Monday, 5 November 2012


What can I say about some of these tech “reviewers” out there? Sniff, sniff… I can smell smoke! Yes, I am on about the rave reviews for the iPad Mini! Here’s some of the garbage they’ve been saying…

“The iPad Mini is better than the competition…” where the actual build of the tablet is concerned! But in truth the aluminum case is prone to scuffing, scratches and dents!

In my opinion I think the Nexus 7 and 10 is suited to being handled; you’re not going to treat with kid gloves… “Oooh, my precious…”

“The screen is ok and there’s more space than on the Kindle Fire and Nexus 7…” Do you see how the review plays down the fact that the Nexus 7 features a real HD screen? Sure, the reason why there’s more screen space on the iPad Mini is because it’s a 7” tablet! Duh???? The mini is 7.9”! I don’t know how the reviewers can compare a 7.9” tablet with a 7” one! It would be totally understandable if the tablets were of equal proportions! But it’s not… You notice how the reviewers will say how close the competitors come to the dazzling retina display, but here the reviewers are pleased with the lackluster 1024 x 768, so that the resolution is 163ppi on the mini! Oh…

“It’s so wonderfully thin…” C’mon, the tablets are thin enough! If they get any thinner you’ll be holding an acetate sheet in your hand!

These so called reviewers will try and find anything negative to say about the competition! I think that is so, so very bad for the trusting readers!

The only thing that the iPad Mini has going for it are the apps! As I have said before, the asking price is an epic fail! Are Apple iDevices users as thick as the adverts make them out to be? Are they really falling over themselves to get a hold of the thing? $329 for the pile of junk that was the iPad 2 compared to the quad-core, HD screen Nexus 7! C’mon! Yeah, I know that iPad apps are very good, but as an Apple fan you’d be better off with the iPad 4 – but it’ll be out of date in 6 months! iPad 3, anyone? I didn’t think so!


Yes, the reports say that Apple have presold 300 Gazillion iPad Mini units! Ok, I am exaggerating but so are the reports! The only way these things will shift is when non-technical folk think that they are buying a smaller version of the flagship i.e. with the retina display! I wonder if they’ll be able to spot the difference! Will they demand their money back upon realization?

I don’t think Apple have anywhere near a million preorders! Apple is trying the same ol’ trick: tell people that the mini preorders are off the scale hoping, like sheep, you’ll follow suit!

As predicted Apple shares have dropped with the announcement of the mini! No surprise there! I think the surprise was that Apple didn’t release a 7” tablet to put the cat amongst the pigeons! Instead they released an expensive pile of crap! I gotta say that I like that the iPad Mini has a thin bezel to allow for more screen and that’s about it!

But there is trouble in paradise… Scott Forstall was asked to leave the company after he refused to sign his name to a letter apologizing for shortcomings in Apple's new mapping service. If everything was so good and Apple are selling millions of iPhone 5 and mini preorders then why bother going to all that bother of writing a public apology and firing the guy when he, quite rightly, refused to sign his name to it? That just goes to show that Cook and Schiller are liars; Tim Cook never mentioned the Apple Map failings when there was ample opportunity! “Ladies and gentlemen, I have to tell you that our Maps aren’t quite there yet but we have left Google Maps intact…” How difficult would that have been? Now who has egg all over their faces?

Just like the sales of iPhone 5 fell short of expectation so will the iPad Mini! Yes, they’ll keep up the charade until the stats are released.

Why do they bother, huh? I dunno!

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