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Above: The easy to use interface of Audio Cleaning Lab 2014!


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Good morning, Synapse Circuit Readers! It is great to see you again! Yes, I am up in the wee hours of the morning bringing you the first of a new batch of reviews to come! I still haven’t forgotten the Animation Special! More animation software is coming soon! But first...
If you are fussy about the quality of your audio files be they music MP3, speech recorded into your computer / smartphone, high quality audio WAV files that could be your musical compositions from a basic digital audio workstation, etc then you need to check out Audio Cleaning Lab 2014 from Magix!

The interface has undergone a very dramatic change to good affect! The interfaces is clearly sectioned into:


Very logical, right? Yes, it is! First you import an audio file and if it has some noisy artefacts you can remove them very easily with a set of cleaning tools within that section. Audio Cleaning Lab 2014 tries to do these changes for you automatically and if you want make a more detailed alteration then you can tweak the cleaning tools such as deHisser, deClicker, DeNoiser and so on. Do not worry if you are new to such effects as the there are explanations for each effect by clicking the “Info” tab and then selecting the effect you wish to learn about.

The effects are done as a project and as an object. The difference between the two is that “project” usually deal with multiple audio clips that can be burned as a multiple track audio CD for example. Multiple recordings can be made if, as another example, you are transferring analogue vinyl records to digital formats such as WAV, MP3 and OGG Vorbis, etc effects can be applied uniformly to get a continuation in sound. Whereas the “object” deals with a single audio clip thus making it easier to apply effects to a selected audio clip amongst multiples.

There are some great presets for a number of mediums: vinyl, cassette, smartphone, etc. A lot of the time these presets will do the job admirably.

Mastering a project consisting of multiple audio tracks is very easy – especially if you have used other Magix products such as Music Maker! Here you want to optimise your audio for CD, smartphones that include Android and iOS, vocal recordings that you may wish to add to your PowerPoint presentations and so on. Personally, I like to tweak my mastering settings myself and, of course, you can do that too!

Exporting audio couldn’t be easier! As you’d imagine... You can export to popular audio formats such as MP3, OGG Vorbis, Audio CD, WAV and so on. The CD burning process allows you to create a cover and / or inlay for printing to make that home produced CD look professional! I cannot for the life of me understand why artists are rushing to get their music onto the likes of iTunes and earn a pittance for it! I always advocate that artists get off their backsides and produce their own CDs and sell them via their own websites! Yeah! Don’t bother with the likes of iTunes because you will get a pittance for your efforts! It is horrible! Hey, I learned that Magix has also released a brand new version of their award winning Web Designer program; I will be bringing you a review asap!

Audio Cleaning Lab 2014 is a must for the audiophile! An absolute must for the musician who is not afraid to master his / her music without all the expensive software and services. Also, it’s a must for multimedia producers!

The only thing missing is the ability to use VST effects in conjunction with the powerful array of effects within ACL 2014 but it truly isn’t that much of a big deal – it may make the whole process of optimization easier! Sometimes I think that all these available VST effects (free or otherwise) can get in the way of progress. ACL 2014 has all the effects to make any audio file sparkle and then some!

4 / 5


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