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CEX CHANGE: iPhone 6 and Plus.


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Do you know what to make of Apple these days? Me? I am not so sure... I know, I know... ...you as an Apple fanatic is thinking, ‘Let the Apple bashing begin...’ But I can honestly say that I don’t get Apple at all. Here are my latest thoughts on Apple...

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As someone who appreciates technology I can see that the latest iPhones aren’t as advanced as expected. As someone who appreciates design I can see that the iPhones aren’t exciting where design is concerned. Believe it or not I am always looking for a reason to buy into other competing technologies outside of Android and I’ve yet to see an iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows handset that make me say, “I must have this!” One of the Nokia Windows handsets almost had me there!

Yes, as an Apple fan I expect you to upgrade your iPhone despite the lack of advancement – barring the 64-bit processor – that is prevalent upon the Android platform. C’mon, whether you hate (and ‘hate’ is a strong word) Android and the various manufacturers you have to admit – at least to yourself – that Android handsets and tablets are better designed and the technology is constantly getting better what with 64-bit processors coming to Android devices this year notably the Google Nexus 9 tablet manufactured by HTC! Just looking at the high-end Android devices from Samsung, Motorola, LG, HTC, Huawei, etc you can see instantly that so much work as been put into the design of such great handsets:-

Galaxy Note 4
Nexus 6
Moto X 2014
Ascend Mate 2
One M8

In other words you don’t have a MAC computer and you want to own what is arguably the “best” easy to use smartphone in the world and you’ve opted for the iPhone 6 range. Upon closer inspection you notice some discrepancies that you can’t tolerate and that’s why you’ve gotten rid of it. Discrepancies such as the cheap feel of the build – it doesn’t look or feel “premium” and the problems that have come with iOS 8.

These are austere times and we can forget this fact upon the release of a new device. We quickly jump on the bandwagon and it quickly becomes apparent it’s a device one can do without, so it’s ‘Hello pawnshop’! And, of course, we sometimes purchase a device only to discover that it’s a disappointment.

 However, it is unprecedented that there are so many iPhone 6 and Plus models in the Computer Exchange stores in London. A few weeks ago I got a shock to see so many on display! Only days after the iPhone 6 models were available in the Apple stores many of them have ended up in these secondhand / pawn shops!

What’s going on? When I read and watch the reviews on the iPhone 6 models the reviewers seem less than satisfied with the overall experience. Reviewers all seem to be saying that the best improvement is the battery, camera and media consumption on the bigger screen. And when the iPhone 6 Plus is compared to the Galaxy Note 4 many reviewers foolishly state that the multi-screen functions is “difficult” compared to the simplicity of the way the iPhone works. Seriously! What was the point in such reviews? The Galaxy Note 4 is so very easy to operate that you must have had a lobotomy to not be able to figure it out! These so called reviewers mask out the negatives of the iPhone 6 models by creating problems that do not exist with the competition i.e. (the aforementioned) Galaxy Note 4. Sure, when it comes to the quality of the iPhone 6 camera it may still hold its own against the premium Android handsets but in some of the tests that I have seen the reviewer doesn’t appear to have used the camera functions / settings on the competing handsets beyond HDR. Again, the iPhone biased reviewers concentrate on the iPhone 6 and Plus cameras to mask the fact that the competing Android handsets have more to offer all-round! For example, the S Pen on the Galaxy Note 4 makes it one of the most versatile handsets on the planet! The Galaxy Note 4 goes beyond being “big”.

Just last week Apple announced the iPad Air 2, iPad mini 3 and the iMac with the 5K Retina display! I can understand why Apple felt the need to whack a whopping 5K on its new iMac because “Retina” had lost its value where the Android premium handsets and tablets are concerned; a 5K screen is one way to try and revive the Retina concept.

The notion of “Retina” on the iPad mini 3 seems like a waste of time as does the iPad Air 2 for the simple fact that the iPad has lost its commercial appeal; people aren’t in a hurry to replace their old iPad models because it’s not necessary. If it ain’t broke don’t fix it! The latest iPads doesn’t bring anything vital to the proceedings! This is one reason why the iPad market is in decline.

Other reasons for the iPad tanking is that it cannot compete with many ranges of Android tablets on the market today – some of which offers 4G LTE at such an affordable price! Some 7” Android 4G / 3G enabled tablets allows you to make and receive phone calls! Gosh!

And for the Apple fanatic, the iPhone 6 Plus will certainly eat into iPad sales! I would imagine that the money saved will go towards the iMac! It makes sense to me!

Then when you look at the overseas emerging markets i.e. Third World countries the iPad just isn’t cost effective and loses out to Chromebooks and cost effective Android tablets!

It remains to be seen if the iPad will find a new lease of life as a business accessory as some of the Android tablets have.

There you go!

That’s something to think about!


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