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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers. If you are in the market for a tablet this year then check out this great bit of news!

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London (14th June 2014)
– Has the excitement died down from the 12th of June when Samsung revealed their Galaxy Tab S 8.4” and 10.5” iPad killing tablets? NO!!!! Lately there have been a wash of Android tablets coming to the market this year that are quite similarly specified which takes some of the shine off Android tablet market. It is hard to get excited where Android tablets are concerned as they are either very cheap and underpowered or expensive and a little lacking. The most value for money tablet is undoubtedly the Google Asus collaboration, Nexus 7. What I hate about the Nexus 7 is the horrid bezels! Samsung and LG have produced some fine looking tablet designs and with the Galaxy Tab S they have outdone themselves!

It didn’t escape my attention that Samsung had focused on open the consumer end of the tablet market. Why? Well, at the moment it is because the apps for the Android tablet have yet to reach the standards of the iPad. I have to say that the Apple ads are getting smarter by concentrating on productivity in music (of late), “Gigantic, Big, Big Love…” The Apple music productivity ads are so convincing that I momentarily think about getting an iPad! Lol! When will Android reach that plateau? Rest assured that it is getting there! I will cover more apps on Android in due course: WATCH THIS SPACE! ;)

So, for now, Samsung are concentrating on the consumer what with all those deals with Netflix, National Geographic, Marvel, Condé Nast (GQ, Wired, Vanity Fair, Vogue and Glamour to name a few popular magazine titles).

Samsung’s magazine service, “Papergarden” debuts on the Galaxy Tab S. An optimized viewing environment for digital interactive magazines, users will be able to view a wide range of popular magazines with vivid and true-to-life colors.

Samsung has also partnered with Google Play, Google’s online digital entertainment store offering apps, games, music, movies, books and magazines. To get Galaxy Tab S users started, Samsung and Google Play are offering several gifts: access to a range of movie and entertainment content, including the Warner Bros. Academy Award winning movie “Gravity” as well a variety of books and magazines from top publishers through the “My Library" widget.

Given that Samsung are proven pioneers in the field of productivity I think it is odd that they haven’t done for work / productivity as they have done for entertainment. The Galaxy Note 2 and 3 especially have managed to win iPhone users over with its Premium Suite of software including S Note, Easy Clip and so on. Today, Samsung seems to have gone quiet with its work / productivity apps – this is different from being able to hold a conference through WebEx (Cisco). Perhaps Samsung is leaving work productivity to Google to develop as they have QuickOffice which is the equivalent to Microsoft office. Not to mention Google Docs and Sheets. For some reason Google does not do a good job with their advertising as Apple. Yes, you have to give it to Apple for making their devices appear to be the best in the world and that there is no competition. I would like to see Google step to the plate and show the doubters what Android can do!

GOOGLE I / O 2014
I can’t help but speculate that Google will be announcing many enhancements to the Play Store in terms of high definition content. It appears as though Samsung has given some clues that the Play Store is about to get a major boost in content and perhaps a new interface design.

There has been a lot of speculation upon the next Nexus tablet… Some say that there will be no Nexus 7 2014 with an 8” tablet coming from HTC to replace it… And some say that there will be one last Nexus 7 before Google phases the Nexus concept out in favour of the “Silver” range of products to be launched early next year. If there is no Nexus 7 this year it could be that there is no significant upgrade to Android. Android releases have been very incremental of late and Google has a tendency to release new hardware to coincide with a new version of Android. I get the feeling that we may not be seeing a new version of Android until 2015. My bet is that we’ll see a preview of what is to come for Android and not much more.

So, with no new version of Android for 2014 I would imagine that Google would want to work with all its manufacturing partners / consortium to provide hardware that allows just a pure version of Android for the Play Store. That would make more sense than to deliver yet another Nexus 7 – if it isn’t to be this year.

It would be something if Samsung released a 7” version of the Galaxy Tab S to cover the Nexus 7 void! Can you imagine a Galaxy Tab S 7” with both WiFi and LTE? Wow! We also haven’t seen another Nexus 10 that was originally done by Samsung: Could this be the time for a new Nexus 10?

You just never know with Google and Samsung; as much as stuff is leaked to pique our imaginations they can surprise us!

The Google i / O is in 11 days! I think Google have reinvented Christmas!


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