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Do you feel ripped off by cable TV? Do you want to legally avoid paying for a TV license? How about nSCreen Deluxe from Honest Tech?

It’s a multimedia streaming box that can stream audio / visual files to a TV / monitor from a mobile, PC or tablet.

With the PC there is an option via the installation software to share what’s on the PC screen. Therefore you can be running BBC iPlayer, YouTube, 4OD and many other Internet video services. For example your laptop can act as a remote controller to the television set.

It would have been brilliant to have been able to mirror what’s on the mobile phone or tablet directly to a television! Never mind...


Everything you need comes in the box:

AV cable (for antiquated TVs)
HDMI cable
Installation software for the PC

Setting the nScreen box couldn’t be easier... Connect the AV or HDMI cable to a TV or monitor, connect the mains adapter, install the software on your PC or MAC and away you go!

Ok, it’s not quite that simple! Ha ha ha!

You have to download a software update.
You will also need a wireless or Ethernet connection to your broadband router.
Once the installation program is updated and you run the program for the first time you will get Wireless Connection Wizard. If you have set-up everything correctly you should see nScreen WiFi signal that you select.

Now you are ready to transmit from your computer to the TV / monitor screen.

You will also need to download the nScreen app to your mobile to play audio / video files to the TV / monitor.

nScreen is manufacturer independent. In other words it’ll work with a PC, MAC, Android, iOS, Samsung, Sony, etc. Other manufacturers are very specific with their technology; Apple wants you to buy Apple related products... Cable companies want to tie you into a contract and to be honest the cable channels are 70% repeat showings!

The quality of the picture isn’t as sharp as a dedicated cable box. But the picture is good enough! Again, it would be so useful to be able to mirror what’s on the mobile or tablet onto the TV / monitor.

On average you pay around £30 a month for a TIVO enabled cable box and most of the channels repeat more often than garlic bread! At the end of the year you have paid £360!

So, you are probably better off with the nScreen and a dual core computer that is capable of playing HD video and that ought to come in at around £299 and the nScreen Deluxe is £130. Giving a grand total of £429!

The nScreen solution will pay for itself within two years!

The price is right! The unit is so small that you can easily place it in a man-bag, handbag or even a jacket or coat pocket! Cool!


4 / 5

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