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Available on the Magix website for £29.99

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So, you are making some great soundtracks for your mobile phone or action cams? Great! Read on! Are you a budding music producer with decent DAW (digital audio workstation) to hand and need some inspiration? Read on!

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Making musical tracks from sample loops is not as easy as you might like to think; while it is considerably easier than being able to play an instrument making tracks that sound like a musician consciously put them together still takes quite a bit of skill. So, the first start is a set of decent sample loops! Enter Magix yet again with this great sample loop collection on DVD (Collection 21).

First off the best thing about this sample collection is that it is made up of different genres as follows:-

Drum & Bass Vol. 3
Hip Hop Vol. 16
Reggae Vol. 2
Funk Vol. 1
Rock Pop Vol. 9
Techno Vol. 17
Chillout Vol. 9
House Vol. 11
Metal Vol. 3
Movie Score Vol. 12

If, for example, you were to take one of the genres alone from this collection it could set you back anywhere from £10 or considerably more – especially when it’s a set of samples produced by a well known artist or artists. So, from the word “go” you are getting a fantastic and outstanding deal at £29.99.

OK, take a sample collection from Prime Loops for example. Let’s take the genre of Drum ‘n’ Bass to allow me to illustrate the following point... What you typically get from a Prime Loops collection is a set of drum loops that obviously typifies the genre; you get a few drum, bass and synth loops. It’s very sparse! You go for another collection in the same genre you will find that there is not much difference in the loops – the tempo may change a little or some effects are added to the loops. Then there is the FX sounds which amounts to the same blips, bleeps and swelling effects from one collection to another. At that point I find that Magix makes a concerted effort to deliver more sample loops with a creative edge and the FX section goes beyond what is expected. Just the Drum ‘n’ Bass collection contains 104 different FX! WOW! And they aren’t the typical blips, bleeps and swells.

Furthermore, Prime Loops do not give you a building block approach to creating tracks from the loops. If you are lucky, Prime Loops gives you up to four loops of a beat variation and it is up to you to cut and slice those beats up into something else. The more experienced musician is able to reorganize the loops to sound totally different. But on the other hand Magix gives you the beats that you’d want to make anyway and I think this saves more time. Rather than to try and recreate the wheel, you have all the permutations of drum loops, basslines, etc to make a whole track (from a series of elements for a single musical theme). But this is where Magix rule... Instead of giving you one Drum ‘n’ Bass track to recompose you get over 10 different types of Drum ‘n’ Bass loops to the very limited Prime Loop collection or collections! That is phenomenal!

Again, sorry to beat (hee hee) Prime Loops into the ground but with the Magix Soundpool collection in general you get the whole shebang to make music... You get basslines, chord sequences, etc in specific keys! This will save you from trying to come up with the melodic passages because, let’s face it, many “musicians” are happy to produce the expected. However, because there are so many genres in this collection you can create fusions! And let’s say that you are a gifted musician, you can easily play on top of the drum loops or create inspirational melodies to the basslines, chord sequences, etc.

Naturally, you can use this collection to extend any of the Magix Music Maker (such as Movie Score reviewed recently) and Studio DAWs! And it goes without saying that you can use these sample loops with any other DAW at your disposal: REAPER, Samplitude Pro X and Orion Studio to mention a few! Let’s get down to the verdict.

I LOVE this collection as the genres are varied and the Movie Score samples have the ingredients to create the background music for just about any video / movie style or even presentations! Again, what I appreciate is that I can cross-pollinate samples from completely different genres thus creating something a little more exciting than the run of the mill! I also thought that some of the Reggae drum loops were spot on!

But this collection is not quite perfect... I would have liked the drum kits in a one-shot format i.e. the individual components that make up the kit: kick, snare, high hat and so on so that I could, for example, bring them into the Magix BeatBox 2 Plus drum machine and make my own variations. That said it is possible to use the Magix Loop Designer that can be found in the Premium version of Music Maker, load up a drum loop and mutate it out of recognition. Bear in mind that the Loop Designer is fussy and some loops may not be compatible. The more experienced computer musician would use other loop mangling instruments and effects.

And – this is probably just me - I find the Techno and House loops to be a little uninspiring. I feel that Techno and House may have moved on somewhat... There again, in my head “Techno” means something else!

Once again, after taking all the above into consideration I have to give the Magix Soundpool Collection 21 a well deserved Synapse Circuit Platinum! 

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