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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers. I hope that all is well with you! I also hope that the Sun is out where you are! Over here in London the Sun has come out at last! Yay!

Did you catch the Apple WWDC 2014? What did you think of it?

As predicted Apple did their usual overhyped style of presentation; some of it was good, iOS 8 certainly looks like a great improvement only that Cook and co were hyping attributes that Android users have been taking advantage of for a few years now i.e. interactive notifications, Hey, Siri is OK, Google, widgets, Quick Typing and the ability to use third party keyboards such as SWIFT. It’s no big deal as I have always said that mobile device interactions shouldn’t be a cause for the Tech Wars we’ve been watching. Apple has also tried to encroach upon Samsung’s Galaxy 5 and Gear health applications without previewing any hardware but we know that Apple wearables are coming!

Then there’s all this trash talk against Microsoft and Android... Typically, none of it makes sense and spewing such drivel has marred this year’s WWDC. Naturally, there is nothing at all wrong with competition but if you’re going to use graphs and pie charts you ought to base them on facts.

Yes, Apple is now “cool” again because they have bought the Beats technology from Dr. Dre for $3 Billion. Not! Lol! What will make Apple cool again is innovation. What is definitely not cool is to constantly accuse Google of “stealing” technology and then finally catching up to it in the forthcoming iOS. And speaking of Google...

GOOGLE i / O 2014
Yes, that’s the one we are all looking forward to regardless of loyalty to the Android operating system and devices. You may have already noticed that Google has bought up a lot of technologies and is also at the forefront of wearables i.e. Google Glass & Android Wear. Plus there’s the Ara modular handset for starters! Naturally, a lot of Google users on both Apple and Android devices are very curious as to what Google Apps will bring for each platform and cross-platform capabilities. Many of us are wondering about new Nexus devices and, of course, whether we’ll be seeing a 64-bit Android 5 or 4.5, Lollipop! What enhancements will be added to Chrome the browser and OS? Will Chrome and Android merge in some way? We’ve seen how Apple OX Yosemite and iOS 8 works seamlessly together I think this is where Chrome and Android are heading. The Chrome OS is a great but you can’t install software such as Photoshop, PagePlus, MovieMaker, etc to name some popular PC software. I said that I was going to take a look at Chrome applications and I will very soon and write an article on it. I cannot deny that I am so used to my PC that Chrome as an operating system seems a little alien to me. Watch the Synapse Circuit space for more on Chrome OS and apps!

 Then there’s Android TV and Chromecast... What will happen in that area?

I am also wondering if there will be some advancement for developers such as a visual app creator to empower those that want to create simple HTML5 based apps for the purpose of small business promotions. I would imagine that for serious app developers there will be an improvement upon development programming tools such as Android Studio which is currently still in development; I hope to hear an announcement to say that it is out of beta / preview. I must say that I was a tad disappointed when Google dropped its app builder: App Inventor. However, you may be pleased to know that the App Inventor is with the educational institution MIT and App Inventor 2 is in beta. I must find the time to have a go at creating an app using this facility; it’s looking good!

I am getting pretty excited about Google i / O as they are very much mavericks and you just don’t know what they are going to come up with! Google has a great capacity to amaze and impress. I do appreciate the laidback style of presentation and that Larry Page and co wish to use technology to enable us all. I think that is the difference between Apple and Google: Apple likes to compete with marketing hype talk and Google prefers to let their tech do the talking.

Google i / O starts on June 25 – 26 2014 at the Moscone West Convention Centre in San Francisco.


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