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MAGIX MUSIC MAKER £FREE REVIEW #DAW #Music #MusicMaker #MagixMusicMaker #FreeMagixMusicMaker #FreeMusicMaker This review of the free version of Music Maker is going to whet your appetite for the review of the Premium version that’s coming soon! In the meantime… Read on!

In the Internet download for era, it is always a wonderful thing when you can download a legitimate software. MAGIX, feeling generous, has put out a free version of its brilliant Music Maker software and here’s the review…

As you might have imagined, the free version of Music Maker is heavily cut. There are only 8 tracks, 3 decent synthesizers, 425 sound and loops, and 8 effects. OK… It’s not so severe! The 2 demos sound great and it gives you more than an idea of what can be done with this minimal DAW.
What I would have loved was to see in this free version is the return of the BeatBox drum machine synth! The BeatBox drum machine is what is known as an “Object Synthesizer” which is no longer present in the latest commercial versions of Music Maker. It’s a little sad, at least for me, because I loved the BeatBox! The BeatBox interface made it very easy to put beats together and I could utilize samples in it! But I do understand why MAGIX have removed the “Object Synthesizers”. It’s time to move on! Still, there is nothing to stop MAGIX from updating the BeatBox drum machine into a more traditional synthesizer in the future. Some people would argue that there is no need for an updated BeatBox as the commercial versions feature the Drum Engine and that there is an instrument that can be bought separately called Urban Drums for £29.99. The BeatBox I have in mind is nuts! Maybe, when I get some free time, I will design the BeatBox upgrade! Anyway, that’s enough about BeatBoxes!

For beats, you can use the Vita synthesizer as well as add drum sample loops.

Above: From the interface you can access more loops!

I think that this free version of Music Maker is great for composer that uses samples. However, I can’t help but to wish that MAGIX had provided a couple of tracks for VST instruments and effects. Well, that’s the composer in me! As much as I can compose with samples I do like to use my VST synths!

However, in this day and age, many composers make use of a number of loop vendors online. It is so easy to purchase a sample collection in the prefered genre and utilize them in the 8 tracks!

The free Music Maker is for anyone who enjoys computer music composition.

It’s great for those who want to create background and theme music for their YouTube channel projects.

It’s ideal for multimedia producers.

It’s brilliant for ultra-creative composers who likes to push the envelope of what can be done in a minimal set-up!

It’s very welcoming for those who want to get into making music on the PC without taking a risk. I would imagine that these sort of users would want to purchase any one of the commercial versions offering more features.

If the latter is you, I recommend the Premium version. Review coming soon! If you like the free Music Maker interface then you will no doubt appreciate the Premium version!

The free version of MAGIX Music Maker scores a Synapse Circuit Gold!
Get music making right now!

Thank you for reading!

Synapse Circuit/Blue Gene

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