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These concepts just keeps us guessing and possibly disappointed when the reality kicks in!
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Good evening, Synapse Circuit Readers! How are you tonight? I hope that life is treating you well – exceptionally so! The Samsung Galaxy S5 launch is still burning warm, however the heat is on with the launch of the next generation HTC One (M8) and the Oppo Find 7! As predicted there is a little twist surrounding Samsung... Yes, the Samsung Galaxy F!

Is the Galaxy F a codename for the S5 Prime?

Samsung has had some codenames in the past and the one that I remember was the “Galaxy Q”. The Galaxy Q turned out to be the Galaxy Note – if memory serves me correctly! I remember the excitement it caused as we speculated as to what it could be! The Galaxy Q actually exists as a small handset with a QWERTY keyboard. If the Galaxy Q, back then, was a codename for the Note then the “Q” stood for “quill”, it stands to reason.

So, I guess the “F” must stand for “future-proof”. I know that Samsung has taken out other naming standards that I can’t recall at this moment. However, I do think that Samsung will be looking to remain at the top of the game especially as HTC have created an alternative to the Galaxy S (and iPhone) with the One. Come March the 25th we’ll be seeing what the next generation One entails! If that’s not enough there’s the aforementioned Oppo Find 7 to come in 10 days, 19th March and the specs on it is similar to that of the would be Galaxy S5 Prime: a 5.5" screen with a massive 2560 x 1440 pixel resolution, 13MP camera (at one time it was said to be 50MP) and it is driven by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 quad-core processor!

Certainly the Oppo Find 7 will effectively diminish Samsung’s position at the top of the Android handset throne. Therefore I am sure that Samsung will announce their next generation Galaxy range. The clues are in what Samsung Vice President for Brand Stephen Taylor had to say about the aftermath of the Galaxy S5 launch, "I don't think that people need radical re-designs every year..."

I can understand the idea here... The Galaxy S and Note range have a very distinctive look and why rock the boat if people have come to love that design theme?

"You have to create a design theme that people identify with. If you came out with a radical design right now, would that have fitted with the Galaxy story that we have created over the last 3 or 4 years? It's about making evolutions that matter, so I think the improvements to the covers, finishes and colours are a step forward for people...”

There you go! I agree with what Samsung did with the GS5 however, there is a very strong market for Techno-Fetishists, like me, who want the absolute best that technology has to offer!

"If you look at the feedback, it felt like making [the phone] more durable and keeping the sleek design was what people were after. Waterproof and dustproof elements are more important."

So, that tells me Samsung are not only listening to folks that want a practical phone for everday living they are also listening to the Techno-Fetishists too! Or at least I hope they are! I am expecting something out of this world from Samsung this year – apart from the Note 4! I am looking at the Note 4 come December when my contract for the Note 2 runs out!

Samsung announcing the Galaxy S5 as early as they did was, I suspect, to maximize awareness to the current owners of the GS3 who are due for an upgrade right about now! I know that several of my GS3 friends are definitely upgrading to the GS5 when it is available next month!

Many people become stuck in their ways when they are satisfied with a handset and will not budge. But there are folks who are looking for another experience! I am telling you right now that what LG, Huawei, Archos, HP and Oppo – to name a few –are doing at the moment is quite compelling!

I would imagine that people like me are that grey area where we can go for something else while we are waiting to upgrade; towards the end of the year more handsets come out and it gives us more of a choice when we’re considering upgrading. Samsung has got some stiff competition this year! How will they cope?

What do you reckon?

Review coming very soon.... Stay tuned (pun unintended but works so well)...  

Take good care!

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