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Above: Is this the iPhone 6L?
APPLE TALK 4: 9/9/14
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I tell you... Some of the Apple iPhone crowd can be hard-to-the-core when they think they are under attack! Synapse Circuit isn’t interested in upsetting people whether they love Android, iOS, Windows or any other mobile and standard operating system! Synapse Circuit just brings about awareness where the consumer is concerned!

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It could very well be that you are one of the few planning to upgrade to either the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6L. However, the iPhone 6 PR engine seems to have stalled as the media at large tries to hype the forthcoming sixth incarnation of this seemingly waning device. Popular newspapers on Facebook asks, “Will you be cuing up for an iPhone 6?” and the responses are less than favourable.

Personally, I think the days when people cue up for the iPhone is over – at least where the UK is concerned! Dare I say that in the USA the hysteria for the iPhone still persists? But here in the UK and, I imagine the rest of Europe, the phenomenon that is the iPhone has become hackneyed. I know, I know: You iPhone fans are in love with it and will not be told that the iPhone has fallen behind in terms of design (no matter how many semi-documentaries Jony Ives makes on the subject) and operating system – contrary to what Cook keeps saying about iOS being the “best OpSys in the world...” As with competing technologies there are some attributes to weigh up! Weigh ‘em up to your heart’s content! 

Above: The ASUS ZenFone 6. £249.99 buys you 2GB RAM, 16GB internal storage, 13MP camera, 2GHz quad-core Intel CPU, 6" screen, microSD slot up to 64GB and DC-HSPA+. No 4G! Still, DC-HSPA+ speeds are pretty good.
You gotta wonder, iPhone fan or not, if Apple have left it too late to make changes to the iPhone. We know that this late change of heart is coming from the ever evolving smartphone marketplace. I also think that Apple – as does its followers – underestimate Android. Many iPhone users have the idea that their handset is not only premium but has “premium features” that put it ahead of Android but they are so wrong. I’ve pointed out that most Android handsets starting from £130 upwards can do just about anything that the iPhone can do! Sure, it may be a different story on the iPad as the quality of apps still has a bit of an edge over Android. But as handsets goes the iPhone is leagues behind the high to premium Android handsets.

What’s more is that I have pointed out that a handset such as the Motorola Moto G 4G (UK) stands up pretty well to the iPhone and it costs a lot less – something in the region of £150! Then you have the Sony M2 handset that costs a mere £199.99! Of course there are compromises to make the aforementioned handsets so cost effective but the average person wouldn’t know or care as they are supported by the Android Play platform. Play is what is most important over the different versions of the Android operating systems and it has been installed on 98% of handsets. Again, this idea of “fragmentation” in Android has been greatly overplayed and misunderstood! 

With the sea of great Android handsets and 3G / 4G enabled tablets will iPhone 6 & 6L drown? The one thing I have noticed is that Apple will not say anything definite on the iPhone 5C; was it as success? Did it cannibalize the 5S in part? Did it cause a bit of market confusion in the section of the public that do not care about Apple product launches?

“The 5C is just way too expensive for what was sold as a 'budget' iPhone. At the time of its launch I was in the market to upgrade my iPhone 4. The price of the 5C was very disappointing and so I opted for a Google Nexus 4 which worked out at £216 cheaper than a 5C ! Sadly for Apple, my eyes have been opened to the world of Android phones and I can honestly say that I will never buy another iPhone whilst the price of quality Android handsets consistently undercuts the inflated prices charged by Apple...”

The above text comes from a disgruntled iPhone user. Contrary to some iPhone fans I do not sit there rubbing my hands with glee when I see this sort of thing. Such views does give me the indication that my analysis is correct or in the right direction. The fact that this persons “eyes have been opened to the world of Android” solidifies my theory that many iPhone folk live in the iOS ecosystem in ignorance of what can be achieved with an Android handset.

I reckon that many iPhone fans were disappointed with the 5C as they expected a budget handset not too dissimilar to what can be had on the Android platform.

My educated guess says that the 5C was a bit of a flop but Apple is keeping schtum on its figures.

It’s not all doom and gloom for the iPhone platform as it gets the iOS 8 that owes a lot to Android and that’s not a bad thing in that it’s inevitable that competing technologies will do a Jeet Kune Do, “Take what’s useful and discard what is not...” That’s progress for you! And no, I am not, as an Android user, angry that iOS 8 is getting a bit of an Android injection! I think it’s great that iPhone users will be able to swap out the default keyboard if they so wished. The use of interactive notifications is another great thing! I think the iOS in general isn’t bad at all but, as you know, I still prefer Android over it. Once again, I do not hold anything against iPhone users because of my preferences! It’s all good! And no, it’s not “propaganda” that I draw up some comparisons between the iPhone and mid-range Android handsets such as the aforementioned Moto G 4G and the Xperia M2 – it’s valid! At some point I ought to do a comparison with a superphone but it seems pointless as new handsets are on the way – one of which is the much talked about Galaxy Note 4! Getting back on point...

