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Above: Countdown to Google i/O 2014 
Above: Pichai planning world domination...
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Good early morning, Synapse Circuit Readers. It is great to see you as always! I hope you are well and happy!

I’ve been thinking a lot about the Google i/O 2014... Here are my thoughts – before they become illegal.



There was no mention of Google Glass – at least I didn’t hear anything. Did you? Have Google given up on this potentially groundbreaking project? Somehow I don’t think so. Yes, there has been a lot of negative press and that is largely because that is the very nature of the press: Creating controversy because it sells.

No doubt that Google will have to do more to win the media over. But we know that Glass has gotten an upgrade to 2GB and the 1GB version has gone on sale in the UK Play Store for £1000! That it has gone on sale in the UK shows me that Glass is still happening! I would imagine that Google are busy working on selling the idea based on quality apps that we never knew we wanted. So, do not count Glass out! I am quite sure that Google are tweaking it to perfection.

I have noticed that other manufacturers that are working on their own version of Glass are just waiting for Google to break through – they seemed to have gotten cold feet. Like Apple the other manufacturers are waiting for Google to create that market!



With Vic Gundotra out of the picture what’s going to happen with G+? We never heard anything about G+ at this year’s conference.

Rumour has it that G+ will become something of a gateway that links up Google services. I think that would be a shame. I think there is a lot of potential in G+ and I see it as being integrated into Google Glass like a Social Networking Operating System (you read it here from Synapse Circuit); I think G+ can do with an overhaul that makes use of the Material Design Paper concept.

I would hate to see G+ being shot down in flames but I get the impression that if something doesn’t take off immediately with Google they terminate with extreme prejudice! Some things take time! What I find missing from G+ is real social interaction that can be found on Facebook and old school MySpace before the redecoration. MySpace’s refurbishment is a lesson on how NOT to do it. Facebook is okay considering that it is being run awfully. Because Facebook was initially people oriented it suckered many of us in and then it revealed its true face (no pun intended). Google + was like that too but it showed its face quite early in the game... By showing its “true face” I mean that people could no longer use names that they prefer to go by and that it wanted to extract more about you too fast. That’s a faux pas! It’s the equivalent of asking someone you’ve just met to perform a sexual act on you: bold but incredibly stupid! G+ is the goofy looking Poindexter kid that is introduced to a new class and has the uncanny knack to alienate his or herself with social awkwardness. I haven’t bonded with people on G+ like I have on Facebook. G+ suffers a lot from angry Pointdexter’s that keep screaming “spam” at every opportunity. It is freaking annoying! G+ needs to relax a little and open up. G+ needs an overhaul that is inviting to all. Android as an operating system and handset is a great paradigm that has a solution for everyone!

Well, I find G+ to be better than Twitter!



I sincerely hope that Google CEO, Larry Page is getting better but I missed his presence at this year’s conference. His speech still rings in my ears regarding the notion of Tech bringing humanity together as opposed to all this Apple vs. Google vs. Oracle vs. Microsoft nonsense! I happen to think that it is sad that Tech is viewed as a corporate commodity to be torn apart between them. An image of a live chicken just came to mind whereby Apple, Microsoft and others are ripping it to shreds and not making use of the great potential presented. It’s a great big shame. I reckon that Google would like to use technology to enhance our lives and that involves us trusting that their intentions are good... What was their motto, “Don’t be evil”? Is that still their motto? Peace protestors managed to cause a little disruption due to Google “obliging the military contracts” that come with one of the robotic companies they’ve bought. Me too! I do not like the idea of Google getting mixed up in military projects that could potentially result in more deaths. This scenario reads like a Sci-Fi movie – I guess RoboCop reboot is the most appropriate analogy as the scientist, played by Gary Oldman, didn’t want his research and discoveries to be used by the military.

Google needs good PR behind it but not to deliver bullsquirt in the manner that Apple does. There are people out there who really believe that Google, Apple, Microsoft, etc are part of this “New World Order” and they make their presence known each day via the Internet with, ironically, the aid of YouTube and physically in protest. It wouldn’t surprise me if Tim Cook sent these protestors to cause some disruption! Ha! But seriously... ...after watching the Women in Tech at the Google conference I see hope... Hope that mankind is not going to destroy itself.



Yes, that’s right! I am talking about Android 5, Liquorice Allsorts, Lemon Meringue, Lemon Pie, Lemon Drops, Lollypop, Lime Cheesecake... That’s all the desserts I can think of beginning with the letter “L”.

