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EDIFICATION It looks like Edifier have given a sermon in the purity of audio delivery! Could the Edifier CineSound B3 Soundbar convert you from the more well-known speaker manufacturers? Read on! SAFE AND SOUND In the box you get your standard cables RCA, male/female jack and optical. Plus you get a remote control with 3 presets: Movie, News and 3D. Finally, the CineSound B3 Soundbar is Bluetooth 4.0 compatible and you get a wall mount bracket! Great!

I love the Bluetooth 4.0 aspect as today's gadget obsessed person has a myriad of Bluetooth compatible devices.

There's a 10-minute standby that powers down after inactivity.
I've got to say that I have become a fan of the Edifier speaker design aesthetic. The CineSound B3 is wonderfully minimal; a sleek black line that should complement any wall.
At the right end of the CineSound B3 is an array of physical buttons arranged in a triangular pattern for your convenience. Nice. It's simplistic.

The build quality is solid and does not feel cheap.

I think it's fair to say that Edifier has established itself as a major player in the loudspeaker industry. Over the years I've seen Edifier grow from a computer speaker company to Bluetooth - covering mainly mobile devices and now expanded to TV/Gaming with the CineSound range.

As a computer musician, I would love to see Edifier produce affordable studio monitors.

The sound quality is, as I've come to expect from Edifier, very pleasing. The CineSound B3 has a nice clean quality from the off! The frequencies are well balanced; it's an all-round good sound for general purposes. Music comes across very well and it makes me wonder what could have been if Edifier had a few music modes (in addition to the Movie, News and 3D presets). However, it's a small gripe; if you play music from your smartphone via Bluetooth you can use an equalizer to get the best results.

The 3 presets, Movie News and 3D, do not disappoint. If you've been using the speakers on your TV/PC you'll certainly notice the difference! You might feel an inclination to slap yourself for making do.

I did notice a bit of distortion at full blast but I can't imagine why anyone would want to use the maximum volume setting as the CineSound B3 is plenty loud! There's an input for a subwoofer which is always a good thing, but on its own the bass has a very good presence. The bass isn't muddy like on some soundbars, going back to listening to music, this is why the CineSound B3 makes for a good all-round speaker unit.

The mid and treble frequencies are nice and crisp, hi hats and breaking glass sound realistic.  
For the price, I think Edifier has done more than a good job here. As I've stated previously, the CineSound B3 delivers an all-round pleasing sound and presets are perfect in that they enabled me to movies, action movies that benefits from the 3D mode and the News mode levels out the frequencies to avoid distractions.

More expensive soundbars struggles to be this good straight out of the box. I was very happy with the sounds coming out of the CineSound B3.

It's pretty much a no brainer, if you're upgrading from the embedded speakers in the TV/PC monitor. If you're a dabbler in gaming the CineSound B3 is good enough.

I fancy myself as an audiophile and I'm satisfied with the CineSound B3 on a price to quality ratio. Yes, there are better soundbars out there but they​ don't come cheap!

If you've already decked out your living room with a huge TV and home theatre system then it could be that you're looking for a decent soundbar for TV in the bedroom, the CineSound B3 is it!
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