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Good early evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! Yes, I am working on some reviews... I’ve had to take a short break but I am happy to let you know that more reviews are on the way! Yay! What I am going to do is to blog some reviews and video some! Stay tuned! But in the meantime...

Yes, yes, yes!!!! Ha ha! I’ve finally done it at last! Yes, folks... ...I have managed to root my HTC Desire! If you read my interactive-PDF issue on rooting but I had trouble rooting my HTC Desire... I tried a bunch of techniques and was left dumbfounded... I guess in my frustration I overlooked one very, very obvious solution that could have solved my problem ages ago! It just goes to show you that I am just like you... I am not a bigwig Tech-Head-Know-It-All! I am just a person who loves technology and I try to make the most of it!

Rooting the HTC Desire has meant that I can make the most of this decent handset. Ok, I was a little shocked to learn that after a complete data wipe there was only 512MB of internal storage but the Cyanogenmod ROM that I am running leaves me with 150MB... Actually, I don’t know why I was shocked... I just thought I would be able to get a little bit more from removing all that HTC bloatware! Instead I have come to appreciate how HTC created some base social networking apps into their Sense UI! The official Facebook app today is about 17MB???? Are the Facebook app maker’s nuts???? So, I am looking for an alternative to the official Facebook app. Well, in fact I am thinking of leaving Facebook out all together in favour of G+... Facebook is rapidly going downhill... Anyway...

The good thing about rooting your handset is that you can apply some great apps that will extend the functionality of the handset a great deal. As old as the HTC Desire is it certainly gives many handsets a run for the money! Take the ZTE Blade 3 as an example of a handset that is supposed to perform better... does not. The HTC Desire loads up applications a lot faster!

I will link you to information on how you can root the Desire very easily and what apps to use... I’d like to mention this app, Link2SD.
This is a great app for extending the storage capacity of any rooted handset. Basically Link2SD allows you to use a portion (partition) of a microSD card to store applications thus bypassing the limited storage on a handset such as the HTC Desire.

Don’t worry if this seems daunting as I will link you to a step by step tutorial. You will not make the mistake of creating a partition beyond the microSD card capacity thus damaging it beyond repair like I did! Well, at least I haven’t been able to restore it... Lol! That’ll teach me to be silly not paying attention to logic! It’s a good thing that the microSD card is easily replaceable... ...a small price to pay for my carelessness.


To root the HTC Desire here’s what you need...


Follow the instructions carefully and you will be just fine!


This tutorial works with the HTC Desire too! You just make the actions you see in the video relevant to the Desire. You can't go wrong!


I recommend that you download and install the ADW Launcher. When you install the Cyanogenmod 7 custom ROM you’ll find that it comes with an earlier version. The new version will go a great distance to restore the HTC Sense user interface experience. Be aware that you have to download apps / widgets to incorporate into the ADW Launcher as you would any other Android skin to a get a specific look! Below is the Google Play Store link!


I also recommend the Link2SD app if you find yourself running out of space for your apps! Again, this app is mentioned in the guides on how to perform a root on your HTC Desire.

Well, that’s it!

Happy Rooting!

Take good care!

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Thank you for watching and reading!

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