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"When it came out of me it left a gaping hole about this big!"

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Good evening, Good Friends! How are you? Me? I am in shock... I am seriously disappointed that my nephew has got an iPhone 5S of all the wonderful choices out there! Lol! I’m kiddin’! Each to his or her own!

Apple fans got a rare treat with the recent interview given by none other than Jony Ive, VP of Design! Whoohoo? Not so much woo or hoo! Here’s why...


"It's not just about aesthetics... Our success is a victory for purity, integrity - for giving a damn." Yeah, yeah... The man is so bleeding annoying! Lol! Anyone would think that he’s just stepped out of the clouds as a saviour of all things computer and mobile!

Here are his thoughts on the competition... “It's theft. What's copied isn't just a design, it's thousands and thousands of hours of struggle... It takes years of investment, years of pain."

I am assuming that it’s yet another pot shot at Samsung and of course a Chinese manufacturer or two that have not only copied the iPhone design but have Android on instead! Hee hee hee... Ok, I can understand that the latter would be enough to cheese him off! But isn’t copying the best form of flattery?

Essentially, Ive and Apple are just trying to claim the oblong shape for a handset as theirs exclusively! Very funny! The oblong shape for mobiles – aka the candybar – has been used for years and by so many manufacturers. If you have been following the Apple vs. Samsung case you’d know that Apple got the design idea for the iPhone from Sony. Samsung just improved the concept and have kept getting better with each model. There is no way that Ive can claim the Galaxy S2 and Note’s 1, 2 and 3 were their idea! Uh-uh!

Such interviews just keep confirming what I have been saying about Apple: sore losers! They may as well stop doing interviews if all they keep doing is gripe and blow smoke up their own derrieres!

All they are doing with this rhetoric is to continue to fuel this “them against us” thinking among their followers. Technology is what it is no matter what it is wrapped up in... Aluminium, glass, polycarbonate, etc! Either it works or it doesn’t! And no matter how many months or years it takes for Apple to design something as simple as a stand it doesn’t justify the costs! Although the PC is losing ground to the tablet and game consoles the PC is still a very cost effective tool for professional users. I would rather buy a PC over the Mac any day of the week!

Take the iPhone 5S, my nephew had to pay £120 upfront and for what??? He could have had a Galaxy S4 or the Note 3 with 4K video recording! My nephew made me laugh when he asked for my Note 2 once the contract has expired! Uh-uh! I can’t wait to see what the Galaxy Note 4 is all about! My nephew could have waited to see what the HTC One 2014 is all about and it’s due in 6 days!

If Apple are going to continue to give such interviews they may as well keep their mouths shut and get down to the business of trying to catch up on the handset front! Oh, not to mention that Android tablet sales continue to eclipse the iPad!

Again, the only innovation that Apple waxes on about is the opening of a new Apple store. Genius! C’mon, Apple! Stop messing around and give the loyal users what they want: A BIGGER SCREEN!

What do you reckon?   

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