The future of Android was the biggest news of this year’s conference! Quite right too! It seems like ages since we have something to dance about where Android is concerned. Don’t get me wrong, KitKat is awesome but now we know that Android is about to go supernova! The way it looks and the functionality is just mind blowing! We are witnessing great new Android devices by the likes of LG, Oppo and Samsung to name a few and the mind boggles as to where Android can go from version 5 onwards!

64-bit... Where can we go with 64-bit? Faster apps and games! Soon the PC will be a relic of the past! But if I understood the Android part of the conference correctly it should be possible to install Android on x86 PCs! I reckon all the major software players should be working on Android versions like Microsoft Office! But I think it may be too late for that now as Google Docs, Sheets and Slides can edit Office documents without having to convert. I can see better applications on the horizon for Android. I am really curious about the handsets to come around December this year... Will Samsung, LG and others release 64-bit devices? I know that Samsung have expressed a wish to go 64-bit and were waiting for Google... So, are Samsung (amongst others) ready? I reckon so! Like I said in the last article: there is a reason why Samsung and HTC have not yet released their “Prime” versions and it can be summed up in 64-bit!



Here’s what Apple says about iOS 7 “Details make the experience. These details make it brilliant.

iOS 7 set the bar for how an operating system should be....”

Bold as brass! Ha ha! You can’t blame them for trying. There is no doubt that iOS 7 is a decent operating system – it does what it does but albeit at the expense of the user. What do I mean by that? Okay... When iPhone users received the iOS 7 upgrade it caused problems for many what with their whole music collection being lost and loss of general data such as contacts. And while it borrows a lot from Android iOS 7 still wants to keep the user in the Apple bubble – especially when it comes to sharing! I’ve never read or listened to anyone from Apple claiming that Android’s sharing routine is “stolen” from iOS.

iOS still isn’t able to offer the user a split screen to have two apps open at the same time. This version does not allow third party keyboards but version 8 will. So, when Apple says “iOS 7 sets the bar...” I am truly at a loss to see how. Look at the beauty of Android in that if you do not like the UI overlay one can use another from great sources such as Nova, Buzz and so many others; with iOS 7 and probably 8 too there is no way to replace the UI for one that is more conducive to the user. Android goes far beyond widgets! I think a lot of iPhone users do not understand that Android caters for a myriad of screen sizes (resolutions)! I understand that Android’s screen diversity makes it hard for developers but I think that this is soon becoming a thing of the past due to better development tools such as Android Studio! I do think that Cook and co takes every opportunity to slate Android apps for handset and tablet but when I look at the state of the Play Store today I can see that Cook and co are dead wrong!

Then there is this idea of “fragmentation...” Fragmentation is not such a big deal as Cook makes out because, as I have said many, many times, when someone purchases a budget handset with an older version of Android he or she is none the wiser: it works! But as time goes on “fragmentation” will be irrelevant. The big elephant sitting in the Apple Corporation is... ...wait for it... is... Everybody, say it with me: CANNIBALIZATION!  

Because Apple is one corporation whenever it puts out a smaller or bigger version of its bestseller the sales will eat into that of the original device. Thus the market for the original device becomes cannibalized. This is what has happened to the iPhone 5S with the advent of 5C and with the iPad when the Mini was released. So, when Apple puts out two different sizes of iPhone, 4.7” and 5.5”, it will – I predict – result in the two devices amounting to equal the sale of the original device – if that makes any sense. For example, the 5C was a success at the expense of the 5S. And it is the same for the iPad Mini; it sells well but it means fewer sales for the iPad. I talk to Apple users and they mostly say that the iPad 2 was a waste of money because it has depreciated badly over time: it became slower and the battery isn’t what it was. To buy another one is an expense that is frivolous. Whereas the Android tablet comes in at a more reasonable price point and, yes, it is possible that Android tablets (and handsets) can depreciate over time but it is expected and it can be less costly to replace. In my own experience I find that good Android products have a longer shelf life. My beloved Galaxy S2 works just like it did out of the box when I got it 5 years ago! There you go!

And because Google Android is free to manufacturers it means that it is up to them (the manufacturers) to create a market for themselves. One possible downside is that when a manufacturer puts out what is considered to be a “budget” handset where the customer can purchase it outright it would make more sense to invest that cash into a contract with yesteryear’s premium such as the Galaxy S3, Motorola Moto X and Sony Xperia M2 to name a few.

With Android it is the consumer that wins along with Google and manufacturers. Well, some manufacturers... But that’s another article for another time...


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