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Available on the Magix website for £24.99

Goodhour, Synapse Circuit Readers! Always it is wonderful to see you! Life is great! And I just happen to think that with the aid of technology that life is greater still! I guess you do too otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this!

Hey, I have a project for you! Don’t let your pictures and videos sit in the cloud doing nothing! Although the Google Photos app can take your pictures and videos and make a bigger video out of them but nothing beats having an idea and executing it from start to finish! There’s no doubt that the smartphone has become an integral part of our lives... The cameras on these things are... WOW! It’s time to add a unique soundtrack to compliment your unique video! Can’t play an instrument to save your life? Read on!

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There’s nothing like watching a talent show to feel completely talentless or, better still, to feel that urge to take up an instrument... Singing lessons? OK, I’ve gone too far... Here’s some great news... While you are learning an instrument you can train your ear while creating a brilliant soundtrack for your video / movie! Yay!

Music Maker Movie Score Edition is, as you’d imagine, cut from the mighty Music Maker Premium (2015 is the current version). The full blown Music Maker 2015 Premium may be overkill if you don’t see yourself as a music producer – but if you did... Anyhoo, if you are a keen videographer or video maker (whatever you want to call yourself) you may want to give Music Maker Movie Score Edition a try... Why? I will fill you in...

Come back! Don’t go to the gym! What I mean is that even if you are tone deaf – it’s hard to imagine that people can be – you cannot go wrong with Music Maker Movie Score Edition. Let me tell you how the concept works...

In a nutshell the Music Maker Movie Score Edition comes with over 1500 predefined sample loops that Magix call “Soundpools”. The musical genre covers, yes, movie score type loops i.e. string sections, ominous basses, choirs and so on – practically everything you have ever heard during your cinema attendance over the years. Although the musical loops – with the exception of a few FX – are categorised in key i.e. the C major scale. Don’t ring a bell? Well, when try to place unrelated keys together you are met with a dialogue box that asks if you want to match / compliment the musical loop(s) you’ve added to the available track slots. Oh, the loops are also categorised by tempo! Yes, you can mix different tempos... And you can purchase additional Soundpool collections to expand the usability.

Above: The Music Maker Movie Score Edition with Magix oriented VST instruments such as the Space Pad synth which is not part of the package. See below for the Magix VST instrument listing. 

 If you happen to know a thing or two about music, well you can purchase a keyboard book that tells you all the chords, scales and what keys complement each other, there are some great onboard virtual instruments:-

Soundtrack Percussion
Livid (drums)
Robota (Electronic drum machine)
BeatBox 2 (drum machine with bassline sounds)

The above are awesome instruments that sound fantastic. If you happen to have other Music Maker software installed on your PC it should recognize more Magix specific instruments. And if you don’t have other Magix Music Maker or Studio software installed on your system it is possible to buy some additional instruments from the Magix online store. Awesome! So, yes, you work with MIDI files if you are using the virtual instruments. If you like - Music Maker Movie Score Edition - can be used as sketchpad; export the MIDI file for use in other digital audio workstations. So, initially you don’t have to bring out the big guns (so to speak) to do a movie / video soundtrack.


Above: The Audio FX Rack; these effects can be applied to any track or a particular sample loop / sound component. 

In addition to the sound loops and virtual instruments there is a great mixer where you can mix up to 64 tracks of audio and less if you add video onto the tracks. There are the wonderful effects that really make your soundtracks sparkle which typical of the Music Maker legacy! There’s a delay, reverb, compressor and 10-band equalizer. If you have ever used the full blown Music Maker Premium version you’ll be familiar with the Mastering Suite; here the Mastering Suite is cut down but not so much that makes the exercise of mixing useless. In fact it’s not called the “Mastering Suite” but the main mixing desk stereo output has a final destination (hee hee) set of effects to enhance the sound:-

10-band equalizer
and the most important effect, in my opinion, is the Compressor!

Above: The virtual mixing desk and Master Audio FX. 

The compressor, if you don’t know, can make for a hard and loud sound without distortion. But I have to say that I don’t miss the full blown Mastering Suite because the sound coming from Music Maker Movie Score Edition is fantastic! Crystal clear! See screenshots for the Audio FX Rack and Master FX.

Above: Here are some additional "essential FX" stomp-boxes that include a guitar amplifier set-up, Vandal SE. There's also a bitcrusher effect unit too.

There’s also some addition stomp-box effects including the special edition Vandal guitar amplifier; yes, it is possible to record external instruments and vocals. The possibilities are vast!

I have to say it: Magix is the reason why you would want to invest in a good PC. Magix produces high calibre software that practically helps to keep the PC alive! Music Maker Movie Score Edition is no exception for the brilliant Magix legacy!

What’s there not to like about Music Maker Movie Score Edition? For the serious video maker it beats using a bunch of the royalty free (and freely available online) music. You can bring either a rough cut or the finished video into the DAW (digital audio workstation) and compose the music directly to the video. Or you can bring in video material and do a very basic edit – you don’t need flashy fades / wipes – and then compose the music!

Here are the video import and export formats:-


The beauty of Music Maker Movie Score Edition is that if you decide that you like the Magix multimedia ethos you can then purchase higher end software such as Movie Edit Pro or Video Pro X (see the Synapse Circuit Video Pro X7 review by clicking on this text) you are able to transfer between the software.

The price, £24.99, is unbeatable! I have to give Magix Music Maker Movie Score Edition a Synapse Circuit Platinum!

The quality of the results is superb! You can’t go wrong! If you are a serious video maker / producer you will find that Music Maker Movie Score Edition is a must if your goal is to feature unique soundtrack music; from minimal to epic compositions that would make John Barry proud! Think about it... You could pay up to £30 or more for a track lasting 2 minutes! This is an all-round no-brainer: you don’t need to be a musical virtuoso and you don’t need a whole lot of money!

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