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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! How are you this fine evening? Earlier on during the day it was so, so very wonderful! It looks as though spring has sprung in London, UK! I hope that the weather is treating you all well – wherever you may be!

Y’know, today’s smartphones are improving in one particular area all the time and that is in the area of photography! We’ve seen how smartphones have killed of the pocketcorder such as the Flip! It flipped off! Lol! Ahem... Sorry... Yes, these days the camera on a smartphone is pretty much negating the use of a compact digital camera! Gosh! I own a couple of digital cameras, Panasonic TZ7 and Canon SX220HS. Both cameras are great but I find the cameras on the Galaxy Note 2 and S4 are very capable!

I am planning on taking some portraits at some point this year as I love to study faces! And guess what I will be using to edit / retouch the photos? That’s right, Reallusion’s Face Filter 3 Pro!

Are the days of Adobe numbered? Let me see if I can provide an answer to this question...

If you are familiar with Adobe products and what Adobe has done lately with regards to how they sell their products to consumers you will know that they are renting out their suite of software on a monthly basis. Maybe it’s something that will work for professionals but I do not see it as being a great option for semi-pro / consumers. As you should know by now there are great alternatives to Photoshop that are either very cost effective or freeware! And because of tablets you will find that a good PC is costing less by the month!

What I love about software houses like Reallusion is that they are producing cost effective software that is not only cost effective but offers professional features that really and truly empowers the average Joe or Jo!


Face Filter comes from the software house that has brought you Crazy Talk 7 Pro and therefore the interface is very similar.

Face Filter is a great idea for those that want to perform fast and effective edits on portraits and create lens filter effects on otherwise flat photography.

Face Filter performs the task or set of tasks admirably. Sometimes you just don’t want to bring out the big gun that is Photoshop or other photo manipulation software to perform what should be rudimentary edits in this day and age.

Face Filter 3 is a godsend! It makes light work of retouching portraits and that all too tricky problem area of skin tone and blemishes!

Contained within Face Filter 3 Pro are many templates for adjusting facial features, skin and make-up. The photo effects are brilliant! Because Face Filter 3 Pro is template driven most changes can be made with just one click!

I don’t want to risk boring you with endless repetitions – I try to keep my reviews as short and as sweet as possible! However, I have to say once more that the interfaces that Reallusion creates for their exception software is nothing short of amazing!

Upon launching Face Filter for the first time I was able to perform edits to facial portraits like a pro! There was no time wasted in trying to figure out something. The interface just speaks your mental lingo! I was able to clean-up blemished skin, even-up the tones, reduce lines and wrinkles without making the result look plastic!

I have done such tasks using Photoshop but the results weren’t as convincing as Face Filter 3 Pro!

What’s more is that you can move the interface around to suit the way that you like to work!

The scope for Face Filter 3 Pro is vast! I know for a fact that if you bought yourself a decent professional digital SLR camera and set-up a photography business your costs to set-up will be further reduced as you can bypass Photoshop altogether or get an alternative. Face Filter 3 Pro will definitely enable photo edits that allow the subjects to be recognizable as a human and not a showroom dummy!

Plastic / cosmetic surgeons are using Face Filter 3 Pro to show facial reconstruction!

Beauticians can show how one can look with certain shades of make-up before spending a penny on possible ill-looking products! If you wanted to set-up as a travelling make-up artist then you’d need a cost effect laptop to add to your kit!

Me? I love Face Filter 3 Pro as I love to take portraits and to be able to edit them without spending countless hours trying to make the edits look natural!

There is a “Standard” version of this remarkable software but I say do not bother with it as this Pro version is so inexpensive that you’d think that you’re paying for the standard version!

Face Filter 3 Pro is a truly innovative and outstanding program. Do not let the price fool you! You will be able to edit images up to 6000 x 6000 in resolution which should be enough for most professional applications i.e. desktop publishing.


5 out of 5

Yes, Adobe Photoshop’s days are numbered if it is not dead already! The beauty of Face Filter 3 Pro is that it works standalone! It’s not a filter for Photoshop or alternative programs!

Just in case you weren’t paying attention: Face Filter 3 Pro is inspirational and outstanding software from Reallusion! Just watch out for my review on CrazyTalk Animator 2!

Imagine what would happen if Reallusion decided to make a photo editing / manipulation software! WOW!!!

Reallusion Face Filter 3 Pro scores a magnificent Synapse Circuit Platinum! Awesome!

What do you reckon?

Take good care!

Thank you for watching and reading!

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