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Black Friday UK style!

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Greater London, 10 December 2014,
I am back! What can I say? Did you miss me? I know you did! Lol! I guess you wanna know why I was away for such a while, right? Okay, I will tell you!

1. The area where I live has had some trouble with the Internet; broadband was down in my neighbourhood. All I can say is do not trust Virgin Media! That company is NUTS!!! So, I was forced to go with another company as Virgin was taking way too long!! I have had it with them! Phooey!!

2. The weather down South (London) has been mixed... The one time I needed a warmer jacket is when I caught the flu!

3. With all of the above I decided to take a break! There’s no point in stressing over things that I have very little control over! And now I am back!

In the time that I took off I noticed that other technology media outlets have finally caught up with me! Hahahaha! I tell you...’s so, so very funny when I sometimes get slated for my insights and points of view by allsorts! However, I was proven right on many issues! For example, regarding Samsung’s loss of profits I stated that Samsung needs to produce less handsets at the lower end of the market because other manufacturers – from China in particular – are producing cost effective lower-mid-range handsets at a budget price. A couple of good examples are Motorola (Lenovo) and Huawei with the Moto G and Ascend G6 handsets.

I have always maintained that the iPad is dead as far as the mass market is concerned; naturally I got slated by a bunch of Apple fans! Hahahaha! It is pretty darned obvious that the iPad does not have the appeal that Android tablets have. I predicted that Android tablets will sell exponentially come Christmas – watch out for my Android tablet recommendations! But, yes... Android tablets was one of the best sellers of the UK’s first Black Friday!

DECEMBER 5 2014:

Oh dear! The UK’s first Black Friday turned out to be a mixed bag! Why? Great! I am glad you asked! Okay, if you are reading this from abroad you ought to know that the UK has quite a few supermarket chains with an electrical / electronic goods department that have stocked up on unknown electronic brands, Analflosstronics. So, many simple minded folk were hoodwinked into thinking that they were getting great deals on these unknown branded flatscreen TVs! I watched the news coverage on this from my sickbed and I laughed my head off! The spectacle of these folk with these flatscreen TVs in their arms that once languished in cold, dank stockrooms designated for a Christmas sale anyway!

What happened was this: supermarket chains took on a load of cheap TVs, etc and couldn’t get rid of them. As a result the supermarket chains invested into known brands and displayed them with the best of the unknown brands. In addition the top well known brands kept on releasing new TVs to the market thus making last year’s brands cheaper! Black Friday was the perfect way to get rid of non-selling stock!

I think the best Black Friday deals came from PC World / Currys which is the UK’s largest computer and electrical goods store in the UK! There they had a great range of Android tablets that had some great reductions on them! The likes of ASUS, Archos and Acer did quite well; a majority of their tablets sold out! So, yes... ...Android tablets did quite well on the whole; so many of my UK friends now have an Android tablet thanks to Black Friday!

I am predicting that we just might see more reductions come the 19th of this month all the way up to Christmas Eve. The supermarket chains – Tesco in particular – aren’t doing so well and I predict that they’ll reduce more tablets and accessories such as generic tablet cases, microSD cards and so on! Watch out!

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