I think iOS 8 may keep the iPhone going a while yet. The one thing that I appreciate about iOS is that it is smooth and reacts pretty much instantaneously! Let’s hope that the upgrade goes smoothly this time!

How will Android, 5: “L” Lemon Meringue Pie compare I wonder... We’ll see... Watch this space!

Of course, an iPhone / iOS article is not the same without mentioning Apple’s rival, Samsung. Recently we’ve seen both sides being denied in the continual Tech War. Samsung’s request has been denied to render a couple of Apple’s patents to do with phone interactions invalid. And Apple has been denied the removal of Samsung products off the shelves (so to speak). Stalemate? Well, from where I am sitting I am still of the opinion that Apple have lost despite some court “victories” and let’s not forget that President Obama vetoed a Samsung victory which would have seen the removal of Apple products. That’s the equivalent of bringing your mom to school to fight your battles. It’s funny how Obama can have the power to veto a move to take Apple products of the shelves but can’t do a thing about the police killing unarmed Afro-Americans. But, hey! Let’s not get political.

In the PR stakes Samsung have proved to be very, very formidable and effective. You can’t deny that Samsung have effectively exploited the notion that iPhone users are “sheeple” to comedic effect. And that “the next big thing is already here" that exploited iPhone fanatics queuing up for the latest incarnation... The Samsung vs. Apple product ads have been quite effective so, what went wrong for Samsung of late?

My continual evaluation and revaluation has it that Samsung has suffered from Design Fatigue that essentially started with the Galaxy S4. The Galaxy S4 is a great handset and a refinement from the GS3 but we didn’t see anything outstanding in terms of design. As I missed out on the GS3 the GS4 was quite new to me but as a follower of smartphone design I felt a little disappointed with the look of the GS4 but I loved the Air Gestures and camera! The GS4 looked like a refinement of the Galaxy Note 2 and when you put the two handsets together the GS4 looks like a Galaxy Note 2 mini only the cameras are different with the GS4 sporting a 16MP camera and the Note 2, 13MP and not forgetting the S Pen. Then when the Galaxy S5 came out I saw it as yet another refinement of the Galaxy Note 3 design; refining designs is not enough to differentiate the Galaxy S from the Galaxy Note despite their respective dimensions. As a result the Galaxy Note looks like the more advanced handset and this has appealed to former iPhone users who are looking for a true premium experience as a device for business and creatives. Even the Galaxy S owners may have skipped the GS5 to wait for the Galaxy Note 4 as its form has evolved into a sleek device that has blasted away its original function as a “phablet”. The Galaxy Note 3 is just an amazing example of design and engineering to get a handset of that size 5.7” to fit comfortably in the hand. This is why I maintain that the 7” 3G / 4G enabled tablet is the new phablet.

Again, Samsung could do with a design shake up as the Galaxy Alpha looks not unlike any of the Galaxy range!

Many former iPhone users have jumped ship to the Galaxy Note 3 and I suspect that this will happen again. I haven’t paid too much attention to the “leaked” spec of the Note 4 but I know that I want one already!

A number of iPhone users have said that the 5.5” 6L version is the wrong direction for Apple to go in. Why would they say that? I would have thought that a big screen is what iPhone user would like! Hmmmm... I guess that some people prefer the hand and thumb factor with the iPhone 4S / 5S. But the 4.7” version is good, right? Big is better, right? Stop those naughty thoughts, you! Lol! I guess not everyone loves those beautiful big screens like I do! Me? I find it hard to believe! But yes, there are so many out there who prefer the small form factor where their handset is concerned and therefore there should be a good uptake of the 4.7”. As for the 5.5” version it remains to be seen; there could be a niche market for it! Is a niche market enough for Apple? Hmmmm... I think Apple needs to win big with both versions of the iPhone. 150 million is still a sizable chunk of the market but in reality it would be ideal for everyone on the planet to own an iPhone!

I am of the opinion that no matter if it’s the 4.7” or 5.5” Apple has done itself no favours with creating a divide: Us and "those other guys..." I reckon if Apple played nicely consumers would feel that it’s cool (for want of a better expression) to have both an iPhone and an Android one. Many people who love technology do! But there are some who despise Apple for being poor sports. Wouldn’t it have been great if Apple sold a $1 billion worth of phones instead of litigating it out of Samsung and getting the president involved? I reckon if Apple dropped the litigation in the US as they have internationally they’d win a lot of people over! If I were Tim Cook I’d tell Samsung sorry for being a bad sport and to forget the $1 billion. Hey, we live in a world of seemingly endless conflict and we could do with harmony in some aspect of our lives and why not start with technology? Yes, we live in an ideal world!

In the meantime I am looking forward to what Apple will reveal on the 9 September, 2014! And I can only hope we don’t witness the usual smoke and mirrors job that they normally do! I am very curious about their iWatch!

That’s something to think about!

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