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The Interweb is something of a wonder, isn’t it! A plethora of knowledge... However, it would do you some good to be thorough with what you take on as solid info... Ssssh, they are recording you... Read on!

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While it was jolly decent of Edward Snowden to let us know that intelligence (hahahaha) agencies are spying on us through our mobile phones the revelation has made many of us paranoid. And I quote former Google CEO, Eric Schmidt, “If you are doing something that you shouldn’t be doing then perhaps you shouldn’t be doing it...” Yeah... Don’t be evil, huh?
Facebook, UK, 23rd June 2015 “Look! Samsung has is secretly recording every photo we take...”

I am paraphrasing the spoken words of a person in a video that is doing the rounds on social networks at the moment who appears to be revealing (the Great Revealo – Futurama reference) a hidden chip in Samsung’s battery that is said to be recording photos, conversations, etc... Yeah, well too bad an intelligence agency didn’t prevent some lone nutcase from shooting 9 parishioners to death during a church service Charleston, USA on June 17, 2015. Notice that the media never refers to the lone gunman as a “terrorist”. God rest the souls of the murdered and bring some sense of comfort to their respective family and friends as well as survivors.

So, if any intelligence agency out there is doing some spying with a view to preventing terrorist acts then any individual or individuals involved need to look for another job. YOU ARE CRAP!

And with that out of my system...

Think about it for a moment or two... Where on Earth would Samsung store countless millions of photos, videos, recorded conversations, etc? In the clouds? Well, don’t be surprised if the weather person announces, “Tomorrow it’ll be raining zeroes and ones...”

I hate to hazard a guess as to how many people have destroyed the Near Field Communication chip in their Samsung batteries thinking that they have foiled a massive espionage plot! But judging by the amount of Facebook people responding the massively shared video it looks like it could be several thousands...

To be honest I was momentarily stunned by this revelation scanning my Facebook half asleep! I even shared the link! Shock! Horror! It was early morning and I don’t sleep with my phones off... <That’s my excuse... Hahaha!> I even went as far as sharing the video before falling asleep again... When I woke up one of my sensible friends informed my friends and I that it was the NFC chip in the viral video. I could have slapped myself if my arm wasn’t numb from sleeping on it!

Please, leave your Samsung batteries alone! Don’t destroy your NFC chip! It just goes to show how susceptible we can be to viral videos or any sort of contrivance on the Interweb! Be vigilant. I am also currently researching conspiracy theories for an up and coming Antisocial Networking article and some of these conspiracies do stick in the mind! Gosh! So, check and double check... And check again with regards to rumours / conspiracies that spread like wildfire!

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