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 Android L 5: Finally supporting 64-bits!

Android One: The sub $100 handset to enter world markets!

Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers. What’s happening tonight? What are you up to? Well, I can see that a lot of you have read my latest articles including the latest one on Apple!

Here’s the lowdown on Google...

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You know what I am on about... Should Google be scared of the imminent iPhone 6 launch whereby it is said that Apple have been said to have manufactured something like 150-odd million iPhone 6 units ready to engulf the competition... Oooh! Be afraid. Be very afraid...

Hmmmm... Gone are the days where iPhone fans sleep out on the streets in line to the Apple store to be the very first of a batch of very special people to hold the iconic smartphone. I saw people walk up to the iPhone 5 and walk away again in the stores upon the first day of release. Gone are the days where the iPhone is the dominant handset on the streets! Today paints a different picture of London’s hip inhabitants brandishing their sense of fashion regarding their choice of handset or handsets as so many people have a secondary phone! And from what I can see in my weird and wonderful neighbourhood the iPhone is outnumbered by around 10 to 1 by an array of Samsung handsets that includes the Galaxy S4, S5 and Note 3. Then it’s HTC One M7 and M8 followed by Sony and LG handsets. Oh, the other day I saw a rare Acer Liquid S2 and it looked great! Whoa! I went off on a little tangent there... The question is: Can the iPhone 6 recapture the smartphone market? The short answer is probably not... And now for the long answer...


The current buzz in the world of smartphones is Android L, version 5! When Apple announced the forthcoming iOS 8 what must have struck even the most ardent of iPhone fans can see that iOS 8 has taken so much from Android – especially the interactive notifications! Therefore I would imagine that many iPhone fans are secretly curious about the originator of mobile operating system innovation, Android! I know I would be! Just as I am curious about the iPhone 6, Samsung’s Tizen and Microsoft’s Windows phones – any development in mobile device technology! As a result of this perceived curiosity I reckon that many iPhone users will hold off on the iPhone 6 until they see what else is on offer! Yes, I do not deny that I am an Android fan as I have worked out that it is the best operating system for my needs and if you think differently I won’t begrudge you for it! Lol! I am happy. You’re happy! End of! But as an Android fan I have to say that I am very, very interested in what I think is the biggest and most important release of Android – version 5 codenamed “L”.

Check out my coverage of this year’s Google i / O to find out in depth why I and millions of others are excited about Android 5:-

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In a nutshell Android 5 – the preview – looks simply amazing and it looks as though it is going to blast other mobile operating systems out of the water for shear innovation. This “Material” development looks like magic! I for one can’t wait to have Android 5 on my devices!


If you know anything about Google then you will know that with each major release of Android comes a new device in the form of a Nexus handset. Nexus is the only way to enjoy Android in its pure form. Android 5 could possibly present a problem for manufacturers that uses a user interface (UI) overlay to effectively cover Android that is unique to each manufacturer i.e. Samsung uses ‘TouchWiz’ and HTC uses ‘Sense’ and so on.

Android 5 will be a milestone when released and one can be said that it its coming of age. Android 5 could very well be the point at which Google will lay down rules regarding manufacturers using their own custom UI on top! Will these manufacturers comply? I would imagine that the top Android handset manufacturers will see the UIs as a means of identification and therefore there is bound to be some friction with a few manufacturers... Yes, I have Samsung in mind! Lol! But if Samsung and other manufacturers were to use Android 5 without using a UI overlay it could result in more sales as many, many people do not like TouchWiz or any other UI. I don’t like HTC Sense as a personal choice. The main point of focus should be Android and with version 5 it should come as a gift to manufacturers. If I am correct, Huawei have used the official Google Now launcher on their latest handsets and I presume that this is to usher in the pure Android experience when it is released this Fall. Perhaps Huawei have inspired other manufacturers to drop custom UIs to preserve the integrity of what will no doubt be the most advanced and greatest operating system in the world. I guess it helps that Android has the world share of the market! Manufacturers should be thinking the following:-

1. Creating a launcher that users can either download or purchase on Google Play; a “launcher” is an alternative user interface to customise the Android interface. So, if you don’t like the current interface on your handsets just go to the Google Play Store and type in “launcher”. Take your pick!

2. Custom widgets to add more functionality to Android.

3. Developing applications for the office; school / education; video editing; music composition and so on. I reckon manufacturers can make a fortune by selling quality apps that you will find on iOS devices. I know that I would purchase good apps that allow me to be productive!

Let’s not forget that Android L is compatible with 64-bit processors and this should start a new era of applications that will resemble programs on the PC or MAC. This also means that there will be a new era of handsets...

The Nexus 6! Already there is rumour that the Nexus 6 handset will be a 6 inch manufactured by Lenovo / Motorola and feature a 64-bit processor! Gosh! Again, 6 inches will not be considered to be a “phablet” by today’s standards and what better way to show off Android 5 than on a big screen? We could be seeing a Nexus 6 handset in October at the earliest to coincide with the release of Android 5!

