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Stand by your (rapist) man? 
Ched Evans girlfriend, Natasha Massey, maintains he is innocent. Let's see... Ched Evans rushes over to hotel room where his friend, Clayton McDonald, was sexually abusing a woman, under the influence of alcohol, in that same room. As soon as Evans entered the room he too abused the young woman. Yeah, that sounds pretty innocent to me - NOT!!!

Natasha Massey appears to be forced into a united front (no pun intended). Abuse?

Picture courtesy of The Mirror newspaper. 
Bad taste? Could the point have been gotten across without children dropping F-Bombs?


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As you know, the Internet has opened up a can of worms regarding antisocial behaviour. However, the precursor to the Internet – the Media i.e. newspapers, magazines, television, etc has always been manipulating the minds of those that consume them. The notion of ‘censorship’ has not only served to be divisive but used as a component part of marketing, “Risqué music video banned on national television! See it here at: Let’s sell some crap music with porn dot com!”

Let’s face it, the Media has been and still is racist (I may cover this subject in another article), sexist, religiously questionable and politically biased. The Internet is just an extension of that. Some of our behaviour online could be seen as a side effect to the Media.

Here I wish to address the following:-

Ched Evans the former English, Welsh footballer who has recently served some jail time for rape and is doing his best to resurrect his lucrative career. Then there’s broadcaster Michael Buerk's commentary on the subject matter and the general fallout.

Potty-Mouthed Princesses Drop F-Bombs for Feminism by


Let’s talk about the disgraced footballer, Ched Evans. He has recently released a video asking for a second chance and is unrepentant that what he did was rape. His video appeal can be seen here:


In 2012, the jury was told how the 19-year-old victim was so drunk after downing four double vodkas and a sambuca she has no recollection of having sex with Evans and boyhood pal Clayton McDonald.

She awoke the next day to find herself naked and alone in a Premier Inn hotel room.
The trial heard how McDonald met the waitress outside a takeaway as she attempted to get into a taxi.

McDonald got into the taxi with her and directed it to the hotel room - booked by Evans.
He sent a text message to his pal during the journey telling him he had "got a bird".
McDonald had sex with the victim, before Evans arrived a short time later and joined in, as two more friends tried to film the sordid affair through a window.
Both men insisted the teenager was able to consent but the jury did not believe Evans who was convicted of rape.

McDonald was acquitted.
On Friday, Evans is due to be released after serving half of his five year sentence.

More than a 100,000 have signed a petition calling on his former club Sheffield United not to resign the player.

To me the whole thing appears to be a set-up for the young woman to be raped. It is a wonder how Clayton McDonald did not get convicted of rape also. Obviously, I wasn’t there but what took place seemed to be the once acceptable method to having sex with someone: ply the individual(s) with enough alcohol to act as a sedative and then take advantage. That’s it. This is rape. No matter how you want to dress this up it is still rape!

Ched Evans didn’t waste any time to take advantage of the young woman’s plight having been set-up by his buddy, Clayton McDonald. The young woman was simply used as a form of “entertainment” as this sort of thing is rife and not just in the world of celebrity. This sort of thing can happen on certain holiday spots around the world! It can also happen in English pubs and clubs and no doubt around the world too! Again, sadly, plying individuals with alcohol for the purpose of taking advantage of them sexually is something that is widely accepted as the norm. So, when Ched Evans arrived at his hotel room he did not waste any time; two other individuals were filming it on their mobile phones! This is group rape! Everyone involved in this sordid affair should have served prison time! The fact that not everybody involved in this hideous sexual abuse was arrested shows me that not much has changed in the legal system regarding sexual assault. The fact that Ched Evans remains unrepentant tells me that he thinks that it is okay to join in sexual activity with his buddy, Clayton McDonald (or anyone else for the matter), abusing a woman who had consumed a questionable amount of alcohol to have exercised better judgement.

Even if the woman had not consumed any alcohol and was sexually abused in that manner it is still rape. Why? Because some people can get inebriated upon the destruction of common sense otherwise known as “celebrity”! People of all ages and sexes can make incredible poor decisions in the presence of “celebrity”. And these days, thanks to the advent of “reality TV”, just about anybody can become a celebrity nowadays which confounds the very notion of the phenomena.

Until Ched Evan’s learns that what he has done is actually rape he should not be allowed to go back to any sort of employment let alone as a professional footballer! He should be placed under house arrest and be made to wear a tag identifying him as a rapist whenever he steps out in the public domain.

His girlfriend sits in the video looking very, very uncomfortable as she ought to know better. And that’s the point: some women accept that subduing an individual with alcohol for the purpose of sexual exploitation is a normal thing. It shouldn’t be!

The UK broadcaster / commentator made a remark to suggest that it was the fault of the woman for being “ drunk that she could hardly stand...” Whether Buerk meant to place the emphasis on the young woman’s responsibility to look after herself or not, the fact that he put that thought out there will go some way to take the part of responsibility away from the men who can stoop so low to take advantage – rape – by the alcohol method.

