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If the two tech God’s aren’t battling in court over patents they are certainly engaging in a psychological battle... Here is the latest...

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In the past I’ve exposed how Apple’s PR puts a spin on their sales only for a more realistic figure to surface further on down the line. I saw this with the iPhone 5; the reaction from the public (as far as London goes) was not positive contrary to Apple’s smoke ‘n’ mirrors PR machine. I have revealed that smartphone retail outlets in London say that Samsung Galaxy S2, S3 and S4 are the preferred choice over the iPhone 5, 5S and 5C and not forgetting the HTC One M7! Here’s an article I wrote earlier: Is the iPhone finished?

This year I have seen that the Galaxy S5 is dominant over the iPhone 5S / 5C on the streets by a large majority. We know this is because of the larger screens that Samsung, LG, HTC and other manufacturers have to offer. This is why Apple is backtracking on the iPhone’s thumb policy / ethos and will bring out an iPhone 6 with two different screen sizes: 4.7” and 5.5”.

I read a newspaper on Wednesday, 23, July, that states that Apple sold 35.2 million iPhones in the 3 months to June and sales are up by 13%! Now I find that very hard to believe due to the fact that the article (if you can call it that) does not specify if this is the 5S, 5C or a combination of both. I just don’t buy it – pun intended!

This exaggeration of iPhone sales figures is, I suspect, to gear people up for what promises to be the biggest ever iPhone launch in history! It is rumoured that 80 million iPhone 6 units will be manufactured for the launch in September! WOW!!! But I seriously doubt that. I reckon that half that figure will be manufactured. Oh, it is a little odd that there’s no mention of an iPhone 6 C in the pipeline. Hmmmm... So, how many iPhone 6 5.5” units will be manufactured?

The reality is that Apple has been losing money since the advent of the Thunderbolt connector; this pissed a lot of Apple fans off as it meant that their peripherals were not compatible and they would have to shell out for adaptors. So, all this PR about Apple’s record profits even though the demand for the iPad has gone down is just to get the public geared up for iPhone fever in a bid to recreate the glory days of old whereby fans would line up overnight to be amongst the first to lay hands on the device that came from the iClouds!

The fall in Apple’s mobile devices is attributed to them being so good that people do not see the need to upgrade. Hmmmm... But if iPhone and iPad customers are so satisfied with their products that they do not feel the need to upgrade then how has Apple achieved its record sales? iTunes????

Not wishing to blow my own trumpet – yet again – but I could see how that Apple have trapped themselves with being verbally derisory towards the competition and then stealing their ideas and by the release of “new” devices that are essentially bigger or smaller products of the original. The iPad mini has cannibalized the iPad and I reckon that the iPhone 5C may have eaten greatly into the 5S sales. But we know that Apple are pretty exceptional at putting on more than a brave face on things however on closer inspection you can see that things haven’t been adding up for Apple.

There is a reason why iPhone fans couldn’t enjoy the larger screens that Android and even Windows users are enjoying and it is because a larger iPhone screen will cannibalise the iPad mini! But such is the demand by iPhone users for a bigger screen that they have had to cave in but not before collaborating with IBM to make use of the surplus iPad units to be adopted for use in business – presumably for use as a PDA (personal digital assistant) or make that BDA (business digital assistant).

Yes, Apple’s smoke ‘n’ mirrors is really aimed at Samsung; the aim is to make it look like no matter what Samsung achieves that they will never beat Apple when the exact opposite is true. Samsung by the way has reported a loss of profits and I will write about that in another article.

Even talk show host and comedian Conan O’Brien had to poke a bit of fun at Apple’s imminent iPhone 6! Check it out here: Conan O’Brien

There is a lot of truth in that joke and I can imagine that Apple is fuming! Ha ha ha! But you can’t take anything from Samsung as they’ve given the world the Galaxy Note – amongst other great devices - and that’s what this rumoured iPhone 6 5.5” is aimed at! It will be interesting to see how the two devices will square up: iPhone 6 5.5” vs. Galaxy Note 4. The Galaxy Note 4 rumour mill is ramping up and it is predicted that Samsung will have an Unpacked event in the first week of September; probably the 4th as it is the fourth Note.

Another reason why I am not convinced about Apple’s profit gain is that the article mentioned the operating system as being the best and that’s why iOS devices have such a strong customer loyalty. We know that Android surpasses iOS in use; iOS 8 has borrowed so much from Android and, like I have stated before, it is all good! iPhone and iPad users ought to enjoy what Android has had for years.

Anyhoo! With iPhone and iPad users not upgrading as they are satisfied with current models and consumers turning to Samsung, LG and HTC the question has to be asked again: How is Apple able to report such profits?

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