There are also rumours about the next Nexus tablet that is said to be 8 inches and manufactured by HTC. Other rumours say that it will be made by Asus again! Either way I don’t mind as HTC and Asus make great products! And yes, there is rumour that the new Nexus tablet will feature a 64-bit processor. Now does this mean that Google will stop making a 7 inch tablet? Is this the end of the line for the Nexus 7 tablet? Could the Nexus 7 become a “phablet” in the not so distant future? The market indicates that this is what the “phablet” has evolved into. Me? I am all for it! It is so enjoyable to be able to be productive on the move on a big screen. The amount of articles I have started whilst on public transport; the music I have been composing and the poetry that I write on my Galaxy Note 2 is a dream for my busy and creative mind. My Galaxy S4 just looks small now in comparison.

I wonder if the new Nexus tablets will feature 4G by default and thus doing away with the need for a Wi-Fi version. It makes sense to me! The cost of adding 4G is really very small that it is not worth creating a Wi-Fi only model.


Phonebloks or Project Ara is yet another exciting development to come from Google. It is said that a working Phonebloks modular handset should be with us by December. It has great implications where customization is concerned but how will Phonebloks affect other Android manufacturers? Will people stop purchasing / taking out contracts on premium handsets? There again I would imagine that manufacturers would be creating the kind of Sci-Fi looking handsets through the mastery of the flexible screen and being able to print circuit on paper thin materials that would allow for foldable handsets and tablets.

In the meantime I would love to have a Phonebloks handset when it is fully realized! I wonder if it will be possible to create an Android kit in a similar fashion to the Raspberry kits whereby folk can learn how to program and perhaps create apps too! With Google anything is possible!

I do enjoy making predictions because I am often wrong or proved right in the long term! Lol! But it is fun to make predictions...

The Apple biased tech-media have it that Google Android has peaked and thus this notion paves the way for the iPhone. Now if Android has peaked with handsets featuring 5 inch and above 4K screens then how do they think the iPhone 6 will go down? Surely if Android has peaked then this could mean that the iPhone could effectively be finished too! But the truth is that Android handsets have peaked by the way of design with the exception of the LG G3 and that a new era of design is about to kick in – it already has! The first wave of this new era has seen the “phablet” stretch to 6.5 inches to 7. We’ve seen the 7 inch Android Galaxy Q launched in China!

Designs accommodating the flexible screen are coming! But in the meantime what will happen is that what was once considered as high-end such as the Galaxy S4 will be sold for around £150! The low-end handset will retail at around £30! We will see these low-end handsets coming from China and will be made from surplus quad-core CPUs when the 64-bit CPU comes into effect. I will give it a year or a little under.

Although Apple got the jump on the 64-bit processor it is unable to compete at the mid to low end of the Android handset market. And these low-end handsets will be very powerful and capable. I would imagine that Apple will continue with this “premium” idea of what a iPhone should be and that will continue to hammer the nails of its coffin lid tightly shut!


Apple made the mistake of entering pointless and continual litigations that effectively cost its reputation. Now that is ONE MASSIVE PR FUMBLE!!!! The constant litigations sent a message to the consumer that the competitors are better; why else would they try to get competitive products off the shelves (so to speak)?

When you’re busy initiating litigations all over the world you are not taking care of business at home! Apple should have been making inroads to make its loyal followers understand that it is in their best interests to be able to choose mobile devices of differing screen sizes and to forego this idea of “premium” materials that have proven to be delicate. My nephew’s iPhone 5S looks like it has been in a warzone in comparison to my Galaxy S2 that looks pretty much like it did when I first got it! Because Tim Cook was haunted by the ghost of Jobs he kept pursuing this idea that iOS is so different from Android when with each iOS update it took on Android attributes; a lot of people can see through that.

The way forward for the iPhone is to allow it to integrate with Google and Microsoft mobile devices and to bury or cremate this “us against them” attitude with Jobs. Technology should bring us together instead of dividing us.

That’s something to think about!

I don’t think Google are going to lose much sleep over the iPhone 6. Google has its objectives to meet for this and the foreseeable years to come! I haven’t even touched about Android Wearable; TV and Auto. Writing a good article on Google is hard work because they have so many irons in the fire! What will happen to the driverless cars? What are they going to do with all that robot technology they have purchased? What’s the future of Project Glass? Is there a Project Glass 2 in the pipeline? Will it cost considerably less? In a way the Android handset and tablet battle – if there was one – has already conquered a vast majority of the world. I reckon Google are currently thinking beyond handsets and tablets. The day is fast approaching when you will be able to pick up a quad-core pre-64bit CPU for £30! Already we can pick up a 7 inch 3G enabled tablet from Archos for £80! Come Christmas ’14, handsets and 3G / 4G enabled tablets will be sold very, very inexpensively that Apple and possibly Microsoft will be sitting it out in the cold. This will not be the fault of Google why these other tech giants aren’t competitive. No! It will be the result of pointless litigation over innovation. Manufacturers have to give consumers what they want. If a manufacturer wants to stick its head in the sand and say, “We are the epitome of premium prestige...” then good luck! When the innovation of a retail outlet is placed above the products within you know something is wrong.

Roll on Google! Show me what you’ve got!

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