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Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! How’s it going? I hope you are well and making the most of your beautiful tech! It is such a wonderful day out for October! The Sun has blessed London with its presence and my fan is on the highest setting! Gosh, golly, gee!

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That’s right! I am on about the bravery of some of you! Yeah! Ha ha! We wanted the future yesterday: jetpacks that allow us to fly to our destinations; hover-boards ‘n’ cars; Androids and what not! But when we do get it we become self-conscious! All of a sudden some of us become fashion conscious as though us “Geeks” know anything about fashion – any comic convention will attest that many of us have no idea about the subject. I think it is a good thing! We wear what we like!

But it seems that many of us become self-conscious when it comes to Google Glass!

Nah! £1k? Cost prohibitive? Uh-uh! We know what we’re like: when we see something we want we will go for it! Our needs, wants and desires (same thing?) are like magic in that when we put our minds it the very thing we want will manifest.

Google Glass looks very much like the gear as worn by the Universal Soldiers and I wish that Google would bite the bullet and make Google Glass look like Sci-Fi to those who do not give a toss about how we look wearing something from out of the future!

Sure, it would be a bonus should Google Glass cost half as much as it does as I would imagine that the cost to manufacture is considerably less. Some of us like to jump onboard straightaway and some of us like to wait until the latest and greatest next thing has undergone some refinement.

Yes, I think so! I think Google as a whole is misunderstood by many people including those who allude to the ancient arcane practice of religion. Such folk can be seen with their pitchforks venting on YouTube - of all platforms to use – against the anti-Christian Transhumanist nature of Google.

When people walk around wearing Google Glass others seem to break out into self-importance... “He’s spying on me!” “He’s taking pictures of me!” All of a sudden some of us enter a realm of paranoid fantasy! Nobody cares about you apart from you your friends and families. Google Glass wearers will not change that fact! If you are wanted and / or feel you are being watched because you are involved in something dodgy then I am sure that any Intelligence Agency will NOT be using Google Glass to gather information on you! There are better ways for Intelligence Agencies to monitor your illegal activities!

Google’s second motto should be, “Don’t be so paranoid.”

Then there’s the nonsense about the fear of Glass wearers recording movies illegally! C’mon, what movie is really worth recording illegally? Well, mind you as a movie lover I am bored of the reboots and bored of a majority of my vast collection of DVDs and Bluray! I would imagine that if one can afford a pair of Google Glass then what is the likelihood of that individual feeling a need to make money from the illegal gains from pirating? A career criminal? Again, there are better ways of recording a movie illegally! Camcorders are so small these days that it is so easy to carry one in the pocket and start filming! Besides, who would walk into a cinema wearing Google Glass knowing that the staff would be paranoid about illegal filming?

Anywhere you go whereby there is a performance and you’ve got Google Glass on your head people will be paranoid! Have you ever walked by Spearmint Rhino? Have you seen the size of the doormen? Would you try to walk in there with Google Glass on your head? I don’t think so! Would you go in there and ask permission if one of the dancers wouldn’t mind being filmed? A souvenir is a souvenir!

People wearing Google Glass aren’t stupid – I assume! I certainly won’t be trying to record people surreptitiously – especially as I have little or no interest in strangers whatsoever!


Why not? If it makes some people less conscious that they have a piece of technology on their faces then it’s a good thing. Technology is supposed to be transparent! Many of us don’t even think about how we interface with our smartphones we just do! If it helps designers get in on the technology train I think it’s great – it will certainly do Google some good!

Me? I would like to see Google doing some designs of its own and I think the bare Glass Explorer Edition looks great! I would love a wraparound frame not too dissimilar to Cyclops of the X-Men fame or something like the Universal Solider; I like the idea of those designs as I envisage that it’ll make it harder for some ignoramus to snatch it off my face!

Roll on Google Glass!

Like most advanced technology impacts on society I think Google Glass will eventually become mainstream – especially when it hits a satisfactory price for the masses! I think it has great potential! Had Apple come up with this marvellous invention the likes of Stephen Fry and the biased media would be all over it! It’s the truth! When we get given wonderful gifts we should embrace it!

That’s something to think about!


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