 Above: Old enough to know better? Michael Buerk.

Another broadcaster / presenter, Judy Finnigan, had this to say on a daytime women’s magazine TV show, Loose Women: "The rape was not violent... He didn't cause any bodily harm to the person... It was unpleasant... She had far too much to drink..."

Above: Judy Finnigan.
Below: Chloe Madeley daughter of Judy Finnigan and Richard Madeley. I wonder how Judy would have expressed herself if it was her daughter.

She seemed to be saying that the young woman in question was fortunate to not have suffered from physical abuse that could have been the result of force and / or sadistic maliciousness. Yes, what happened to the young woman could have been a lot worse. I do not think that Finnigan was saying that rape was acceptable. However, by making the remark, “She had far too much to drink...” goes to decriminalising the rape. It’s as though she’s saying that there is an acceptable level of rape. Rape is NOT acceptable in any form. The men simply should not have raped her. A real man would have made sure that the woman got home safely and not use their celebrity and alcohol to rape her. It is disgusting and pathetic!

Without wishing to come across as ageist, the broadcasters Buerk and Finnigan are from an era where the alcohol technique to subdue – predominately women – for the purpose of sex was seen as normal! So much so that alcohol has become part of the romantic infrastructure, “A bottle of wine, oysters and strawberries for wonderful romantic evening...”

Many years ago I found myself at a party in my neighbourhood. I was enjoying myself, the music and mingling with new people. I was approached by a young woman who struck up a conversation with me and asked what I did for a living. I told her that I was a music journalist and without hesitation she looked me in the eye told me that she’s a musician / singer and “would do anything” if I had given her demo CD to a record company representative. She gave me her details but I did not take advantage of her offer to do “anything”. If I had taken advantage of her would that have been rape?

I say: YES! It would have been rape because I knew and know better. The young woman in question couldn’t have been any good as a singer / musician if she has to resort to such methods to “make it”. Even if I had given her CD to record label executives they probably would have passed her round like a bucket of fried chicken. I will not be complicit in the abuse of a delusional woman... ...or any woman or anyone for that matter!

As a onetime professional footballer being paid to control a ball, Ched Evans and friends should have controlled their balls and direct the young woman to the safety of her home. The men involved are rapists as far as I am concerned!

About these potty-mouthed Princesses...

First of all I found the message in the video to be very powerful but the method of delivery to be questionable. Why? I am glad you asked!

Whether or not you believe the origins of the word “fuck” came from the acronym, Fornicate Under the Command of the King or not the point is that we know what that word means and therefore I don’t think children should be uttering this word and its derivatives for what should be obvious reasons.

It’s a sexist, racist and other questionable ideologies world that we are living in and we keep these ideas going by speaking through our genitalia. At the rate we’re going we might as well replace the words ‘man’ and ‘woman’ and derivates with ‘penis’ and ‘vagina’.

“Excuse me, young (middle aged or old) vagina... Would you like to take my seat?”

“Wow, you have big muscles young penis! Strength is good but when I criticise your work you behave as though I have kicked you in the testicles...”

Do you see how ridiculous relating to each other like that can be? But this is practically what we do every day! It’s even worse when we denigrate each other with verbal abuse describing genitalia. It’s as though we hate each other for being what we obviously are. In that respect some porn is gentler upon society than we are relating to each other in everyday life. Religious attitudes towards women and men and our function in society are very much like hardcore pornography! Where do we get off on stoning women to death? Where do we get off abusing children and using the power of male networking to get away with it? I agree: vaginas and penises should get equal pay! Ironically, the male porn performer earns less than a woman performer. As a world society / community we have some serious mental issues and I am not too sure if potty-mouthed Princesses are going to make things better.

I think we need to take a serious look at the language we use and how it can denigrate us all. I don’t think we should be using children in this manner to make us aware that our language, which seems to be a derivative of religious ideology, has and continues to strip us away from humanity. Just look at the foolishness we do and continue to do to each other by uttering foolish words.

It feeds into the previous topic of idea that rape is acceptable through the partaking of alcohol on the female part. That the sword of the male, under the influence of alcohol (or not), sexually aroused, must pierce the flesh before it can be sheathed is pure and utter foolishness! This reminds me in part that some languages have male, feminine and neutral counter-parts. Counter and parts... Such nonsense must be eradicated. Is it any wonder that these mentally derelict individuals can troll women on Twitter, etc with the most obnoxious abuse? Humanity must speak a global language that relates to us as human beings. What is said in the North must be as spoken in the East, South and West as far as context goes. We are fooling ourselves to think that culture based upon inequality is art that can be afforded by the wealthy. The world is self-harming and the wounds are considered to be a work of art. We are insane!

Here’s the potty-mouthed children video for you to make up your own mind – if you haven’t seen it already!


Things to think about...


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