guarantee that you will be pinching yourself. You will be pinching yourself at how wonderful the interface is to use and with the results!

Thank you for reading! Synapse Circuit/Blue Gene

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